Russell Wilson becomes the 10th quarterback with 3,000 career rushing yards

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson hit an overlooked milestone in Monday night’s loss to the Falcons.

Wilson, who ran for 86 yards, now has 3,065 career rushing yards. That makes him just the 10th quarterback in NFL history to reach that mark.

Last year Wilson played through an ankle injury and had his worst rushing season, with a career-low 259 yards and a career-low 3.6 yards per carry. This year Wilson is having one of his best rushing seasons (in part because he’s had to when Seattle’s running backs have struggled) and has 376 rushing yards and a 6.5-yard average. Wilson is second only to Cam Newton among quarterbacks in rushing yards this season.

Here are the Top 10 rushing quarterbacks in NFL history:

6,109 Michael Vick
4,928 Randall Cunningham
4,239 Steve Young
4,002 Cam Newton
3,674 Fran Tarkenton
3,590 Steve McNair
3,459 Donovan McNabb
3,407 John Elway
3,128 Tobin Rote
3,065 Russell Wilson

Wilson is likely to surpass Rote for No. 9 on the career quarterback rushing list within the next few games. He probably won’t pass Elway for No. 8 until next year, but by the end of next season he has a good chance of moving into the Top 5 for quarterback rushing yards in NFL history.

45 responses to “Russell Wilson becomes the 10th quarterback with 3,000 career rushing yards

  1. I’m surprised John Elway is on that list. I know a lot of people on here don’t like the Seahawks but Russell Wilson is one hell of a good quarterback.

  2. That first 9 could also be titled “Most overrated QBs in NFL history”. 4 Super Bowl titles on that list. Elway (2) and Young (1) were late in their careers when they realized you win more from the pocket. Only Dangeruss won a Super Bowl when he was considered a scrambler. Go Hawks!

  3. Wilson is a good passer. His running is only good for statistics. The greats have and always will win with their arm and mental ability to understand what is going on around them. Wilson has it, but the Seahawks are going to continue to decline. Can’t get lucky all the time I guess.

  4. Once a QB crosses line he should be treated just like a running back and hit as hard. No sliding. That would keep them from running and eventualy cut down on QB injuries when QBs figure out it is not worth risk and also get better passers in game

  5. Perhaps I’m just a “traditional” QB guy, but I don’t really believe having your name on that list is a good thing.Generally it means they were running for their life (especially in Tarkentons case). Look at the greats NOT on that list: Staubach, Montana, Brady, Brees, Manning, Marino, Unitas,Kelly, the list goes on. Thats because, despite the current mindset that you need to have an “athletic” QB, they win games and championships with their arm and their brains, not their legs.

  6. If Wilson has to keep trying to win games all by himself he mightn’t last to the end of next season.

  7. Seattle won its only SB by grabbing and holding receivers while the officials were willfully blind to the flagrant violation of defensive holding rules that have been around for decades. To me it is game fixing at its worst. If Wilson has to pass 30+ times a game, Seattle will be a mediocre team.

  8. harry hands says:
    November 25, 2017 at 2:14 pm
    Fran still in the top 5 after retiring almost 40 years ago.
    If they counted yards scrambled behind the line of scrimmage he would be #1 with a huge gap to #2

  9. For the amount that Wilson runs, he never seems to take a big hit. Must drive defenses crazy to chase that guy all over the field and then have him either slide or dance out of bounds at the last second.

  10. Wow, everyone in the world thinks Seattle should lead the league by almost double the penalty yards. Seahawks are getting the ultimate hose job these last 2 years and this year 100%…..How on earth are these other teams we are playing having their least penalized yards against a well know Seahawk team…’s blatant one team watch only during Seattle games. Oh……and Russell is the new age of QB. He can do both….unlike Camberly in Carolina who has to get hot running before he can consistently complete passes.

  11. If Randall Cunningham had proper coaching and mentoring as a young QB he would have been known for much more than his rushing prowess, as proven by his stint in Minnesota.

  12. harry hands says:
    November 25, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Fran still in the top 5 after retiring almost 40 years ago.

    He was a lot of fun to watch …

  13. “I only see one guy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he was a great passing QB.”

    Steve Young, Fran Tarkenton, and John Elway are all in the Hall of Fame.

