Jay Cutler out of protocol, will start Sunday

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During their current five-game losing streak, the Dolphins have lost games with Jay Cutler at quarterback and they’ve lost games with Matt Moore at quarterback.

It will be Cutler’s turn again this Sunday against the Broncos. Cutler suffered a concussion against the Buccaneers in Week 11 and did not get cleared from the concussion protocol in time to face the Patriots last Sunday, but coach Adam Gase said on Wednesday that Cutler has gotten the green light to resume full football activities.

Gase has already said that Cutler is the team’s starter as long as he’s healthy and he confirmed that would be the case after saying Cutler was cleared from the head injury.

With the Broncos coming into Sunday on a seven-game losing streak, someone will be getting a chance to leave a game with a smile on their face for the first time in a long time. If Cutler can do well against his first NFL team, the Dolphins’ chances of getting that smile will look pretty good.

21 responses to “Jay Cutler out of protocol, will start Sunday

  1. Thank god he’s back he couldn’t be any worse than 7 sack Matt on Sunday,
    that fourth quarter was apalling.

  2. dollfins lmao.
    If it weren’t for chipwib we might even feel bad for their fans having gotten their hopes up for this season. Seriously though, with any luck this season is just a reflection of T’hill going down when they faced a much tougher schedule than last year and they will be more competitive next season. It makes for a more enjoyable season when the division is tighter.

  3. Dolphins had such high hopes at the start of the season.

    Well……everyone else knew different……they still had hope.

    Not as much hope as the Rebellion in Star Wars….but hope none the less.

    Better luck next year….or the year when Brady Retires

  4. doctorrustbelt says:
    November 29, 2017 at 12:36 pm
    Low quality receiving talent leads to concussions.
    No, QBs can cause them too. Peyton Manning dropping to Welker crossing the middle as his easy option, regardless of how busy with defenders it was, caused ALL of Welker’s concussions and effectively ruined his career – people forget, given how many times that happened to Welker later in his career, that at the Pats it never happened because Brady always tried to protect his guys from that if he could read the defenders. Welker didn’t get any concussions in NE, and only one possible one in Miami too – but Peyton killed the guy.

  5. Jay Cutler was not worth $10m and will not be with the team next season. Both QB’s have lost because the Dolphins are a woeful team; really bad corner backs who play off the receivers 10 yards and an offensive line that can’t protect the QB or help the running backs succeed.

  6. Remember all those tannehaters who were clamoring for Matt Moore…. Yeah, not so much anymore huh?

    Just more proof that Tannehill made a 3-4 win team into an 7-9 win team. If only he had a defense to help account for 1 or 2 more wins.

  7. HA HA HA!!!
    Miami had -1 at home Vegas odds. Announcement comes in that Cutler will start, line switches to Denver -1.5! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a “starting QB” re-enter the line-up and have a negative impact on the odds.

  8. As a true fan I am so confused as to what happened to this team. Every position group other then safety and WR is a problem.
    The OL is pathetic as is the CB position. No RB on the team any longer. QB needs to comment, TE is bad!!! LB is decent as is the DL. But none of them are playing well together as a team. Does this all point to Gase? Did he destroy the chemistry with bringing Cutler in and the issues with Timmons (best LB in team) and Ajayi?? Something isn’t clean in the cream. There is far too much actual position talent on this team to be as bad as they are performance wise.

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