David Amerson: Snatching your chain is taking your manhood

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The Broncos came to the defense of their teammate, cornerback Aqib Talib, on Monday. Not surprisingly, the Raiders did the same with their teammate, wide receiver Michael Crabtree, on Tuesday.

Cornerback David Amerson said he “understands” why Crabtree did what he did after Talib ripped off his chain for a second time.

“We’re in front of millions of people, and you’ve got to handle yourself accordingly,” Amerson, who will return to practice Wednesday after missing the past four games with a foot injury, said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “At some point, it becomes a respect thing. I’m pretty sure [Crabtree] was tired of people making jokes about the chain snatching, this and that. Of course, you want to be a team guy, which he is. He is a team guy. Like I said, me personally, I understand everything — how he felt about that. I couldn’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing. Not saying that I encourage it or anything like that, but I understand it. I feel like any man can understand that situation at this point.”

Talib first ripped off Crabtree’s necklace in the 2016 regular-season finale, twirling it like a trophy. Crabtree, who missed the first meeting with the Broncos this season with an injury, came prepared this time. He taped the chain to him before Sunday’s game, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Talib still managed to steal it.

“In the streets, a chain around your neck is like a trophy, something that you work hard for, something that obviously costs a lot of money, something that you value,” Amerson said. “For somebody to come and snatch that off your neck, they’re taking your manhood. They’re taking something you really value and care about. It’s a sticky situation.”

It begs the question: Where is the chain now?

36 responses to “David Amerson: Snatching your chain is taking your manhood

  1. “For somebody to come and snatch that off your neck, they’re taking your manhood.”

    No, they are assailing your manhood. If they were assaulting your manhood they would have been ‘snatching’ a bit lower than your neck.
    As for where the chain is now word is it’s currently with family services awaiting the outcome of the custody battle…er suspension appeals ’cause bling is for winners.

  2. Only certain demographic group does stuff like snatching chains.

    Next we will start hearing about players having “a beef” with other players.
    Or having certain issues needing “squashed” between player crews.
    We already have gang signs being flashed all the time by some players. And it is known that some players are gang affiliated.
    This league is becoming TMZ fodder and as disgusting as the Kardashians

    Ruining this league

  3. I hope Crabtree rips the earnings out of Talibs wars next time they play and shrugs his shoulders afterwards. Better yet; he rips them out and runs away, and hides behind his offensive lineman.

  4. So now we know that crabtree can’t punch either…. Didn’t po d a thing, made it worse, should a left the chain at home

  5. LOL, Talib owns his manhood! Only way he could try to get the better of them was to sucker punch CHJ and go try to go after Talib next. And now Talib owns 2 of his chains… Please wear one next season if you two meet again!

  6. thrifty says:
    November 28, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Yeah, if you are a kneeler.
    These veiled racist shots aren’t necessary at all. I think the chain is dumb, but to connect every chain wearer with the kneelers is asinine.

  7. Cmon fellas, you’re multi-millionaires now – why do you still have to continue to behave like low-level hood rats??

  8. It makes sense. If you have beef with another player, the football field is the best to fight since you can’t be arrested or sued.

  9. what the hell. snatching your CHAIN is like snatching your manhood? This is it folks. This is whats wrong. The youth of America believe this garbage. IT’s like how offended people get when someone whispers the word “soft”. god help us all.

  10. So your “manhood” is summed up by a piece of metal you bought in a store? Only ghetto trash thinks this way. Grow up. Your in a mans game now

  11. So given this mentality, if this happened on the street, and Crabtree happened to be carrying a gun, is this why there are so many senseless shootings?

  12. I thought that the purpose of all the hard work put in to get to the NFL and become wealthy was to escape the hood. Now you want to drag the league back to the hood? Why don’t you just do like Ocho Cinco and wear your manhood on your teef?

  13. Begging the question, sometimes known by its Latin name petitio principii (meaning assuming the initial point), is a logical fallacy in which the writer or speaker assumes the statement under examination to be true. In other words, begging the question involves using a premise to support itself.

    The phrase your looking for is “It asks the question: Where is the chain now?”.

  14. Although some NFL fans are disgusted with the National Anthem controversy, personally I am deeply offended by the NFL’s morals with respect to suspension duration. Compare the one game suspension of Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree vs. the 43 game suspension of Josh Gordon for battling drug and alcohol addiction. If the NFL wanted to reduce felonious assaults on the field, it easily could. Fact is, it doesn’t because it believes fights are good for business.

  15. Michael’s grandmother gave him that gold chain and told him to remember her everytime he plays the game she loved to watch her grandson play. Nothing wrong with honoring a loved one is there. Also the NFL rules do not object to it or it would be addressed- It also appears the NFL could careless about criminals getting away with assault as they confirmed last year by taking no action after the crime was made. (robbery and assault are a felony and punishable in a court of law, but not in the nfl)

  16. -1991 Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John
    Jenkins: “He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.”

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