Aqib Talib: Michael Crabtree “came out there to fight”

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Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree is still unhappy with Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. And Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib is still unhappy with Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree.

[He] came out there to fight, man,” Talib told Vic Lombardi of Altitude 950 in Denver on Wednesday. “He ain’t come out there to play no ball. He came out there to fight. . . . It was premeditated. So he punched Chris [Harris Jr.] on the previous play, came out the next play punched me in my stomach. . . . I guess he wanted to get kicked out.”

Talib, despite getting the reduction in his suspension, isn’t happy with the outcome.

“I’m not happy to miss a game at all,” Talib said. “It’s still a significant amount of money, and I still can’t play a game with my teammates. So I’m not happy at all.”

The real question is whether it’s now over, given that the Broncos and Raiders will be playing again at some point.

“It ain’t gonna happen again,” Talib said.

24 responses to “Aqib Talib: Michael Crabtree “came out there to fight”

  1. Like tearing the chain off of his neck for no reason (twice) is a perfectly innocent act.

    I’m so glad this guy plays for someone else (I wish he played for no one).

  2. We know you’re totally innocent, Talib. That video was creatively edited. Yeah, you’re pure as the driven snow… Sociopath.

  3. I wanna see Talib go for the trifecta and get a 3rd chain off Crabtree. He might have to use Gorilla Glue on it next time they play.

  4. Keep the streets off of the feild. Why are millionaire athletes emulating a culture of dissonance. Only good out of this is that the other 99% of nfl players are happy to move away from that and help their former communities through outreach, rather than glorifying the violence that has crippled certain communities.

  5. There are only a few teams in the league where you could imagine these “plans” being implemented, and they are not disciplined winning teams.

  6. aqib talib has been suspended for PEDS and shot himself in the leg… and… lied to police about it.

    I don’t believe anything aqib talib says.

  7. I actually believe him, not because of his track record though. He was playing as he should have been on the play. Crabtree blocks him, continues blocking him out of bounds and then starts manhandling him. I think most players in the league might have fought back as well. Considering these guys had beef before this, it makes sense they started throwing punches. I think Talib wasnt looking for a fight and came to play – it just turned into one after Crabtree escalated it. Disclosure, I’m a Broncos fan; outside of his play – I hate Talib.

  8. Talib obviously learned from Hillary about blaming others for your faults.
    Weird way to work a dig on the left in. I wouldn’t be saying anything a out it if I were you considering what a completely horrid job our current potus is doing.

  9. Let me get this straight Talib. You ripped the chain off of his neck on play 2 of the game, but you say it was premeditated on his part? Stupid is as stupid does.

  10. CraBS Suckered punched Harris on the third play of the game. Shortly there after, he drove Talib nearly into the stands well after the whistle. During that, Talib yanked Crabs necklace and threw punches. It was ugly and a bad look for the NFL. They both deserve their suspensions.

  11. Let me get this straight Talib. You ripped the chain off of his neck on play 2 of the game, but you say it was premeditated on his part? Stupid is as stupid does.


    When did this happen? In all the talk about Crabtree’s Chainz it has not been clear exactly when Talib grabbed it. From all the video I’ve seen it may have happened after Crabtree drove Talib out of bounds on a “block”, then continued his “block” by driving Talib into the ground and then punches started to fly.

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