Jerry Jones expresses support once again for Jason Garrett

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The absence of running back Ezekiel Elliott has exposed plenty of flaws in Dallas, with some of them come from coaching. Whether the inexplicable failure to adjust when left tackle Chaz Green made Adrian Clayborn look like Reggie White or the inexplicable failure to adjust when the defense was making Keenan Allen look like Jerry Rice, a stubborn commitment to scheme (which is another way of saying “inability to make meaningful adjustments on the fly”) has justifiably resulted in tough questions for coach Jason Garrett.

Those tough questions aren’t coming from owner Jerry Jones, who reiterated on Friday his commitment to the man who first became head coach during the 2010 season.

“Jason Garrett was named Coach of the Year of the whole NFL last year,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That was yesterday. This is today. The point is, I like this coaching staff.”

Garrett sidestepped a question from reporters on Friday regarding whether he’s concerned about his status.

“The biggest thing we’re focusing on is cleaning up this game and trying to get better as a football team,” Garrett said. “That’s really where all of our attention is.”

It’s not the first time Garrett has faced questions about his job security. Jones has stuck with Garrett during prior lean years, possibly due in part to Garrett’s willingness to let Jones claim all credit and seek all attention when things are going well. Garrett is content to be the head coach of the Cowboys, and he doesn’t need to share the spotlight with Jones.

For now, the spotlight has fallen on the failures of the Cowboys to move the ball and score points without Elliott, especially after halftime.

“We haven’t played as well as we need to in the second half of these ballgames,” Garrett said Friday. “We’re looking at that as a coaching staff, how we can do that better and how we can sustain consistent execution for an entire ballgame.”

Making meaningful in-game adjustments would be a good start. The failure to do so provides a good explanation as to why the Cowboys are seeing three straight close games through two quarters become butt-kickings after intermission.

30 responses to “Jerry Jones expresses support once again for Jason Garrett

  1. If Jason is safe then Scott and anybody involved in the offensive game planning needs to be fired. Like this article said, and like I’ve been screaming for the past several seasons, this coaching staff has ZERO ability to coach and plan outside their very tiny system. They come in and run the same plays every week with this attitude that we are going to run our system no matter what so try and beat us. Well, that worked for a couple seasons until we lost some talent over the off season and every defensive coordinator started realizing how to limit the offense. But Scott and Jason have no ability to adjust, whether in game or during the week leading up to the game. It’s pathetic. You’ve given the keys to a Ferrari to a group of coaches to scared to even drive a Prius fast.

  2. On the defensive side, I love Rod, but once again he is a system coach. They have no idea how to use Jaylon. What that kid does still have is a freak athletic gift, but still limited by the knee issue and he can’t see the field right now. So in the meantime, let Jaylon be every QBs nightmare. He still has great north to south burst and can fly to the QB if sent. But Rod rarely does. Sends 4 pass rushers or less on like 21 of 33 drop backs and Phillip ends up 19 of 21, close to 300 yards, and 3 TDs on those plays. You can’t let a QB like Phillip, or really any QB, sit back all day and pick you apart. DBs chasing receivers all over the field. Every year this defense struggles to force any turnovers. Yet, Rod does the same thing every week. “Bend but don’t break” is Rod’s philosophy, except it doesn’t work. And when it’s not working figure out why and make the adjustments. But Rod, and nobody from this staff makes adjustments. And as a laymen watching these games every week, its pretty obvious at least to a handful of things that they need to be changing. Million dollar coaches making the same dumb mistakes every week. I don’t get it.

  3. I’ll trade him for the McAdoo (Giant’s coach).

    I’ll also trade Jerry Reese for Stephen Jones.

    NY Giants have a horrific Oline and Dallas has a great Oline.

    Giant’s have won 2 SB’s with one all pro (Snee) and a bunch of over achievers. Especially in 2011. Then Reese who throws darts from the 2nd round on making things worse. Not to mention it sure as heck seems everyone knows who he is picking. Teams have been jumping the Giants in the draft from round 1 to round 6 for years. Should have been fired when Coughlin was let go. If he stays, I become a (gulp) Jets fan. (just kidding).

    Having a great Oline obviously is not an auto bid to the SB. But you at least need some grinders and at least one all pro (look at NE).