    Russell Wilson already has a Super Bowl win, with the:

    6th highest career YPA,
    9th highest career completion percentage,
    19th highest career TD percentage with the
    5th lowest career INT percentage…

    of all time. And none of that even addresses what he does running the ball. If he stays healthy, he’s going to the Hall of Fame.

  14. There’s a big difference between Russell Wilson’s rushing yards and Cam Newton’s rushing yards.

    Cam Newton has lots of QB draw plays designed for only him to touch the ball. One extra blocker and all that. He’s actually a pure rusher much of the time so it’s not surprising he would be on this list.

    The reason why Russell Wilson is on this list is because he’s so quick and elusive. More like Fran Tarkenton. Most traditional drop-back quarterbacks will also try to run when the play breaks down but they usually get caught because they don’t have the quickness/speed to juke and get away.

    Russell has the same mentality as a traditional drop-back passers and the plays are mostly the same but he has that extra ability to turn a completely broken play into something positive with his legs where somebody like Eli will get sacked or just throw the ball into the ground really fast to save himself. Russell would rather throw it but doesn’t give up on the play completely if it doesn’t work out as designed.

    Unlile Cam, Russell is a passer first and a runner second. Just look at his passing stats this year. The rushing yards are just a bonus.

    Comparing the two is an insult to Russell’s passing game.

  15. IgnorantLeftist says:

    That first 9 could also be titled “Most overrated QBs in NFL history”.

    Eh, Randall Cunningham is the most underrated. And I say this as a Cowboys fan. If he had a real team around him he would have a couple of rings.

  16. 11 Super Bowl appearances (3 by Tarkenton) and only 4 Super Bowl wins out of all those QBs and all those rushing yards. Tells you something about the lack of importance of a QB’s ability to run or scramble.

  17. Amazing Vick is #1 with over 1000 yards to spare even with being out of the league for a few years in his athletic prime.

  18. He actually only has 1627 after Accounting for sacks. That is the only fair way to compile this. Otherwise you’re saying he only gets credit for a rush if the yardage is positive. That’s illogical.

  19. To someone comment above Russell is not that elusive watch his games against falcons at least twice each game vs falcons he gets absolutely rocked , whatever Dan Quinn knows about him seems to work

  20. Calling 9 of those QBs over rated, and another poster saying just 1 is a Hall of Famer is just showing what you do NOT know about NFL history.
    3 of them are HOF QBs. With Cam & Russell heading that way. Randall deserves consideration ( if Terrell Davis got in and Kurt Warner..Why not Randall. McNabb will get votes too, but probably won’t go But 3 and all.. He changed the position forever.
    But back to the stupid ” over rated” comment. I got to see Scrambling Fran play late in his career ( (I’m 50) in his last SuperBowl vs the Raiders. Fran had 47,000 passing yards and 340+ TDs. The man was like 6’0 and I don’t think over 190 lbs!! Over rated is not a word I would use on him. If Jim Kelly gets love for going to and losing 4 Super Bowls..then so should Fran because he did as well. Every QB on that list were great QBs..ya, including Vick. If he wasn’t so arrogant and lazy his first couple years. He would’ve had a ring or two.

  21. Wilson always reminds me of Tarkenton version 2.0 when I watch him play. And he’s got about 20 percent Ken Stabler in him. That’s why – as a fan of another team – it is always so nerve racking when my team plays his.

  22. Russell Wilson has the most trouble with teams that have a strong pass rush, example is Minnesota, who should have beat Seattle if not for Blair Walsh missing a chip shot field goal in the playoffs.

  23. “For the amount that Wilson runs, he never seems to take a big hit”

    Most mobile QBs don’t take big hits because they’re evasive enough that the defenders don’t get a clean shot on them.

  24. LOL at the morons here who say that this list of QB’s is “overrated” because they “only” have 11 SB appearances.

    Take of list of any 10 random QB’s from NFL history and you’ll usually end up with zero SB appearances among them.

  25. It is one big myth that a scrambling quarterback can get hurt by being tackled while running downfield. That was why Steve Young was told to stay inside the pocket. But it turned out that he got his career ending concussion while he was inside the pocket, trying to pass the ball, and the running back who was supposed to pick up the blitz did not. Fran Tarkenton was a scrambling QB who had a long career, but the myth persists. A moving target is less easy to hit than a stationary one.

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