For Browns, another full housecleaning may be a necessity

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Whatever the Browns do when the dust settles on the latest 0-11 disaster, they’ll need to do something significant in order to have a shot at hiring anyone with options.

The current thinking in league circles is that the Browns will need to hit the reset button again in order to attract legitimate G.M. and/or coaching candidates. It means that, only two years after crafting a Sashi Brown/Paul DiPodesta/Hue Jackson approach to the football operation, all will have to go before any can be replaced in a meaningful way.

While a half-measure remains possible, with either a new coach or a new front-office chief, it will be very difficult to land a top-flight candidate if anyone remains from an organization that has now lost 26 of 27 games.

One name that keeps coming up is former Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey. But he’s likely to be one of the candidate who will have choices, and he likely won’t choose to take a job with the Browns unless he’s entering with a clean slate.

For ownership, the question becomes whether they’re ready to yet again remove the Band-Aid in one motion — and incur multiple more buyout obligations. It may be the only option for turning around a team that really can’t get much worse than it has been.

30 responses to “For Browns, another full housecleaning may be a necessity

  1. The problem with this is it’s the same pattern as before. Let them have two more years. Scrapping everything now will just start the process over again. Factory of sadness remains.

  2. Does anyone else think that Pete Carroll of Belichick would coax 4-5 wins out of the Browns talent?

  3. Really this team has alot of talent already on the squad and an abundance of draft picks to go with it. I don’t see it being to difficult to find someone to take over. They really do need a new coach, I can see this team contending in the near future.

  4. Their fans are classless morons who throw glass beer bottles at visiting fans and run like little girls. I hope when you finally make it to the Super Bowl the Lions crush all your hopes and dreams.

  5. Browns should keep most of front office(need a new Due Diligence person), but move on from Hue, who just hasn’t proved himself a good headcoach.

  6. I love the Browns owners. At least they care. What I hate to see is the owners that don’t give a hoot. At least the Haslams are trying to get it right. Hue Jackson is plenty capable of being a successful coach. They just haven’t hired a personnel guy worth a darn. Sashi Brown is probably a very intelligent money guy. The Browns just don’t have a football scout that knows how to evaluate QB’s. Everyone thinks you need to keep cleaning house, but where has that approach gotten the Browns? Just let the guys that are there do what they’re good at, and bring in a scout. It doesn’t have to be a big name guy. Who ever heard of Joe Douglas? He’s the guy the Eagles hired, and he recommended Carson Wentz. Now all those guys that have been there for years are looking smart. With all the changes the Browns have made over the years, they’ve yet to hire a good NFL scout.

  7. Apparently the owners can remove one of their own for the good of the league, but instead permit this situation to continue indefinitely. It’s a joke.

  8. come on now. They are no the only Cleveland team to make a living by going for last place and draft picks.

    What an embarrassment to professional sports this organization is!

  9. hibcid16 says:
    November 26, 2017 at 7:58 pm
    Browns should keep most of front office(need a new Due Diligence person), but move on from Hue, who just hasn’t proved himself a good head coach.

    You must work in the front office and want to keep your job LOL. You mean thhe same front office that declared the likely MVP this year(or 2nd place finisher) wasn’t a top 20 QB? The same front office with NO ONE at the top of the food chain that has a history of drafting college football players? the one where 2 of the 3 have no previous football experience at ANY level?? Yeah, that will work…SMH. Hey Hallam, hire a reputable football evaluator and don’t go in the building for 3 full years

  10. With the exception of Belichick’s brief tenure (1991-1995) the organization has not committed to championship-caliber management since Paul Brown.

  11. Honestly, one of us off the street could put together a 53 man roster and have the same success, which is just sad. We have to start over and over spend for a coach and GM with experience. Two decades of failure.

  12. Does anyone else think that Pete Carroll of Belichick would coax 4-5 wins out of the Browns talent?


    Actually, no they couldn’t

  13. too easy to pile on a winless team…but there’s an axe to grind somewhere. detroit never got this much run in the media when they went winless a few years back. but the browns’ sole issue is getting football people to make football moves. jimmy haslam is sketchy, but he’s trying, and bringing dee along has helped more than most of you would ever know. hue jackson has made some questionable moves during games but he’s right if you read between the lines…they have to play a perfect game to win and the roster is just too young and inexperienced. sashi brown needs to be the fall guy here. you can’t let a trade fall through because of a failure to meet a deadline and the rumor that someone in the FO purposely nixed it is damning.

  14. The problem has always been nobody wants to coach in Cleveland, nobody wants to play in Cleveland and nobody wants to be retained in Cleveland. Perpetual losing city. Next season will be my last season as a Browns fan after 40 years if they start the season 0-2.

  15. None of you people get it besides Harrisonhits, the problem is an owner that directed his FO to be 60 million under the salary cap to maximize his profits.

  16. I say hold out for 2 more years, they have build a top 10 defense and if they had …. not great …… not good ….. just adequate QB play they would have won 4 games this year with no receivers ….. I see Hue’s offense drive 80 yards and stall in the red zone because of the lack of play makers …. They have 5 picks in the 1st 2 rounds this year and should grab a top QB and receivers …

  17. Romeo Crennel, Mike Holmgren, Ray Farmer, Eric Mangini and now Hugh Jackson were all “winners” who every team with a coaching/GM opportunity wanted who picked Cleveland over all those options. The only “winner” “league circles” declared that the Browns missed out on was Chip Kelly and we see how his NFL career ended up. So pretty sure at this point Browns fans should probably be ready to tell “league circles” exactly what they think of their opinions. How about not firing people every other game. Seems like a novel idea since the opposite that they’ve been doing for a decade hasn’t worked.

  18. More Agents of Chaos from the Media – to see the Browns hit the reset button. How about they do what they have never done since 1999, and that’s stick with a coach and front office for a 5 year period and let them build a team, collect data on their system, let them learn from their mistakes and stick to a dang plan. Nothing is going to ever go perfectly in a full season. So a team has to account for injuries and build a roster through the draft and develop players in-house. Learn not to depend on a bunch of free-agents at the tail end of their career, looking for a major payday. It takes time to rebuild a team and add depth. No matter who the Cleveland Browns hire, there is no quick fix, and a coaching staff/F.O. regime should be given 5 years – regardless of records to get the job done.

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