Todd Bowles sees no advantage from history with Darrelle Revis

Getty Images

Darrelle Revis didn’t play for the Chiefs last Sunday, but he’s expected to be on the field in Week 13 and that means his first game with his new team will come against his old team as Kansas City will be at MetLife Stadium to face the Jets.

Along with the Chiefs’ attempts to stop a slide that included a loss to the Giants in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, Revis’ return figures to be a major storyline for Sunday’s game. It’s not a big one for Jets coach Todd Bowles, however.

Bowles was asked at Monday’s press conference whether he thinks there’s an advantage to facing a player who was on his roster the last two years.

“Not really. It’s a different scheme,” Bowles said. “They have a lot of people there. Like I said, it’s a different scheme and he knows us as well. It’s a different scheme we’re playing. I’ve been on teams where you spend time worrying about a player and the other 10 guys kill you. We have to get ready for the Chiefs, not Darrelle.”

When we last saw Revis on the field, he showed a drop in play that made him a frequent target whether the opposing team had history with him or not. While it does Bowles no good to telegraph them, tests to see if that decline has remained or gotten bigger should be coming on Sunday.