Archie Manning: Eli “never envisioned” playing for anyone else until now

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When Eli Manning entered the league in 2004, his father Archie and others worked hard to set up the trade that sent his son’s draft rights from the Chargers to the Giants.

Many people are speculating that Eli is going to be on the move again after the team’s move to bench him this week. Manning said on Tuesday that he doesn’t know if he’ll play for the Giants in 2018 and his father told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News that moving on isn’t something anyone’s been thinking about.

“There is no sense doing a lot of speculating from his standpoint,” Archie Manning said. “There is no way of knowing. I don’t think Eli ever envisioned, until now, playing for somebody else. That’s the love he has for the Giants. It is kind of unique and stronger than most. It’s not just the game he loves to play. He loves to play for the Giants.”

The elder Manning said his son isn’t bitter, but the move “breaks his heart.”

The fact that the door’s now open to playing elsewhere likely means there has to be consideration about where he wants to go next. Manning’s contract with the Giants has a no-trade clause and is due a $5 million roster bonus three days into the 2018 league year, so he’ll be choosing his landing spot again one way or another.

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  1. I have very little feelings one way or the other for Eli Manning – except joy when he beat Tom Brady’s Patriots twice in two Super Bowls – but if the Giants think their woes are because of him then they’re in bigger trouble than they clearly realize. They have one legitimate receiver in Sterling Shepherd and he’s not exactly healthy; a terrible crew of running backs; a mediocre defense; and a head coach whose record is a disaster. Eli wasn’t the problem, but now he can be added to list.

  2. The Broncos would be a great fit, but I wonder if Eli would rather blaze his own trail in a place like Jacksonville, rather than follow his brothers act in Denver.

  3. I would throw the Bills into the the mix. Strong on the defensive side of the ball and with shady running the ball they won’t ask Eli to win games just with his arm. It could be a really good fit for him.

  4. If I am a team picking a qb in this upcoming draft (or have a young qb now), I would look to bring in Eli to mentor and show the young kid how to be a professional. I wouldn’t commit to him starting, but wouldn’t rule it out either. Unrealistic to think you can plug him into a lineup ( even a solid one) and win anything of significance, at this point in Eli’s career.

  5. 1. Jacksonville
    2. Arizona

    I don’t see Denver as I suspect they will court Alex Smith. Plus that will look as if Eli is following in his bothers foot steps.

  6. Eli is not going anywhere. When the new coach comes in (right after the new gm) in January or February he is going to name Eli his starting QB on Day 1. Geno is starting now because he is experienced at running for his life and with this OL that is a necessity. Davis Webb will get his chance to show he can dump off a few passes to the RB’s for 2 yard gains. Eli is healthy, he hasn’t lost any arm strength, and he’s a heck of a lot smarter than anyone else. More than anything, this team needs an offensive line. With that, everything falls into place.

  7. Eli…the guy who handpicked who he wanted to be drafted by. The same guy who is a interception machine with zero mobility. Best thing he could do is retire. Or…….maybe Arizona signs him and he single handedly keeps the Cards out of the playoffs for another year or 2.

  8. mikeytoth says:
    November 29, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    I’d say the dolphins because they have never had a decent quarterback.

    Might wanna google the name “Dan Marino” there sport.

  9. Well he certainly had visions of playing for somebody else when he got drafted by San Diego, and his dad forced a trade to New York. Give me a break.

  10. Is the no trade clause void if the Giants cut him now and the Browns claim him on waivers? Christmas Karma might come early, LOL!

  11. Eli is actually in an ideal position. Denver is desperate for a competent QB, Jacksonville is on the rise (with Coughlan there)and Arizona has been a good destination for QB second acts. The Giants sense they’re slipping into one of their 5 year wilderness periods such as before Parcells, and have to try to get something for Eli and Beckham and hope they can draft better than in recent years.

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