Andy Reid’s not thinking about a quarterback change

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The Chiefs have lost five of their last six games, and have a guy they traded a bunch of stuff to get sitting on the bench.

But Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he was not thinking about replacing Alex Smith with rookie Patrick Mahomes, not during Sunday’s loss to the Bills or next week against the Jets.

That’s not where I am at right now,” Reid said, via Adam Teicher of

While it’s not going to be a popular decision, the Chiefs (6-5) are still in first place in the AFC West at the moment, a game ahead of the Chargers (5-6), who host the winless Browns next week.

Smith wasn’t great Sunday, but the problems with their offense at this point are far from his fault alone. And even though Mahomes is clearly the favorite to start for them next year, the Chiefs aren’t willing to pass the torch yet.

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  1. It’s time. The Alex Smith career resurrection needs to end. He will never be willing to take chances in order to win games and will always revert back to safe football play.

    Also, Andy Reid needs to give up play calling. Either that or the Hunt family needs to part ways with him.

  2. Andy Reid and Alex Smith both need to be fired. The chiefs will instantly become better without both those clowns.

  3. This isn’t all Alex Smith’s fault, he’s also not doing anything to improve the situation. Im not a Chiefs fan, but have seen them play enough to see he clearly doesn’t have the arm talent to open things up on offense. Teams will keep putting 8 in the box and daring him to throw. It’s obvious he lacks weapons outside of Tyreek Hill(talented but not a true #1 WR) and Kelce(who can only do so much).

    If it makes you feel better Chiefs fans you should beat my Jets next week; if they don’t choke the refs will find a way to steal it from them. I can actually feel your pain, Id like to see Bryce Petty play a few games before the season is over but Bowles wont give him a shot….

  4. As it stands now it’s hard too see them winning a game the rest of the season. Everyone including alex smith knows he’ll be moving on next year. Why not allow mahomes some time under center and get some experience for 2018. He is going too be the starter, everybody knows that. Why hold this move off? Because they still might have a chance at the playoffs? Yeah right, what do you think happens then? Put the young man in now. The future starts next week in Ny.

  5. Andy Reid should strongly consider benching Alex Smith.

    It has nothing to do with the fact that Mahomes is sitting behind him on the bench and everything to do with the fact that he has not given his team any chance to win football games the last few weeks. He’s regressed back to the checkdown-happy, eye-dropping Smith we’ve come to know.

    Reid’s playcalling has not helped, and the Chiefs defense lacks quality personnel at certain positions, but ultimately, Smith bears most of the blame for the way the Chiefs are playing. He has been flat-out awful.

  6. Smith could literally just throw to Kelce every time. He was wide open and Smith wasn’t seeing him all game. Pitiful!

    Smith needs to be benched but I think Andys too loyal. I wonder if Mahomes was Dorsey’s pick and Andy didn’t like it. Making me think Andy may be done after this year anyway and there’s no ready to hitch his wagon to a rookie.

  7. Andy is thinking very seriously about making a QB change. He’s not obligated to let us in on his future plans. It’s pretty clear Alex Smith is still Alex Smith. It’s just a matter of when Mahomes is ready. I have a feeling Andy is meeting with Mahomes right now to determine if he’s ready.

  8. I really hate having this guy as the HC of this team. Andy Reid has always been an overrated coach who can never get out of his own way. I’m hoping for a new 5 year plan in 2020.

  9. Smith was atrocious today. He had time to throw because of great protection and still got sacked because he had terrible pocket presence and wouldn’t scramble. He will not only miss the playoffs if he keeps playing like that but he will be hard pressed to find a job next year.

  10. Problems with Alex Smith:
    Too overly cautious.
    Not seeing the field.
    Over anxious playing.
    Not stepping up in the pocket.
    Can’t audible. (After 12 years?)
    Unwilling (or unable) to go downfield.
    Not playing with any discernable confidence.

    And no, Andy Reid’s atrocious play calling isn’t helping either.

    No, it’s not all on Alex Smith. But he isn’t the solution either. He’s crapping the bed against horrible teams. At this point, could Mahomes possibly be any worse?

  11. This was the team said to have the easiest schedule coming out of their bye. I remember analysts after week 5 wondering how the Patriots could possibly make up 3 games to secure home field from the Chiefs by season end.

  12. I like Smith… about as much as I like a car that won’t start on a cold winter day. The rest of the team looked as if they had been drugged. They could have been handed ten more chances to win the game and still not get it done.

  13. I get the frustration with smith but do you really want to bench your starting QB when alone in first place? Didn’t we see what happened with Buffalo when they benched a safe yet uninspiring QB for a rookie? Obviously Mahomes is more talented but people thought Peterman was more “NFL ready,” putting him in now before he’s ready would be a panic move.

  14. Andy has a new five year deal. He ain’t goin’ nowhere. Alex is going, we just don’t know where. Mahomes is there, waiting. Andy, get off your buffalo butt and get him in. Ales has reverted o the bad Alex, and he knows it, and we know it. Smith can’t play QB, and Andy can’t call plays.Embarrassing.

  15. Funny….Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor are similar. They both can’t throw the football, both have severe flaws, and both are severely limited. Yet, the media and NFL fans are clamoring for the 1st place Chiefs to bench their starting QB, while the Bills were ridiculous for benching theirs while in the 6th spot. The argument for Taylor was because he doesn’t turn the ball over and has a great TD/INT ratio. Alex Smith has thrown for 800 yards more, 7 more touchdowns, and have the same 3 INT’s for the season. The only thing Tyrod has over Smith is the 75 more rushing yards.

  16. The only team with equally-pedestrian play calling over the last half-dozen games is Carolina, and they’re both somewhat lucky to still be in playoff contention. Everybody’s going to stack against you if you don’t show something to make them think. Playmakers need SPACE which it’s up to the coaching staff to provide.

  17. It’s not Alex Smith. It’s not Kareem Hunt. They are the same guys they were at the start of the season. At first it was the defense; but they have gotten their act together the last two games.

    It is the offensive line. They suddenly cannot run block or pass block. Kareem Hunt is getting tackled in the backfield. Alex Smith is running for his life. It seems like the tackles are doing their job on pass plays; but there is no pocket for Alex to step up in. The long pass plays have not materialized because Alex cannot hold the ball long enough for the plays to develop.

    The running game reminds me of when Marty used to send Greg Hill on runs up the gut and everybody knew it was a run up the gut. Absolutely no creativity.

  18. And Donovan McNabb was his starting QB too………right up till the day before he traded him to Washington.

    As an Eagles fan, just thought I would point that out for you Chiefs fans who might not have a read on Reid yet.

    Times yours.

  19. their O line is a joke and their play-calling is absolutely pathetic, a quarterback is not what they need, Smith is good, they need the coach to stop calling plays.

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