John Mara: “Complete BS” to say Giants are tanking

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Among the many reactions to the Giants’ decision to bench quarterback Eli Manning on Tuesday was the feeling that the team is going with Geno Smith and Davis Webb because it improves their chances of finishing with a pick at the top of the draft.

Giants co-owner John Mara rejects the notion that the team is tanking, however.

“That’s complete b—s—. We would never do that,” Mara said, via Tom Rock of Newsday.

Mara said that he hoped Manning would agree to the proposal that would have him start games before giving way to Smith or Webb at halftime, which may have worked out just as well on the draft front since playing Manning has them at 2-9 already. He was taken by surprise when Manning rejected that way of continuing his consecutive starts streak while giving the Giants a chance to look at the the other quarterbacks.

The desire to take that look was based on what Mara called a need to know what they had heading into an offseason with a high draft pick, adding that no one should write Manning’s “obituary” with the Giants just yet because the team has a lot of decisions to make this offseason with the roster, coaching staff and front office.

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  1. Yeah this from the same man who lied about Josh Brown and helped conceal his serial domestic violence just to have a slightly better chance of winning a football game.

    This many lies like water running in a river. He opens his mouth and its a lie a lot more than it isn’t

  2. So allowing McAdoo to continue running this team into the ground and benching Eli for Geno Smith is……..what? Trying to win? lol

    Someone should tell Mr. Mara that his franchise has embarrassed itself enough already this year, he shouldn’t further it by insulting their fans intelligence with bogus statements like this. Why he even allows McAdoo and Reese to continue directing this team is just beyond me.

    And it’s not that benching Eli is impossible to understand, it’s the way they did it and the reasons they present for doing it. It’s not often you hear players around the league speak up about someone on another team being benched, that tells you how badly they botched this on so many levels.

    Just man up, Mara. Admit you hired idiots and botched your entire franchises credibility because of it. Don’t try and sell this “we’re in it to win it” BS, especially while you allow that slicked back out of touch grease ball to continue roaming the sidelines.

  3. The worst part about Mcadoo is that he rarely says stuff that isn’t insulting to one side inteligence. Does anyone believe the nonsense he says? But that aspect of him seems to be rubbing off on the Giants ownership/management. Makes me think they might give that clown another season. I hope they do, this has turned into great comedy.

  4. Yea, we all believe what any owner of any NFL team says.. The Giants have already tanked, benched a potential HOF QB, named a Geno as the starting QB, pushed Coughlin out the front door, hired a poor excuse for a coach, and now made a mess out of the rest of the season let alone the upcoming off season. With the 3rd pick in the NFL draft the Giants select………………….

  5. John Mara has also lost the confidence of Giants fans and season ticket holders. He allowed Reece to make a mess out of things and create this monster; worse than the ticket burning days. Wellington must be turning over in his grave.

  6. Just lost any respect for Mara that I had left. Everyone knows MacAdupe is a dope, why not get rid of him instead of disrespecting your 2x superbowl winning QB who would be playing fine if you had any semblance of a team around him? This organization has turned into a complete joke. What, Mara thinks they can gut the team and the QB will still win games? Mara thinks Geno Smith is any good, hasn’t he seen him play? Complete joke.

  7. Organizational or Ego problems abound when a team owner feels the need to slam the door on their fanbase’s reaction.

  8. saveusterrelldavis says:
    November 29, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Remember the time John Elway tried to tank a season and Tim Tebow dragged a Denver defense worse than this years to the playoffs??

    You think TEBOW carried the DEFENSE that year? The guy with 45% completion and 12 TDs in 14 games? Try watching a football game sometime.

  9. Remember when MacAdupe was OC and changed the offense and the Giants started sucking? The guy is an idiot.

  10. If you look at the box scores, Eli Manning has ugly numbers. But in his defense Odell has been out for most of the year. Odell is the Giants best wideout and go to playmaker. Without, the team does not have any explosive plays. The teams expected 2nd and 3rd options (Marshall and Shepard) have been hurt too. Also the Giants offensive line is trash and the team has had no running game for years.
    Bottom line, the Giants roster is mediocre on the offensive side of the ball. And Eli does not turn scrubs into pro bowl caliber players. If Odell was healthy, the Giants offense would look significantly better.

  11. Dictionary:


    1. To deliberately lose games so as to improve draft position.

    I’d say deliberately starting Geno Smith over a mediocre but still much better Eli Manning counts as tanking. It’s not like Geno Smith has any upside whatsoever. If Geno was even as good as slightly below average the Jets would have kept him. He’s a text book bust. Can’t wait to watch him.

  12. Mara has been trained by President Trump on how to lie directly into the camera, but he needs more practice to become convincing and sell it to the base.

  13. Janoris Jenkins on IR says a lot more than anything The Empty Suit might spew out. What team trying to win puts a guy that’s not under contract for next year who was playing through an injury on IR for it?

