Rotting fish, arguing players mark Monday at Bears facility

Getty Images

The Bears got crushed 31-3 by the Eagles on Sunday, dropping their record to 3-8 and providing more evidence for those who want to make the argument that the team stinks this year.

Things didn’t go much better when they reported back to the team’s facility on Monday. Multiple reporters passed along word of a foul stench at Halas Hall that coach John Fox said was the result of sushi from last week that was improperly disposed of before the building went quiet with the Bears in Philadelphia over the weekend.

An unpleasant odor was just part of the fun at the facility on Monday, however. A loud argument between players outside the media room was overheard by reporters. Running back Benny Cunningham knew neither the identity of the players nor the reason for the argument, but he gave an assessment of what might have led things to boil over.

“When you’re in a business that is basically, wins and losses is what it boils down to at the end of the year, and you don’t get the wins you want or you lose tight games, whatever it is, just naturally being a competitor, it’s going to hurt,” Cunningham said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “And then eventually you’re going to get frustrated if you care about it. You’re going to get sad and you’re going to be emotional, because you put so much into this game.”

There are five games left for the Bears this year and much of the attention in the coming weeks will be spent figuring out who will be back in 2018 when the team tries for better play, more harmony and fresher fish.