John Harbaugh: Terrell Suggs is Ponce de Leon

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Baltimore’s Monday night victory over Houston remained in doubt longer than maybe it should have. The game finally felt like it would be in the bag for the home team when 35-year-old linebacker Terrell Suggs strip-sacked Texans quarterback Tom Savage.

Coach John Harbaugh was asked after the game whether he’s used to seeing that kind of play from Suggs.

“I don’t know, I never get tired of them, I can tell you that,” Harbaugh told reporters. “He has an amazing ability. Terrell Suggs, I mean, he’s Ponce de Leon – you should put that on the back of his jersey – he has found the Fountain of Youth. He’s playing as well, or better, than I’ve seen him ever play since I have been here.”

Of course, Ponce de Leon never actually found the Fountain of Youth. But that shouldn’t get in the way of a good nickname for a guy who is playing like a much, much younger man.

“He has always played great,” Harbaugh said of Suggs. “Maybe it’s just because I’m seeing it this year, but he can close on a quarterback. He gets an edge on a block, and he goes from here to there to get to the quarterback. You don’t see guys his age do that. He’s just a special guy, an amazing guy. He came over after he did it, and he said, ‘Do you want to say thank you, Coach?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I do. Have I ever told you I love you?’ Beautiful.”

Suggs attributes his ability to get the football from the quarterback to a guy who hasn’t lined up with Suggs since Super Bowl XLVII.

“Ray [Lewis], my rookie year, I was getting some sacks, but I wasn’t stripping the ball, and every time I got a sack, he used to come and [say], ‘Sizzle, get the ball. Sizzle, I want the ball,'” Suggs told reporters after the win, “He used to always say that to me. Things like, ‘Those are sacks, too. Get the ball.’ So I miss some sacks going for the ball. I missed one tonight going for the ball. Every time I’m getting ready to get the ball, I can hear Ray Lewis saying, ‘Sizzle, get the ball. I want the ball.'”

Last night, Sizzle got the ball. The Ravens got the win. And the Patriots and Steelers should be getting very nervous about the possibility of the Ravens making it to the postseason.