Cardinals are rolling with Blaine Gabbert

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Drew Stanton‘s not getting his job back when he gets healthy. He’s been Gabberted.

Via Darren Urban of the team’s official website, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said a recent run of positive appearances has led him to leave Blaine Gabbert in the starting lineup.

We’re going to stick with Blaine right now,” Arians said, confirming that Stanton would be the backup from this point forward after recovering from a knee injury.

While they like Stanton and have kept him around as a backup, they’re thinking about the future beyond Carson Palmer, so they might as well give Gabbert another five weeks to see if he could be the guy.

Arians is higher on Gabbert than many people (or, perhaps, just higher), and said he’d have no problem going into 2018 with Gabbert at the helm.

“The way he’s playing right now I’d be very confident,” Arians said.

In the last two weeks, Gabbert is 44-of-72 for 498 yards, with five touchdowns and three interceptions. He also had a fumble in the second half, but moved them crisply into range for a game-winning field goal yesterday against the Jaguars.

Whether Gabbert can continue that kind of revenge-game magic this week against the Rams remains to be seen, but with the Cardinals firmly in “what the heck” (or something) mode, giving Gabbert an extended audition before he hits free agency seems like a reasonable path.

Or it would if it wasn’t Blaine Gabbert we were talking about.

20 responses to “Cardinals are rolling with Blaine Gabbert

  1. Not sure I fully grasp this whole “revenge game” thing. What on earth does the Blaine Gabbert have to get revenge for? The Jaguars invested a high first round pick and over $10 million in him and he gave them nothing. He should be nothing but eternally grateful to them

  2. AS the cards fans saw this preseason, Gabbert looks good. He is also playing behind a makeshift offensive line due to multiple injuries. Maybe Bruce arians is the QB whisperer.

  3. Not sure I fully grasp this whole “revenge game” thing. What on earth does the Blaine Gabbert have to get revenge for? The Jaguars invested a high first round pick and over $10 million in him and he gave them nothing. He should be nothing but eternally grateful to them

    What was he suppose to give them with so many different coaches & coordinators, not to mention a pretty crappy o-line & very little in offensive weapons????? Please do tell us what the Jags as a franchise gave Blaine to work with…….

  4. As someone who saw both his games from start to finish….He’s playing GOOD! Every pass is on the mark and nothing where the WR’s are diving or wondering where he’s throwing it to. He reads the defense very well and has two plays where he looked off a WR and found a wide open WR or TE down field…something even Palmer had struggled with (aka locking in). He’s made plays out when he should have been sacked and lastly he doesn’t make dumb plays when the play is over….he will toss it out.
    IMHO he’s playing VERY well.

  5. I can’t tell if this article is bashing or praising gabbert. So many backhanded comments. He’s proven multiple times to be better than kaep.

  6. Tha man who ended Kaep’s career…

    Speaking of which, didn’t the blowhard known as Mark Geragos guarantee Kaep would be signed weeks ago?

  7. I think Gabbert was a classic case of being taken probably where you’d expect for the talent he exhibited at Missouri but wasn’t a day 1 starter. No problem with that, some guys can still go on to be good QB’s but need to sit for a few years.
    Am i saying he’s a good QB? No, that still needs to be proven. But i think he didn’t a good shot in Jacksonville, see new OC’s and position coaches every other year and a weak O-Line.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have a wee resurgence ala Keenum albeit that Case was undrafted.
    I’m rooting for you Blaine!

  8. “He’s proven multiple times to be better than kaep.”

    One has multiple playoff wins and a SB appearance

    the other has… a bunch of consecutive losing seasons.

  9. Some QBs need a strong and consolidated system to succeed (i.e. good offensive line, good WRs, good RBs, etc.). Gabbert seems to be that kind of guy (just like Prescott is). I wish him well and success in Arizona. Maybe he can even bench Palmer a.k.a. the turnover machine.

  10. Good for the guy. I hope he kills it. As a Jag fan I want to drink myself into oblivion after what I saw yesterday, but still happy it’s working out for the guy.

    I think for QBs to be successful in the NFL a whole ton of things need to be going well all across the board … for every QB. Blake Bortles included. When things are working well, he looks good, when things aren’t he struggles like most folks will, with the exception of Brady, Brees or Rodgers.

  11. Two QBs left the 49ers last season. One of them completely suck, couldn’t throw a pass even if his life depend on it, and his first option was to run first. Then when he was benched, he decided to take a knee to keep attention to himself. The other QB was Blaine Gabbert.

  12. Who ever mentioned Kaep? Trollers gonna troll…

    Since you brought him up: Gabbert has never and will never start a game in January. Nor will he ever take one over, in an opponents stadium. Kaep has done all of that. Kaep lost the job to Gabbert when he was injured, then reclaimed the job after he had recovered from those injuries.

  13. Some guys just need more time than others to develop into a NFL quarterback … Case Keenum is 29 and starting to hit his stride. Several other examples come to mind where they weren’t ready until their late 20’s … Kurt Warner was 28 …

    time will tell if Gabbert is flashing in the pan.

  14. As a Cardinal fan, this is 100% the correct Move… Nobody is thinking that Gabbert is going to become the Rich Gannon of his generation… But the fact remains that he offers infinitly more upside than Drew Stanton….

    Gabbert is 5+ years younger than Stanton, has better physical skills, and his entering his prime playing days, where Stanton is exiting his.

    This one is a no brainier…. Cardinals need QBs…and Gabbert as a spot starter, or backup, puts the Cardinals in better situation than Stanton.

  15. QB Blaine Gabbert is playing at a very high level in Arizona under Bruce Arians, the Jaguars have the #1 Defense in the NFL with both the best D-Line and Secondary in the NFL & Gabbert evaded multiple sacks while carving that secondary up, including throwing an absolute DIME OF A BOMB For a 50YD TD!!!!! On top of throwing for 2TDs & 250YDs against that defense and putting up a passer rating 20+ Points higher than QB’s are AVG’n against the JAX Defense, Gabbert also lead his offense down the field when he had to completing 3 big time passes for the win including throwing a laser with pinpoint accuracy to the sideline to set up the game winning Field Goal!!!!

    Gabbert is playing very well, Arians really knows how to get the most out of his QB’s and the more Gabbert plays the better he will get in ARI. I think either way ARI will draft a QB very high and start Gabbert (unless Palmer comes back which is likely) at QB while said QB Develops and with all of the talent he has around him once everyone comes back healthy including have a very good O-Line in front of him, Arguably the best rushing attack in the NFL with David Johnson and TJ Logan back healthy, along with a bunch of free agent talent added being Arizona will have 60+$$ Million in cap space and 12 draft picks in the upcoming draft, Arizona can bounce back as a contender extremely quickly next season.

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