Bengals take issue with a couple of penalties in last Sunday’s game

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Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict didn’t find much support from coach Marvin Lewis when he and others on the team suggested officials were baiting Burfict into penalties, but Lewis does have Burfict’s back when it comes to disagreeing with a penalty that Burfict received in last Sunday’s victory over the Browns.

Burfict was given a personal foul for an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver early in the first quarter for a hit on Corey Coleman on a play that ended with DeShone Kizer scrambling for eight yards. Lewis said Monday that Burfict didn’t hit Coleman in the head and that the play didn’t violate the other protections given to defenseless receivers.

“It’s unfortunate, though,” Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The guy is running at four [yards], sees Vontaze and alters to three, Vontaze hits him with shoulder on the shoulder. The quarterback is in the pocket, the quarterback then left the pocket. Whether the guy deemed that, I don’t know. It’s unfortunate to have that penalty because that led to the field position from there.”

That wasn’t the only call against the Bengals that Lewis felt was incorrect. Adam Jones had a 55-yard punt return touchdown nullified by a block in the back penalty against rookie tight end Cethan Carter, but Lewis said he doesn’t “think it’s a block in the back at all.”

Cincinnati kicked a field goal after the Carter penalty on their way to a 30-16 win that makes it a lot easier to deal with calls you feel didn’t go your way.

14 responses to “Bengals take issue with a couple of penalties in last Sunday’s game

  1. Wait until Monday against the Steelers when the refs give the Bengals their bi-annual royal screw-job.

    Not that the game will be close anyway.

  2. This isn’t news for Bengal fans, it’s routine. Officials are waging a jihad against Burfict and it’s blatant. Don’t expect Roger’s Goon Squad Nazis to do anything about it though.

  3. The amount of penalties on kick off and punt returns is extremely frustrating. Especially when you watch the replays and see how ticky-tack most of them are or even worse how far away from the action they occur. I realize that giving NFL referees any level of discretion sounds like a bad idea, but I still there should be some level of clarification on the rule that says the penalty should only be called if a)it was blatant or dangerous,or b) if the player who got blocked had any reasonable chance to actually tackle the ball carrier in the first place

  4. What else would you expect the great enabler to say? That’s why the Bengals have no discipline. Their head coach has no backbone.

  5. Love Burfict or hate him (which the majority do) if you care anything about the NFL at all you cannot be okay with what the refs and the league are doing to Vontaze.

  6. That is now 4 BS calls on Vontaze in three weeks. It is ridiculous to think he is not being targeted. Other LBs around the league do the same things he is called for with no penalties.

  7. Remember when Dennis Rodman was playing? He got a technical for anything and everything. The reason that happened is because his reputation for being out of control. If you were a fan of anyone but the Bulls, you thought it was deserved. If you were a Bulls fan you thought the refs were picking on him.

    Burfict has taken so many cheap shots he will not get ANY benefit of the doubt on questionable hits. Right or wrong, that’s his fault. The refs may think they need to do it so he doesn’t escalate and maim someone. The bottom line is Burfict earned his reputation just like Rodman did. Now that he has to deal with the consequences he whines like a child. Typical.

  8. The call on peppers was bs. That should have been a pi call so the browns got off easy on that one. And burfict is being targeted. I’ve said it for a long time. I watch as many games as I can and I see other players on others teams never get called and definitely not fined for the same thing burfict is getting slammed with. I hear people saying he deserves it because of his past. That’s bs. If it’s a foul for one then it’s a foul for all. Or it’s not.

  9. Burfict strikes fear into recievers, running backs, and quarterbacks. Just ask them. He’s worth every penny.

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