Aqib Talib: Michael Crabtree “came out there to fight”

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Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree is still unhappy with Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. And Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib is still unhappy with Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree.

[He] came out there to fight, man,” Talib told Vic Lombardi of Altitude 950 in Denver on Wednesday. “He ain’t come out there to play no ball. He came out there to fight. . . . It was premeditated. So he punched Chris [Harris Jr.] on the previous play, came out the next play punched me in my stomach. . . . I guess he wanted to get kicked out.”

Talib, despite getting the reduction in his suspension, isn’t happy with the outcome.

“I’m not happy to miss a game at all,” Talib said. “It’s still a significant amount of money, and I still can’t play a game with my teammates. So I’m not happy at all.”

The real question is whether it’s now over, given that the Broncos and Raiders will be playing again at some point.

“It ain’t gonna happen again,” Talib said.