Jarvis Landry upset Adam Gase didn’t challenge late incompletion

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With the Dolphins trailing the Patriots 28-17 in the fourth quarter on Sunday, Miami went for it on fourth-and-11 at their own 38-yard line. At that point in the game, it was clear: Either the Dolphins needed to pick up the first down, or they were going to lose.

They didn’t pick up the first down when a pass to Jarvis Landry was incomplete. They lost. But Landry felt that he caught the ball, and he was upset that coach Adam Gase didn’t throw his challenge flag.

“I think we were in the position then where it really didn’t matter,” Landry said. “We didn’t have s— to lose. Throw the flag and see what happens. Go from there. You know, we didn’t have anything to lose. We’re giving the ball up on our side of the field. Something that could potentially turn in our favor. Who knows? We didn’t have anything to lose. We should have just threw the flag.”

Gase didn’t challenge because the video appeared to show that the officials on the field got the call right. The pass was incomplete.

But Landry raises a good point: What did the Dolphins have to lose? The league’s officiating office has made some strange reversals on replay this season. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have made another strange reversal on that play? When it’s a play the Dolphins absolutely needed, it was a risk worth taking.

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  1. Umm, yeah, no. The coach was right on this one (which is rare). If the video supports the call on the field you are only delaying the inevitable. You dont know how that time out will come back and haunt you. Who knows, may the Pats fumble the snap or throw a pick and then the timeout becomes important.

  2. Gase was preserving his time outs so that he could stretch out the Patriots victory formation because he enjoys it so much.

  3. It was pretty obvious that he didn’t catch it, so perhaps he can find something else to complain about?

  4. They did have something to lose. A time out. Those do come in handy in close games. Who knows. Maybe the Pats get a fluke fumble and the Dolphins recover. That scenario was more likely than the refs overturning that call. The only thing that’s obvious is Landry wants out of Miami. He’d be awesome in New England. Kind of reminds me of ex-Dolphin Wes Welker.

  5. This from the player who said the fins would sweep the 5 time champions.
    The inmates are running the asylum in Miami! A Pats player would never publicly question Bill, and if they did they would be on their way to Cleveland or a permanent seat on the bench. What a tool.

  6. Cannot understand the dolphins management and local press trying to make Parker the MVP when without a doubt Landry is heads and tails their best player. Stephen Ross and Mike Tannbaum along with Gase continue to pretend with this franchise.

  7. onebuffalove716 says:
    November 27, 2017 at 8:09 am

    Landry is a tool most of the time but this time he’s correct. Didn’t see the play but if it’s close in that situation you have to try
    It wasn’t close.

  8. “Didn’t see the play but if it’s close…

    Wasn’t. Ball was on the ground. No chance of an overturn.

    There are many things for which Gase can legitimately be critized. Not challenging that call is not one of them…

  9. I admire Landry’s passion, but the replay clearly shows the nose of the ball hitting the turf even though he has both hands under. This is an incomplete pass and Gase knew it. This is a team with a lot of issues. I still think Gase is a good Coach, but one of the tell-tale signs of a lost lockerroom is when you lose and players speak out and criticize the others. This is a lost season, but at this point looks like a lost regime too.

  10. Jarvis Landry is using that argument of a dumb person.

    Sacrificing something of value — a time-out that still might be useful — just because is a dumb person’s way of using strategy.

    When in doubt ask: What would Coach Belichick do there or with a player saying what Landry is saying now?

  11. The ball was dragging on the ground as it was trapped between Landry’s knees. I’m sure that is what the Dolphin spotters told Gase.

    Tom Brady threw 4 TD’s giving him 545 for his career including playoff games.

    Brady now has 545 Passing TD’s and 23 Rushing TD’s. 568 rushing/passing TD’s (inclung playoffs) moves him past Bret Favre (567) for second all time behind P.Manning (600).

  12. Probably should have challenged. But if Jarvis is getting to mouthy with you, Coach, the eagles will take him for another 4th round pick when traders open back up!

  13. Saw this coming. Landry is a gamer. I remember a game a while back against the Pats when the Dolphins were truly awful but Landry played with more pride and effort than the rest of the team put together. Gase not throwing the flag on that play showed disrespect for one of the few pros on the team. I’d love to see him in a Pats jersey someday.

  14. Hate to say this, but one of them will be gone this off season… And it won’t be the HC… I believe they move on from Landry after the season

  15. Last year the Dolphins managed to transform into the “Flukes”, and actually sniffed the playoffs.
    This year they are back to the same-old, “Clownfish”.

    Gase, the, “Quarterback Whisperer, Genius”, is just the latest in a long line of loser coaches in Miami.

    The game plan was to take as many cheap shots on Brady as they could. They had no other plan, because they have no other talent.

    Suh got his usual cheap shots, as did some of the other talentless, bottom-shelf, Dolphins.

    Are those cheap shots satisfying in lieu of victories?
    Well….I guess that they will have to be, because it is all Miami has.

    Can’t wait to see the Pats beat the Clownfish silly again on Monday night, in two weeks! It never gets old.

    The worst team in the AFC East, AND….wait for it….The worst team in Florida!

    How’d that sweep prediction go, Jarvis? Got any more meaningless chatter for us?

    It must be so frustrating to see the Pats on top, year after year after year, isn’t it?

  16. He’s absolutely right. Last week they ruled a clear safety as forward progress. There was absolutely a chance they could have overturned it. It was a critical play and to save what? A worthless timeout?

  17. What Gase should have done was punt because there were 8+ minutes left in the game. Why he went for it there and punted 4th and an inch earlier is what needs to be questioned.

  18. As other posters have noted, preserving the time-out is important in case the Pats turned the ball over (a before-the-count snap that went WAY past Brady is how Miami scored its first TD).

    In Landry’s defense, the officials earlier missed an absolutely FLAGRANT facemask call on Suh, so there was plausible reason to believe an obvious incomplete call could be reversed on replay.

  19. I feel like they should have just challenged the whole game…you know, just throw the red flag on the last play of the game and ask for the entire game to be reviewed while they play commercials for 2 hours. nothing to lose!

  20. At least Landry has no issue sounding foolish to the entire world. Shows he might be able to learn something new?

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