DeMarco Murray is not worried about his lousy stats

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Titans running back DeMarco Murray had a miserable game on Sunday, but he says he’s not concerned about it.

Murray finished Sunday’s game with 12 carries for nine yards, which concluded an absolutely brutal November for Murray. In four November games, Murray finished with 43 carries for 80 yards, an average of just 1.86 yards per carry.

Still, the Titans beat the Colts on Sunday and are in first place in the AFC South, and as a result Murray feels fine about where he is.

“I’ve done a lot of great individual things in my career, playing in this league, and [winning], that’s why we all play, why we coach,” Murray said. “That’s all I’m worried about. I’m not worried about stats. Obviously, you want to play better and obviously you’ve got pride about yourself and things of that nature, but, hey, most importantly, we got the win. We’ll all watch film and . . . we’ll make corrections and that’s it.”

It remains to be seen how effective those corrections can be. Murray will turn 30 in February, an age at which running backs often slow down. It might just be time for the Titans to accept that Murray is never going to be the player he was in Dallas — or even the player he was in Tennessee last year.

8 responses to “DeMarco Murray is not worried about his lousy stats

  1. Demarco certainly appears to be done as a workhorse running back, but he’s still a very well-rounded RB who is highly effective in the passing game, both as a blocker and as a receiver. Hopefully the Titans can adjust his role in the offense and emphasize his strengths, rather than continuing to give him 10-15 carries per game at 1-2 yards a pop.

  2. The Titans want to transition to Derrick Henry. Problem is, Henry’s a stiff. He has straight line speed but no quickness and the next guy he makes miss will be the first. Murray is a far better back, but it’s hard to be productive with few carries.

  3. why should he be worried…? the Titans drafted a highly touted RB with an early pick who can’t get on the field… History says a running backs are better younger rather than older in age…so they’re pretty much wasting Henry’s best years…

  4. J-Rob, move Henry to the starter, workhouse back and have Murray fill in on designed plays and as the 2nd back. Both Murray and Henry would benefit which means the team benifits.

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