CBS boss would hire Eli Manning “in a second”

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The network that clumsily nudged a former Giants quarterback out of the broadcast booth seems to be interesting in hiring a Giants quarterback who has been clumsily nudged out of his current job.

CBS CEO Les Moonves told TMZ that the network would hire Eli Manningin a second,” if Manning hopes to become the next former NFC East quarterback to make the jump to calling games.

Of course, that would require creating a spot for Manning. But that wasn’t a problem for CBS a year ago, when Phil Simms summarily was bumped from the No. 1 broadcast team when former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo decided to walk away from the game.

There’s no indication that Manning is ready to stop playing, but whenever he does, he apparently has an open offer to transition to a different kind of career in football.

27 responses to “CBS boss would hire Eli Manning “in a second”

  1. CBS knows that nobody runs to the TV saying “I have to see this game, my favorite analyst is calling it!”…..right?

  2. Romo has been great. Does this mean Eli is good or CBS has no system other then getting popular big market QBs?

  3. At the rate things are going this guy will be fired for sexual harassment before he gets a chance to hire manning.

  4. Would he be on the number two crew with Ian Eagle, replacing Dan Fouts? Would he even settle for anything less?

  5. Romo has been terrific. If I have a choice between a game he’s doing and another game, I’ll choose his the majority of the time.

  6. Eli has a terrible speaking voice. Doesn’t that matter at some point? Romo has been a good color analyst but his voice is fair at best, Madden and Collinsworth and Summerall and (all former players) all have strong voices which is part of what makes them good. On the other hand, if we can see Eli’s wincing face after every bad play that might be the difference.

  7. To complete the circle, the Giants can hire Phil Simms as their new QB.

    I don’t know whether that will complete the circle or open up the gates to hell.

  8. Can’t see Eli as the quick chatty wit like Romo. Can’t see many others that good either, frankly not even as good as mediocre Fouts.

  9. Between Eli and Gomer they’ve probably made upwards of 400 million between them, why would Eli ever want to be a TV analyst?

  10. Despite what has been forced on the knowledgeable the Phil Simms era was just a case of CBS being clueless as to what a top line analyst is supposed to be. Fortunately Romo satisfies the appetite of the football knowledgeable, but because he is a significant upgrade to Simms does not mean Simms ever had a clue. That Simms represented the number one slot at CBS for so many years is a horrible reflection on CBS decision makers, that they now fixed the issue with Romo doesn’t mean they suddenly ‘get it’.

  11. Of course… you would hire Eli Manning.

    Eli is more interesting and less robotic than his brother Peyton.

    Also… Access. Hiring Eli would be like hiring the Manning family.

  12. God listening to his nasally all shucks gomer voice would be enough for me to never watch a cbs broadcast again.

  13. I’m with Joetoronto…

    I like Eli as well…but clearly the CBS Sports Exec has never heard Eli interviewed. His radio show in NYC is almost un-listenable.
    Eli is just not a great interview. He has a personality that does not lend itself to such things.
    This is not bad…He is a very smart guy it’s just that I am bored to tears listening to him.

  14. I don’t care who is doing the color work from the booth if only the networks would get back to showing replays in between plays instead of coaches, sidelines, and ref huddles. Used to be watching football on TV was better than live because you saw every play two, three, or even more times. Not anymore. Now we have to see the MS Surface and other product placements rather than football.

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