Bills stun punchless Chiefs, improve to 6-5

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The Bills went back to the quarterback who wasn’t flashy, but worked.

The Chiefs stuck with the one who had shown more than flashes, but hasn’t worked lately.

The result was another shocking loss for the Chiefs, as the Bills held on for a 16-10 victory.

Tyrod Taylor was utterly competent in the win, a week after he had to come on in relief of Nathan Peterman (five interceptions in the first half). And while he wasn’t great on his own, he did just enough to keep the Chiefs at arms length.

Taylor was 19-of-29 for 189 yards and a touchdown, but it was the job the Bills defense did the Chiefs (6-5) which was alarming.

The Chiefs managed just 236 yards on the day, and 85 of those came on a touchdown drive (their only one) to start the second half. When they were driving late, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was picked off by Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White, allowing Taylor to kneel out the game.

The Chiefs have now lost five of their last six games, ruining all the good times of their 5-0 start.

The Bills on the other hand look solidly like a playoff team, unless the ill-fated decision to start Peterman last week ends up haunting them.

39 responses to “Bills stun punchless Chiefs, improve to 6-5

  1. Even though Gaines received a personal foul for almost hitting someone on the Chiefs final drive, Alice came through with a pick 6 to seal the deal. His arm is getting weaker and weaker as the season goes on.

    The parade is back on in Buffalo.

  2. White and Gaines are a huge improvement over Darby and Gilmore… nice win but the chiefs?? What happened.

    FYI that 15 yard penalty on the KC last drive was about as bad a call as you can find…

  3. I want 2 things for Christmas as a Chiefs fan:

    1. Alex Smith to be benched
    2. Andy Reid to be stripped of playcalling duties

    Unfortunately, neither will happen because it’s the Chiefs I’m talking about. Every year it seems this franchise finds new ways to make fans miserable.

  4. Empty seats. Fans booing. Chargers playing lights out and likely to take the division. Lost potential Wild Card tie breaker today to the Bills. You can stick one of those big KC BBQ forks in the Chefs. Trolling Pat’s fans online seems like a looong time ago.

  5. Well, its time for some tough choices.

    Either the OC has to go.
    Andy reid has to go.
    The entire O-Line needs to go.
    Or Alex Smith has to sit and bring in Mahomes.
    Where does the blame lie ????

    Alex Smith gets happy feet and dumps the ball off 3 yards down field on 3rd and long.
    Is it Andy Reid or Matt Nagy calling all of those prictable screen bubbles, and 3 yard dump offs on 3rd and Long?

    Andy Reid no longer gets the benefit of doubt.It appears like he has lost the team, and players like Marcus Peters dont respret him.

    I feel like this is no longer just an Alex Smith issue that replacing him with Patrick Mahomes will fix .

    Too many high schoolish offensive plays that the ball only moves 4 yards in the air is NOT going to keep fooling teams.

  6. Nothing more douchey than Travis Kelce flexing and mugging like an idiot in the third quarter after a meaningless first down catch; in a game that they scored 10 points in a home loss to the Bills. Travis Kelce: poster child for millennial idiocy.

  7. All of you who think this falls squarely on Alex Smith have fallen victim to the media planting these ideas in your mind. Sure, he is part of the problem but he isn’t the entire problem. Go ahead and throw Maholmes to the wolves and say bye bye to your AFC divisional crown and your playoff hopes.

  8. Andy needs to do a better job of putting his players in position. This one’s on him…blah, blah, blah. Eagles fans tried to warn you, KC.

  9. That personal foul call on Gaines is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, the NFL better at least be smart enough to not fine him for hitting the receiver in his shoulder with his forearm

  10. There is a reason why the Eagles have the best record in the NFL. It’s because they have a great young QB. The Chiefs also have a great young QB. He’s on the bench.

  11. Bills played worse last week than

    Bills played worse last week than KC played this week .And the week before for that matter.

  12. Tyrod Taylor was competent? The league leader in 3 and outs? There is so little faith in him that they opted to run three times on their final drive, only use 14 seconds of game clock, and hope the defense holds on. He had a chance to ice the game the previous drive before that, but threw a piss pour ball to O’Leary who was 5 yards wide open. Caused him to dive for the ball and be 2 yards short of the sticks. Just because he doesn’t throw interceptions, doesn’t make him competent. Punting is a turnover, and if they actually used that as a stat, he would lead the league in it. I still can’t wait to draft a QB.

  13. “12 total touches for Kareem Hunt, who inexplicably wasn’t on the field in crunch time.

    Andy Reid and running backs…”

    Was also my 1st thought when I saw that they lost and checked the stats. This is Andy Reid, KC fans. Andy can be a strange guy. He’s a coach while in Philly who was obsessed with the passing game yet refused to get McNabb good receivers because Andy felt you could plug anyone into his “system” and week after week the media would wonder about his refusal to run WITH GOOD RUNNING BACKS but pass 40+ times a game to mediocre receivers.

    Finally McNabb demanded that thy improve the offensive firepower and they signed Terrell Owens and they go to the Super Bowl. Go figure. But it was year after year that he just wouldn’t run the ball even when it would have obviously benefitted the passing game to mix it up.

    Andy has had a lot of success as a coach but hit time management and obsession with passing have always been his fatal flaws.

  14. Bills win.

    Just don’t forget we almost handed it to them with a pathetic 3 and our just before the 2 minute warning. What the heck was the Bills coaching staff thinking??

    And yes, that was the most pathetic unsportsmanlike conduct call!

  15. The was that post about if Jeff Fisher would get a job next year with his history of unrecognized mediocrity.
    I know Reid had his moment in the distant past, but is he different then Fisher?

  16. Nothing more douchey than Travis Kelce flexing and mugging like an idiot

    I watched another team get blown out today, but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating plays. Unreal.

  17. Nice win for sure, but been watching football for 50 years and nice to see that call did not come back to bite us. One of the worse calls I have ever seen, the worst call I have seen this year.

  18. “The Bills on the other hand look solidly like a playoff team, unless the ill-fated decision to start Peterman last week ends up haunting them.”

    Wouldn’t the Bills have had to look good other than the 5 picks to play a woulda, coulda, shoulda game? Their D was horrible and their second half offense was the result of garbage time. Why anyone would assume a win last week was likely is pretty foolish. The only reason the Bills looked competent this week is because KC is one of the few teams playing as crappy as the Bills of late.

  19. Listen to the jills fanboys jumping back on the bandwagon. Why don’t they wait until the jills actually win a meaningful game? Because they’d never have anything to crow about.

  20. harrisonhits2 says:
    November 26, 2017 at 5:12 pm
    Sounds like a good grind out win for the Bills. Looking forwards to the Pats-Bills game next week.
    maybe it “sounds” like a good grind out win but trust me, it wasn’t. It was two really bad teams playing poorly. The team that played the least poorly won. No reason to look forward to Pats-Bills next week the Bills are going to get torched. If the Bills stay within 20 points I will be surprised. Pats 42 – Bills 10.

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