Jack Del Rio sure NFL will look at “vicious hit” that concussed Amari Cooper


The Raiders lost one starting wideout in the first quarter when Michael Crabtree was ejected for fighting with Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and they lost a second in the second quarter when Amari Cooper suffered a concussion.

Cooper was hit in the head by Broncos safety Darian Stewart while reaching for a pass from Derek Carr and went directly to the ground in a scary scene. He was ultimately helped off by trainers and Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said after the game that he thinks the league should consider disciplining Stewart.

“It was a vicious hit, the kind we’re trying to remove from our game, quite frankly,” Del Rio said, via ESPN.com. “You see less and less of those. I’m sure the league will take a hard look at it. Those are the kinds of impact hits that don’t need to be a part of our game right now. The guy is clearly defenseless and got targeted right in the head. There’s a chance to hit in the strike zone and be somewhere else and not be there like that.”

Carr said “it rips my heart out” when he throws a ball that results in a receiver getting injured and had to “hold back the emotions” after Cooper’s injury. He said he spoke to Cooper after the game and was confident the receiver will be OK, but it remains to be seen how soon he’ll progress through the concussion protocol.

5 responses to “Jack Del Rio sure NFL will look at “vicious hit” that concussed Amari Cooper

  1. Based on today’s rules, Del Rio is right. Whether you like the rule or not can be a different story.

  2. Del Rio obviously didn’t look at the play. Cooper dropped his head at the last minute which compressed his neck. Stewart was aiming to hit in square with his shoulder pad and not in the head. There won’t be a fine for that and it should not have been a penalty on the play.

  3. Watching the film, I disagree. The hit was bad, but only because Cooper tried to duck after attempting the catch. Stewart did not lead with his helmet, and Cooper’s helmet became the point of contact only after he ducked. I’m sorry it happened to Amari, and I know Del Rio is just doing what a coach should and speak up for his player, but the hit was certainly not intentional and did not look to even be illegal, even though it was flagged.

  4. the guy turned and cooper’s helmet hit the the defensive player n the back. anyone who watched that play knew it wasn’t dirty and in any aspect he was trying to avoid it as much as possible. it’s unfortunate that it happened, but shouldn’t have been flagged

  5. It doesn’t have to be intentional to be a foul, so the penalty call was 100% legit.
    Seriously, does an illegal procedure have to be intentional to be called? A foul is a foul. A fine or suspension is a different matter, involving intent.

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