Bill Belichick: “Zero reservations” about Greg Schiano

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The sudden hiring/unhiring of former Buccaneers coach (and current Ohio State defensive coordinator) Greg Schiano by the University of Tennessee has sparked widespread handwringing and predictions of doom and gloom for modern society (apparently, those people haven’t been paying very close attention to modern society). Yes, the mob successfully shouted down an administration that underestimated the unpopularity of the move and, yes, Schiano and his representatives didn’t do enough to extinguish embers that became a convenient conflagration for those who simply didn’t think he’d be a sufficiently successful coach for a chronically unsuccessful program.

The only unfair aspect of the outcome (Schiano not getting the job isn’t one of them) is that his character has been undermined without proof that seems sufficient or conclusive. Again, Schiano and his representatives bear some of the blame for this. They’ve known about Mike McQueary’s testimony for months, and Schiano failed to shout loudly enough from the rooftops his innocence in order to allow Schiano to be hired as a head coach without lingering shreds and shards of incomplete evidence derailing his effort.

While it’s impossible at this point to show with full clarity that Schiano didn’t know anything about the proclivities of Jerry Sandusky during Schiano’s six seasons at Penn State, it’s fair to consider the opinions of respected coaches who know him.

Asked Monday if he’d vouch for Schiano’s character, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said this, without hesitation: “100 percent. Yes, 100 percent.”

“I have great respect and think he’s a great football coach,” Belichick added. “I’m not really involved in any other situation, but speaking about him as a coach and a person, [I have] the utmost respect and zero reservations. Zero.”

While it won’t get Schiano the Tennessee job or any other gig if the fans and booster are dead set against him, it’s fair to consider clear and unambiguous comments from a guy who rarely speaks so clearly and unmistakably — and from a guy who happens to be arguably the best coach of all time in any sport.

Bottom line? Tennessee fans and boosters didn’t want Schiano, and Schiano had just enough bones lurking in the closet to give those who didn’t want him a hammer for keeping him out. If Tennessee fans and boosters wanted Schiano, those who opposed him based on incomplete and unproven allegations would have worked just as hard to fight back against claims that fall far short of showing that Schiano did anything wrong.

The challenge for Schiano will be finding a school where the fans and boosters feel sufficiently good about getting him to take the latter approach. Clearly, the folks at Tennessee didn’t.

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  1. What Tennessee did to him was spineless. That ad has been there for like 7 months and you’re already letting the fans decide for you. Idk if he knew or didn’t know about the Penn St. deal, but you would think that Tennessee would have done their due diligence on him and the situation before mishandling the situation as bad as they did. I’m not a Schiano fan, but they did him dirty.

  2. Completely disagree, the only thing Schiano would have accomplished by yelling from the rooftops is to gather all the internet blogging weasels around him. His only mistake is saying yes to the spineless volunteer AD

  3. Tennessee, the Cleveland Browns of the SEC. If Scihano was good enough for you to hire, then he was good enough for you guys to stand behind too. The one good coach that kept you in the top twenty you guys fired because he wasn’t good enough for you expectations. This is the same UT that supported Bruce Pearl through multiple sanctions. So instead you now listen to all of us internet trolls. Face it, this school should stick to NCAA W hoops.

  4. I have no doubt about Schiano’s ability to coach, but successful college coaches are the ones who can recruit. Whatever Schiano did or did not know about the Penn State stuff, the other SEC schools will be talking to the parents of the same recruits. What happened at Penn State is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. Recruiting can get nasty. Schiano has a better chance at an NFL job because your draft picks don’t have other options. Just knowing what I know of Jerry Jones, Schiano would be the next Cowboys coach. Jerry would do it just to stay in the headlines.

  5. Yeah, it was Belichick’s recommendation that helped him get the job in Tampa too, and we see how that worked out. I have a great idea . . . if Belichick thinks Schiano is such a great coach how about the Pats let Schiano take over as head coach when Belichick retires!

  6. One of the first to speak out against the hire was the White House. Interesting how no articles mention that anymore and her tweet was deleted soon after.

  7. Tenn is going to be paying 3 coaches this year. The one they fired, Schiano and the one they hire to replace him. Not to mention Schiano has a very good chance at a defamation lawsuit if he’s unable to gain employment elsewhere.

  8. He knew, just like Tom Bradley knew. Only Bradley (Sandusky’s daily workout partner) went across the country to UCLA in a desperate attempt to clear his conscience.

    They all knew.

    The program should have been shut down for at least 5 years if not 10 years. The NCAA caved and lessened the sanctions because Franklin has been able to recruit top players and the NCAA sure as hell wasn’t going to pass up a chance to make money off Penn State by not having that team and the talent on it not be eligible for post-season play.

    Had Franklin not been able to recruit as well as he has the sanctions would have remained in place and unaltered.

    The NCAA is one step below the Mob at this point.

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