Chris Harris on Michael Crabtree: He sucker punched me


Broncos cornerback Chris Harris blames Michael Crabtree for starting the brawl that led to ejections for Crabtree, Aqib Talib and Gabe Jackson.

Harris accuses Crabtree of taking a cheap shot at him the play before the brouhaha.

“He came in there, was like ‘bam,’ hit me right in the middle of the stomach,” Harris said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “. . . He just sucker punched me. I have never seen that in the NFL.”

Crabtree was not penalized on that play, which was away from the action. On the next play, as the Raiders wide receiver blocked Talib, Talib ripped off Crabtree’s chain.

The Raiders receiver lost it, pushing Talib into the ground on the sideline and setting off the melee.

“He didn’t come to play football,” Harris said, via Troy Renck of Denver7. “He came to fight.”

While the brawl ensued on the sideline, Talib and Crabtree began throwing punches near the goal line. Talib caught the helmetless Crabtree with an elbow after missing with his fist, and Crabtree poked Talib in the eye. Broncos defensive linemen Zach Kerr and Domata Peko intervened.

Crabtree and Talib were ejected for fighting, and Jackson was kicked out for making contact with an official. Raiders coach Jack Del Rio called it an “ugly incident.”

“They have a little bit of history with the chain snatching,” Del Rio said, via Gehlken. “. . . Bottom line is we can’t afford to lose one of our top wide receivers.”

Crabtree and Talib were meeting for the first time since Talib ripped off Crabtree’s necklace in the regular-season finale last season. Crabtree missed the first meeting between the teams this season with an injury.

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  1. End the fighting – ban players for the season if they do.

    And when teams play dirty, the NFL needs to throw out the coaches one by one until someone gets the message.

    I am not Patriots fan, but the Dolphins played one of the most disgusting games I’ve ever watched. The entire starting defense should have been thrown out.

  2. edelmanfanclub says:
    November 26, 2017 at 9:44 pm
    How is it acceptable or mature to rip off someones chain multiple times. Talib deserved to get punched in the mouth what a tool.


    Talib did deserve to get punched in the face…so did Crabtree for wearing a link on the field in the first place…they’re both morons who let their teammates and coaches down because they don’t know how to act….

  3. When it comes to dirty play, I always assume the Broncos player is the one that started it. I figure it makes me right about 85 percent of the time.

  4. What kind of idiot wears gold chains in a NFL game? And yes, you can see Crabcrotch sucker punching Harris Jr. on the previous play. There’s a reason why no matter what roster, no matter what coach, the Faders are the most penalized team year after year after year. Punk mentality.

  5. The ratings are down. The media coverage on the “kneeling” is annoying. The officiating is horrendous. My team sucks but if the players are going to throw blows. I’m all for watching two dudes fight.

  6. Talib shows up for every game hoping to provoke this kind of crap. The super bowl face mask shows you what kind of guy Talib is.

    Crabtree was tired of being treated like a punk, and punched first this time. Talib has it coming, and I’m sure Harris was talking trash trying to get in Crabtree’s head.

    The Broncos lost their 7th straight, they suck and got punked out for everyone to see. Suck it up and move on weenie.

  7. “Broncos defensive linemen Zach Kerr and Domata Peko intervened.”

    You sure about that? That’s not what it looked like they were trying to do.

  8. The NFL set this in motion when they didn’t punish Talib when this happened last season.

    I went back to the PFT article from January, and PFT commenter dispozblcopy made this astute observation:

    “1. This non-fine sets a dangerous precedent for escalating harmful personal contact between plays, and

    2. It encourages Talib, who will without question take it as encouragement to do more, do worse, and so on.”

    And here we are.

  9. Too funny the alleged punch on Harris that Florio is trying to play up. If that’s a punch, every block ever is illegal. By the way, how did Crabtree’s helmet get off of his head?
    The league did nothing after Talib yanked off Crabtree’s chain last season. Whoever did nothing about it should get the blame for today’s fiasco.

  10. Talib came out the Biat_. Talib being the Donkey that he is should have taken his helmet off. Was too scared to get clocked but still taking swings. Donkey’s have beed dirty for awhile their put down was just what they needed. Like the boss Donkey said, “they are soft”
    King Donkey Elway said it best.

  11. Crabtree punches like a 7th grader. First Sherman and now Talib. Crabtree is just one of those guys who gets punked. That’s why him, Kaperchoke and harbaigh were such a good fit.

  12. NFL’s fault for giving Talib license to pull this nonsense by not penalizing or even fining him last year.
    Crabtree had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

  13. Today’s incident would have been avoided if Roger Goodell disciplined Talib last year for yanking Crabtree’s chain off. The refs looked the other way too. Props to Crabtree for policing the NFL since the referees and commissioner won’t.

  14. How is it acceptable or mature to rip off someone’s chain multiple times?


    It’s not acceptable or mature to rip someone’s chain off. It’s also not acceptable or mature to wear a chain. Offsetting penalties…

  15. They’re both to blame (Talib, not Harris, that is). Crabtree and Talib are both guys that will talk trash and get into someone’s face if they think they’re being disrespected. I believe Harris, but I also know that Talib knew what he was doing when he grabbed Crabtree’s chain again. Talib wanted a fight, and so did Crabtree.

  16. Last year Crabtree dove at Harris’s knees away from the play trying to intentionally injure him before Talib ripped his chain off.

    Yesterday’s game Crabtree sucker punches Harris so Talib snatched his chain again. And in response dirty punk Crabtree tries to break Talib’s leg pushing him through a camera man and to the ground. Crabtree deserved to have his nose broken by Talib but an elbow to the face will have to suffice until next time.

  17. raiderlyfe510 says:
    November 26, 2017 at 11:29 pm
    NFL’s fault. Aqib should have been disciplined the first time he took Crabtree’s chain. Crab was forced to take matters into his own hands.
    Exactly, for some reason the NFL keeps letting Talib off for his discretions, over and over again.

    This is on them.

  18. Talib doesn’t play around…Crabtree better pray he doesn’t see Talib in the offseason..thats just a fact

  19. Talib’s a punk. What kind wearing a helmet throws at another guy with his helmet off??? he even adjusted his head gear after swinging once…..

    If the two other Broncos wanted to stop this they would have removed their team mate from the field, not cornered Crabtree allowing their team mate to continue. Those two should be suspended along with Talib.

  20. edelmanfanclub says:
    November 26, 2017 at 9:44 pm
    How is it acceptable or mature to rip off someones chain multiple times. Talib deserved to get punched in the mouth what a tool.

    Its part of his uniform, why is he wearing a chain during a game anyways

  21. at the end of it all its nobody faults but the NFL, and the commish’s…they did absolutely nothing last year about when Crabtree took the high road when the Talib ripped it off him last year. When he did it again this year it leaves Crabtree no choice on how he has to respond. Just wish it would have happened on the Raiders sideline.

  22. Crabtree is wearing a chain because he can. It’s not a violation so he will continue just like many other players do. That does not mean you can intentionally rip off a chain to disrespect a player. That’s taunting and should be flagged every time.

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