As coaches and teammates ripped Eli Apple’s effort, he nearly walked out on the Giants

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Giants cornerback Eli Apple is not playing well this season, his coaches and teammates are getting on his case about it, and he’s not happy.

That’s the word from the New York Post, which reports that Apple’s lack of effort caused him to take a dressing-down when the team studied film, and he threatened to leave the team. After a talk with coach Ben McAdoo, Apple did decide to stay.

But that doesn’t mean all is well for Apple: His obvious failure to hustle has been the cause of a lot of criticism for a player who was a Top 10 draft pick last year.

Apple has also missed practice time to attend to his mother, who had brain surgery this month.

The Giants have kept Apple inactive the last two games. It’s unclear whether he’ll play when the Giants return to the field next Sunday against the Raiders.

50 responses to “As coaches and teammates ripped Eli Apple’s effort, he nearly walked out on the Giants

  1. Well, then quit. And join the real world. Where you still have to stand up for your work. But at a far lower rate per year than he’s currently making per game.

  2. joetoronto says:
    November 26, 2017 at 6:45 am
    That’s just how MOST Millennials roll.

    I’d be willing to bet the dude has worked way harder for what he’s got than you.

  3. Feel bad his mom had that surgery and hope she recovers but I didn’t like the pick when they took him and his effort and technique has been so poor this year it should be enough reason to fire Reese and his scouting team. Just in case it isn’t please see Eric Flowers

  4. The Giants stink this year. Knowing this, Apple doesn’t feel the need to give his full effort. Even on this team of underachievers, his lack of engagement sticks out. This shows his complete lack of character and respect for his teammates. On a team rife with locker room cancers and players who only concern themselves with personal stats not team wins (players like Brandon Marshal and OBJ) this character void will never go away.

  5. His mother had brain surgery and he’s playing for a team whose season ended a while ago. I am not trying to defend him here, but let’s not make him the easy scapegoat. The Giants have issues far bigger than the struggles of a single, very young CB.

  6. Apple has produced nothing of substance in years. They even ruined head phone jacks on phones of the future…

  7. This one’s also on Reece. If he did not get outfoxed in the draft, Apple would have been some left tackle instead. All he had to do was see what the other teams behind him needed and move up two spots. Instead others moved ahead of him. They got the left tackles and we got Apple.

  8. Mama Apple aint gonna let him walk away and forfeit all that money he is stealing from the team.
    She is an old school hustler, she knows how to keep her boy in line, and the team as well.
    Eli is a FRAUD, and so is his mama.

  9. “joetoronto says:
    November 26, 2017 at 6:45 am
    That’s just how MOST Millennials roll.”

    “Apple has also missed practice time to attend to his mother, who had brain surgery this month.”

    Pretty selfish Millennial.

  10. I would hope that his mother is doing well and recovering. I would also say that he was considered a very possible #1 pick by the Steelers in 2016. I’m glad that the Giants took him off the board first…

  11. 64impalass says:
    November 26, 2017 at 6:48 am
    God mcadoofus is sooo bad


    Actually Eli Apple is sooo bad. That was the point of the story. He is soft mentally and a bad player on top of that.

  12. Dude’s mom had brain surgery. That’s not like his mom had a cough. We know he’s extremely close to his mom, maybe give him a pass for awhile when his mind is likely elsewhere? Or call him a bust and typical millennial, just like all football players we shouldn’t allow him to be N actual human.

  13. A lot of it had to do with coaching. I bet if he goes tip the Vikings or Patriots he’ll be a different player.

  14. He never wanted to play for the Giants in the first place. He grew up hating the team, so he has been demoralized since day one.

    I am not defending his lack of effort at all, he should play hard for the team that drafted him and pays him, but I imagine there are certain people whose mental makeup would allow for their performance to be effected if they were drafted to play for a team that they grew up despising as a division rival to the team they grew up rooting for, and is also hated by the majority of his friends and family from back home as well.

    I am sure Lane Johnson experiences similar feelings seeing as that article from last week exists. It just shows that different people can handle it differently.

    Not saying it is definitely the case, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he didn’t fulfill his pre draft potential until after going to another team.

  15. I think the first round of the draft is overrated. Seems you always get your better players second third and fourth rounds.

  16. The Giants seem to have a few young players who show a lot of football talent, but also make a lot of noise off the field. Their names are always getting mentioned, and a lot of it has to do with off field stuff. Somehow there guys seem to find ways to stay on the sidelines too. I think the Giants’ scouting department would be better off if they avoided guys with red flags. It ends up hurting the team. For a scout, understanding character is just as important as breaking down the tape. I’m not saying it’s easy, but the Giants just seem like they’re oblivious.

  17. Apple will also be one of the main reason that Raiders get that mojo back just at the right time, make it in as a playoff team and then take down the Patriots in Ne England….It’s a story you can see coming..

  18. To all you guys complaining about millennials, I wonder how many of you are millennials and don’t even realize it because you are too daft to look up what a millennial is.

    Millennial: A person born between 1978 and 2004.

    This means that over half of the USA population is either a millennial or younger. I can’t imagine many people older than that know how to use the internet well enough to post here soI think I can guess pretty well that you are mocking your own age group and don’t even know it…

  19. for bknow54

    I agree with you but for one thing: there are a bunch of people older than 40 years old that can post on the Internet, for the better or for worse…

  20. Sorry to hear about his mom, but she really did him no favors the way she was always looking to be in the spotlight last year.

    Guess she got what was coming, right?

  21. Heres a question for all of you:

    Lets say you are making over 1 million per year.
    Lets say you screw up and your manager yells at you.

    Do you:

    A – say to your self “Holy Crap” I need to shape up, I don’t want to jeopardize this great job I have.

    B – ignore the criticism and get mad at your manager and co-workers.

    I’ll do A

  22. fair enough fanfrommontreal. I guess it would just be a matter of defining my use of “many” and yours of “bunch”. I would be highly surprised to learn if more than 25% of the posters on the comments here are older than millennials (Older than 40). With those estimates, in my mind, it seems highly irregular the number of upvotes the anti millennial circle jerk gets.

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