It’s time for Patrick Mahomes

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I’ve been saying it for weeks, and it seems like a good time to say it again: It’s time for Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

If last weekend’s sluggish post-bye performance against the Giants wasn’t enough proof of a need for an offensive shakeup, Sunday’s double-digit deficit to a Buffalo team that has been blown out by the Saints and Chargers in successive weeks confirms that it is time.

The Chiefs already have made it clear that they believe in Mahomes; they essentially traded two first-round picks and a third-round pick to get him. For what current NFL player would any team give up that much? Aaron Rodgers? Russell Wilson? Who else?

The point is that the Chiefs felt that way about Mahomes, even with Alex Smith on the roster. When the Chiefs were 5-0,  it made no sense to think about making a change. But now that the Chiefs have lost four of five and are on the verge of losing five of six, it’s time to give the offense a swift kick in the rump and unleash a guy who went before Deshaun Watson — and who could be every bit as dynamic as the Texans rookie was before tearing an ACL.

Back when things were going well for the Chiefs, tight end Travis Kelce said on PFT Live that Mahomes has been doing “unbelievable” things in practice. In the preseason, we all saw an unbelievable thrown on the run, while Mahomes was bracing to get blasted.

So why not let him do something unbelievable now, before the Chiefs become the victims of the latest inconceivable plunge from 5-0 to out of the playoffs.

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  1. It’s time for Patrick Mahomes to prove that he’s every bit as good a QB as Todd Blackledge (the last highly touted Chiefs 1st round QB selection) was.

  2. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget it’s the Bills we have here. Watching them my whole life, I know very well we still have the ability to lose this game 52-13

  3. Yeah… because… Alex Smith’s 6th most passing touchdowns
    and 7th most passing yards in the NFL is terrible.

  4. That’s poor logic to compare trading 2 1st round picks for Mahomes with trading 2 1st round picks for an established quarterback WITH a huge contract. If you said you could trade 2 1st round picks for a veteran qb but they would only count the same price as Mahomes does per season and that list grows quite a bit.

  5. I’m a big fan of Alex Smith. I’ve watched him play for years and I know what he’s capable of. I once saw him lead his team to 10 straight wins after starting the season 1-5. Yes, Alex Smith is risk averse, but he’s also confident, efficient and cool in the pocket. That is not the same Alex Smith I’m seeing now. He’s playing timid and unsure, he’s not stepping up in the pocket like he used to and he’s not even trying to take a shot downfield or across the middle. Either the pressure of having to play like an MVP because of Mahomes is finally getting to him or he has an undisclosed injury. Either way, if the Chiefs lose today I wouldn’t be surprised if Mahomes starts next week.

  6. But what about all the praise for Smith reinventing himself earlier this season? You know, the drivel about how he really has a great deep ball and has thrown off the shackles his game to show the Chiefs they blew it trading the farm for an iffy project in the first round? Remember that?

  7. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    November 26, 2017 at 2:36 pm
    I’m shocked that Florio is NOT advocating for Kaepernick here.
    Was thinking the same thing. Kappa is so smart, you could pick him up on a wed, and he’d have the playbook memorized by Saturday. Eazy Peazy. Meanwhile, the 69ers ‘aren’t sure yet’ when Jimmy will be ready.

  8. Alex Smith is back to who he always was his first 8 years with the niners. Man he was awful. He’d would get booed every week. We were the nfc version of the Browns with Alex Smith every year.

  9. It’s not just time for Mahomes because Alex Smith is terrible. It’s Mahomes time because Mahomes is an elite QB. He should have been the overall number 1 pick. Even if Smith was playing good football, he’s not in the same class as Mahomes.

  10. Empty seats, fans booing, Chargers playing lights out and likely to take the division, losing the wild card tie breaker to Buffalo today…. You can stick one of those big Kansas City Barbecue Forks in the Chefs now. Trolling Pat’s fans online seems such a like such a looong time ago.

    Wus up Mahomes?

  11. Let me get this straight: KC in middle of playoff hunt. Alex Smith “statistically” a top QB this year and Florio and everybody else calling to change out to a rookie QB.

    Meanwhile, Buffalo in middle if playoff hunt (though not doing as well as KC). Tyrod Taylor a “statistically” decent QB (though not as high as Smith). After horrendous QB performance and back to back complete blowouts, decide to do what everyone is suggesting here and start their rookie QB and it’s unanimously the worst decision the coach could have made.

    ‘splain it to me?

  12. I would place a call to CK’s agent, i’ve read on this site that he is the answer to every struggling team. According to PFT i’m not sure you would even need the other 52 players, he could throw the ball to himself catch it and run it in.

  13. No kidding, get rid of Alex Smith. Why can’t he put the team on his back and make up for Sutton’s lousy defensive schemes, overcome the injuries to Eric Berry and Chris Conley, get his offensive line to quit making stupid drive stalling penalties and not providing him a clean pocket to pass from?

    Bring in the rookie who might know 25% of the entire Reid playbook, just so he can fling the ball all over the field 50 times a game. Surely that’s going to spark the porous, non-tackling, out of position defense and make those offensive linemen block like it was 2003 all over again.

    I’m with you Florio, cuz … MAHOMES!

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