Compensation Committee races to get Goodell deal done before December 13


It’s widely believed that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has something up his sleeve regarding his ongoing opposition to Roger Goodell’s new contract, and that he’s waiting to slide it out at the next ownership meeting on December 13. For that reason, the Compensation Compensation hopes to finalize Goodell’s new contract before then.

Under the unanimous resolution passed by all 32 owners in May, the Compensation Committee currently has the ability to finalize a contract with Goodell. If they get it done before Jones has a chance to muster the votes to revise or rescind the resolution, it will become much more difficult for Jones to derail the process.

Once a final, binding, and enforceable contract is in place between the league and Goodell, any effort to scrap the contract would trigger buyout clauses and other provisions that would cost the league a ton of money, and then the league would have to pay someone else to take over.

If the deal isn’t done by December 13, Jones can make a last-ditch effort to persuade any fence-sitting owners to scrap the pending resolution and, for example, replace it with a requirement that the owners approve the final proposal by a 24-vote supermajority.

That said, Jones surely realizes what the Compensation Committee will be doing over the next couple of weeks, which means that whatever he has up his sleeve likely includes a strategy for ensuring that he’ll get a chance to push his agenda one more time before all owners. Indeed, his recent comments regarding his decision not to sue seem to flow from a belief that he’s been given a commitment that all owners will have a voice in the final contract.

If that doesn’t happen, maybe Jones will do another 180 on his litigation plan.

15 responses to “Compensation Committee races to get Goodell deal done before December 13

  1. I am the ghost of Ratings Drop Future! Heed my warning or suffer another oh forget it you folks deserve it.

  2. Jerry and the current snowflakes have had their time…..
    Soon humanity and decency will prevail again and children will feel safe again.

  3. therealraider says:
    November 26, 2017 at 3:40 pm
    They are racing to get a new deal done.. Why? It can’t be because Roger has done an amazing job.

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    when goodell
    and the “cheating six” are caught, they double down. that is how far
    gone they are. they are obsessed with creating a certain image, yet
    don’t have any respect for the nfl customer, lying and then lying some

    it is very clear they want to keep things “in-house”
    so to speak, in order to cover up the rampant cheating and collusion, which was the clear plan back in 2006, when they not only changed the rules to manipulate the offensive output in games for ratings purposes, they told goodell he had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted when he saw fit. this obviously includes openly cheating behind
    article 46, which we learned was the case as goodell’s attorneys
    told us under oath, appealing their loss in trying to cheat the pats (which they obviously did).

    fun stuff, huh?

    kraft is still out of his mind for going along with it, but he has been outnumbered and told what to do for over years now, simply because his team formed a dynasty in the cap era.

  4. So all of a sudden now YOU ALL disapprove of Jerry Trying to Do SOMETHING about roger?
    Hate Jerry all you want BUT SUPPORT him on this! Roger is a power drunk idiot and Jerry IS A Genius
    Bizzness man! BAR NONE! And the NFL is a Bizzness. ROGER NEEDS TO GO!
    Get Em Jerry!!

  5. What’s the rush?

    The NFL could find 10,000 better Executives in the world that would take that job for $40MILLION/year and not have Goodell’s baggage and bone-headedness problem.

  6. I so hope 2 things happen…

    1 – Jerry does something to allow Goodell to strip the Cowboys of a draft pick.
    2 – After the season, Elliott does something stupid again (inevitable) and Goodell follows through on his letter which said he’ll be suspended (can’t remember if it’s for a year or indefinitely).

    One will make Jones clutch his chest. Both and we might actually see his head explode. It’s amusing when the filthy rich fight in public.

  7. Yes Goodell needs to go but Jones isn’t getting anything done – nothing but pee and wind, all hat no cattle, coca-cola cowboy. Can,t believe a self professed business genius let’s himself get pushed around by his own gopher. no wonder cowboys have stunk for a quarter century since Jimmy left. They need an owner with a pair, So sad, So unfair.

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