Adam Gase likes the roster he has

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The Dolphins are 4-7 and on their third quarterback of the year, having traded their best offensive player for some reason that no longer seems clear. And that’s after a season that started with a hurricane and an AWOL linebacker and an assistant coach fired for doing drugs on his desk while sending a video to a stripper, and a roster that wasn’t exactly young.

But Dolphins coach Adam Gase said he doesn’t think they need a massive offseason overhaul.

“No,” Gase said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I like the guys we have on the roster right now. There’s a lot of things we can do better. These guys have done a good job sticking together through adversity.”

Of course, their entire season was scrambled when quarterback Ryan Tannehill was injured, and they’re 30th in points scored, but the problems go beyond that.

They thought they fixed a defense last offseason, but they’re currently 30th in the league in points allowed.

So it seems they have some major issues to take care of this offseason.

While adding a starting running back wasn’t going to be on the list, it is after they traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. And they have numerous other offensive issues, beginning with the free agency of Jarvis Landry. There’s also the annual attempt to fix an offensive line, but those almost seem like nitpicks for a season gone horribly wrong.

But Gase said Monday: “Our guys have done a good job” and “are trying to do things right.”

They’ve lost five in a row. It’s not working.

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  1. The players dont seem to be learning, to many presnap penalties, cutting down the playbook, dumb penalties, Gase is just saying this to get thru the season.

  2. His words are beginning to wear thin… The fact remains that this roster is quite thin in many areas. A lot of that can be blamed on Tannenbaum, but Gase had his hand in it as well. I still think he has what it takes to become a solid HC, but someone needs to step up and upgrade this roster!

  3. “These guys have done a good job sticking together through adversity.”

    If your adversity is self-inflicted then you aren’t doing a good job. They’re sticking together. Great. The goal is to win games and get better each season. The Dolphins have gotten worse and it goes way beyond just the loss of Tannehill.

  4. The Dolphins are 4-7 and on their third quarterback of the year, having traded their best offensive player for some reason that no longer seems clear.
    Could also read…
    The Dolphins are 4-7 and on their third quarterback of the year, having let Dan Campbell go for some reason that no longer seems clear.

  5. Fins are not only making mental mistakes their O-line is just not physical enough. With all his mistakes Ajayi was a physical back that helped make up alot of what the O-line lacked. Trading him imo was a mistake. Benching him for a game or two I could have lived with. Problems are deeper than that but the Ajayi trade and the decline of Pouncey’s play stands out imo.

  6. Gase bites his nose to spite his face. Trading Jay Ajai was sabotage! And worse, for a late fourth round pick! Bilicheck would have gotten no less than a second.

    That trade sent this team into a tailspin! Dan Campbell knew how to rally the team, bring the fire out, Gase doesn’t.

  7. joetoronto says:
    November 28, 2017 at 6:36 am
    Coach, if the roster is good then there’s a problem with coaching.

    They are lacking in discipline and focus. It’s evident in stupid penalties and bad losses.

  8. The fins players are good and i do believe that…maybe not great but good enough “yes”. The problem is coaching and the front office. Gase may be a good HC but his positional coaches aren’t good as evidenced by the coke snorting coach and first time dc stinking up the place. Think about Pouncey…great player but now his career has seen a bullying scandal and a coke head coach. The pats have gillislee and hogan…both players that couldn’t even get a uniform on game day for the fins but the best coach ever(BB) wants them in his starting line up. The dolphins either have a good gm or head coach but never ever at the same time. People find talent on the fins and take it from us. Tannebuam is absolutely AWFUL!!! I’d rather have our last 2 GMs rather than tannebuam.

  9. I would go with a DC that knows what he is doing get some one on that side of the ball that can call plays and motivate the defence.

  10. One can’t just state that Gase has had bad luck with a hurricane, injuries etc…
    This head coach has made major bad personnel decisions in getting QB Jay Cutler for $10M when he had a better QB in Matt Moore on the roster. Gase has made mistakes bringing in a defensive coordinator who is clearly over his head and other assistant coaches who do not belong in the NFL. The offense orchestrated by Gase is the most predictable in the NFL; short passes and run the ball with opposing defensive coordinators knowing what is going to be called. It’s not bad luck for Gase and the Dolphins, it’s poor coaching decisions that tell me Adam Gase is in over his head as a HC in the NFL.

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