  4. Our hope is that Jason Garrett and Ben McAdoo both get 5-year contract extensions. They are both high quality coaches who have shown a penchant for making great in-game adjustments, being strong leaders of their teams, and always put their teams in a position for success.

    – Eagles Fans

  5. Jason Garrett isn’t there because Jerry thinks he’s the best coach he can get. It’s because Garrett is a spineless yes-man who knows his place in Jerrah World and has no problem being undermined by Jerry’s ego whenever Jerry feels like running his mouth. A real coach who has a real plan and would want to do things his own way would clash with Jerry’s ego and he’d prefer to have someone he can control as opposed to someone with a mind of their own.

    It’s not about winning, it’s about control and ego. Just ask Jimmy Johnson.

  6. Jerruh doesn’t make decisions to build a winning team. He does it to sell merchandise and he’s just senile enough to think that having an ex-Cowboy-QB-turned-HC will appeal to the nostalgic side of the fan-base. Of course, that side of the fan-base is currently choosing their dinner menu at the old folks’ home.

  7. Jerry has entered the phase of his life where everyone but himself and fan boy can see that his decision making is now a liability to the success of the on field product.

    Much like Al Davis, both men had their run of success and accolades from the football world recognizing their contributions. As time and age crept up, neither man had anyone to check their decision making and need to be seen as the genius behind the team’s success.

    The Cowboys stink, and other than a decent season or three over the past 20+ years they have for some time. The constant is Jerry, that is now what he is being recognized for.

  8. GM Jerruh bought him a gimmick as a QB – the NFL has adjusted – 13-3 was a mirage – we now know that the only reason his fake QB succeeds is when the real running back is available.

    Jerruh deserves this – the Cowboys will be lucky to be 7-9

  9. So he fires Jimmy Johnson who wins 3 SB’s and keeps the Ginger who bows down to the all mighty Jerrah!

  10. Jason Garret has some very dirty dirt on Jerry Jones. Name one other reason an eccentric billionaire is keeping such a mediocre coach in there. Kick him out before he becomes the net Jeff Fisher

  11. Jerry just cares that the coach quietly does whatever he is told to do. Jerry just wants a puppet. That is why he can’t get a real good football guy in. When Parcells was brought in after years of failure, he admitted it was “no fun” (Jerry’s words) because Parcell’s called the shots and Jerry had to sit back and keep his mouth shut. Jerry is the guy who wanted to draft party boy Manziel and his staff had to force him to draft the pro bowl guard instead..

  12. This team’s number 2 problem is the mediocre coaching staff. Their number 1 problem is the mediocre general manager. 90% of their problems start at the top, not on the field. So we are stuck, just like Cleveland is stuck, until something changes at the top. Sucks being a Cowboys fan right now.

  13. I am baffled how the absence of Ezekiel Elliot exposes the flaws on a whole team. You mean they forgot how to do the forward pass. Tony Romo didn’t always have a great running back behind him but he manage to keep them in games. They forgot how to play defense without Elliot. No he plays on offense not defense. The real problem is the terrible coach/GM Jerry Jones who can’t be fired and won’t move over to allow qualified football people to make football decisions. I guess your pride come well before your fall.

  14. Nothing entertains us more than watching the annual Cowboy narcissism implode slowly and steadily, sucking the life out of Jerrah’s football dreams.

  15. Seriously, none of you see through this? Didn’t Jerry file paperwork how the Dallas Cowboys would be harmed if Zeke was suspended? That Zeke was their only chance at a Superbowl? Think Jerry is trying to prove a point?

  16. Bottom line is that Garrett is a mediocre coach at best and he knows it, so he’s willing to work for Jones for the chance to have an actual HC job. Everyone knows Jones pulls all the strings in Dallas and Garrett is nothing but a puppet for him, so of course he’s safe. No real coach would work for Jerry Jones anymore, because he’s obviously senile, demented, and completely and totally unaware of what it takes to win football games in the salary cap era of football.

    Let’s get real … this team hasn’t been relevant in nearly a quarter century. Outside of the five years after they fleeced Minnesota in the Walker trade and built a All-Star team from those draft picks they’ve been nothing more than an afterthought. Jerry Jones wouldn’t know a football player if he came up and bit him on the ass.

    He does, however, seem to have a keen sense for wife beaters.

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