Patriots sign LB Nicholas Grigsby off Ravens practice squad

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The Patriots opened up a pair of roster spots on Monday by placing two players on injured reserve and filled one of them on Tuesday by plucking a player off of the Ravens practice squad.

Linebacker Nicholas Grigsby is making the move from Baltimore to New England. Grigsby joined the Ravens after being released by the Rams prior to the start of the regular season.

Grigsby appeared in six games for the Rams last year, including a 26-10 loss to the Patriots in Week 13. He saw 130 snaps on special teams in those games without seeing any time on defense.

That special teams background could come in handy as safety Nate Ebner was one of the two players shut down because of injuries. Ebner was a key special teams contributor for New England and Grigsby’s best chance to see the field will likely come as part of the plan to fill in for his absence.

The Patriots filled the other spot — tight end Martellus Bennett also went on injured reserve — by signing offensive lineman Jason King. King was with the Patriots this summer and joined Grigsby on the Ravens practice squad before being released earlier this month.

17 responses to “Patriots sign LB Nicholas Grigsby off Ravens practice squad

  1. “The Patriots sign a lot of linebackers away from the Ravens. Never works out in their favor though.”

    A lot? Believe Adalius Thomas was the one and only LB the Pats have gotten from the Ravens. But hey, if 1 is “a lot to you”


    “Grigsby appeared in six games for the Rams last year, including a 26-10 loss to the Patriots in Week 13”

    That tells me Belichick saw something in his play against the Pats last year. He often targets players that did well against them.

  2. I completely agree with you, wib.
    I can’t wait until the Viking Defense gets a hold of that diva Tom Brady.
    Just ask Packer fans what our defense does to opposing QBs.
    I hope they rip his head off so I can enjoy all the stupid looks on your smug faces.
    Purple Pride Forever!!!!

  3. “Purple Pride Forever!!!!”

    One decent season (that’s not done yet) and the “pride forever” ticker parade has already kicked off. “Forever” smh.

  4. One For The Thumb says:
    November 28, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    If you listen with an ear turned towards the south, you can hear the whining of a Harbaugh.


    A practice squad player? Man you obsess too much about Harbaugh.

  5. wib22 says:
    November 28, 2017 at 6:42 pm
    Wont matter when they get destroyed by the vikes in 52
    Already crowning the Pats AFC Champs again Chippy? Thanks but there’s still a lot of football left.

  6. At least now the guy has a chance to be a household name, famous for winning a Super Bowl.

    Rescued from obscurity as a Raven. He should be thrilled and embrace this opportunity.

  7. This is about about filling in the special teams , Nate Ebner is a huge loss.
    He is going to get some Reps on D. Remember when BB plucked Mike Vrable off the Pitt Practice Squad???

    Ya never know…

  8. Most of these practice squad pick ups show up ready to work in NE, thrilled with the opportunity and prepared to run through walls for Belichick so they can get on the field and win, or put something on tape so they can get a contract from someone else next year.

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