  14. This team hasn’t been the same since they were caught cheating with the walkie-talkies and tampering with footballs.

  15. Good luck trying to put toothpaste back in the tube on this one….throw one of the few real men on roster under the bus when the team around him is awful. you think the players have any trust for coaching/management now….

  16. Mr. Mara, if you truly believed Eli, an ultimate competitor, would say “Sure, I’ll keep this non-sense streak going! After all, that is why I play football” then you sir are a much larger idiot than I gave you credit for.

    … And then again, on the other hand, you aren’t that idiot – you knew EXACTLY what he would do you spineless piece of garbage.


    EX-Giants fan of 30 years (boy this hurts me)

  17. If I were you Mara, I would just shut your mouth. I almost hope you are lying. If you truly believe that your team is not tanking, then you you shouldn’t even own a Taco Truck. How can anyone let their business or team get to this stage??

  18. “He was taken by surprise when Manning rejected that”

    So, Mara is totally down with manipulating things to keep a meaningless string of starts alive but NO WAY would he ever manipulate anything to gain something of great value like a better draft pick. Okay…

  19. This comment from the owner really makes me wonder if he’s going to keep that moron head coach and gm for another year.

    geno smith could go 28/31 350yds 3td this weekend and i doubt many giants fans would suddenly want to make him the new face of the franchise. why even waste time on the guy? and if smith does start winning games, are they going to still yank him out to throw the other guy in to see what they have?

    wonder who the next coach will be there

  20. Has anyone else noticed that Mara looks like Robocop and Clarence Boddicker had a baby? I feel like this explains a lot.

  21. That’s funny. I’ve been watching Eli play the last few weeks, and I’ve been saying if they continue to play him, they’re tanking. So I guess the Giants would be tanking whether they play Eli or not. It depends on who you talk to. But seriously, Mara is right. They’re just trying to figure out a lot of stuff, including the coaching staff and GM. Believe me, Mara is not enjoying this. He’s a good guy.

  22. Season ticket holders of the Giants should sue for refunds. You bought tickets with the expectations the team would try to win. There isn’t a jury that’ll support the teams decision to put Eli on the bench for Geno Smith. There were fans of the Angels years ago who sued the team for tanking and THEY WON.
    Eli isn’t nor was ever ‘the problem’ for the NY Giants.
    They’re tanking for the draft pick AND they want Eli healthy so they can trade him…if he got hurt his trade value is much lower.
    This is a total team overhaul coming.

  23. I hope Mara keeps the two idiots in charge next season because its gonna be great , I can see Eli on the bench while OBJ is screaming at the new QB and the entire secondary chilling out laughing at the other fool Spags .I have never seen a team go down the drain this fast , what a circus but it will be fun to watch .

  24. “based on what Mara called a need to know what they had”
    Everyone knows what the Giants have with Geno Smith…. nothing.

  25. Geno Smith isn’t even under contract for 2018. Now, if you were playing Davis Webb, I could understand that from a “seeing what you’ve got” perspective.

    Playing Geno only makes sense from a “don’t want to get a valuable QB killed behind this crappy line” perspective.

  26. Funny, usually you start the players that would give you the best chance to win … Seems the loss of Beckham coupled with suspect OLine play equates to change QB.

    See how well that worked out for Buffalo.

    Just Saying

  27. BS Mr Mara sir. If you really wanted to win you wouldn’t have made MacAdookie the HC,you would have realized that you made the mistake and canned him and you would have sent flowers packing after last year’s dismal performance. You did nothing to address the future of the O line for 2 years. You need to clean house starting in the front office. The Giants are an embarrassment to the fans,the NFC East and the entire NFL. I wish Eli had a set and quit immediately, je certainly has enough money. This will haunt your organization for years and will play into future FA signings. Another privileged mega rich man that doesn’t have a clue and treats people like dirt.

  28. If you want to evaluate your players, the NFL has 4 games that dont count toward your record. Use that time to evaluate your players.

  29. weepingjebus says:
    November 29, 2017 at 4:49 pm
    Has anyone else noticed that Mara looks like Robocop and Clarence Boddicker had a baby? I feel like this explains a lot.

    7 0 Rate This


    Yes, we have.

  30. The fact that McAdoofus is still your HC makes it impossible to take you seriously when you say that the Giants aren’t tanking the season.

  31. What it means is that “we’re not going to win another game this year with the talent we have”, so it could be BS. Even thought starting Geno Smith appears to be. I bet Smith lasts a half of the game against Oakland and put Webb in the 2nd half.

  32. If they weren’t one of the worst drafting teams in the last 5 years, then playing for a draft pick would possibly be arguable. Reese can no longer live off of the base roster that Accorsi built for him. Put him on the same ship as Capt’n Morgan and send them off into the sunset.

    Thanks for being a real Giant through and through Eli.

  33. BS Mara. Trust fund baby.

    My family goes back further than yours with the Roony’s and I guarantee Sr. would say what I said. To your face.

    The WHOLE concept is to put the team on the field that gives you the best chance of winning and with Eli on the bench, that is not your best chance.

  34. First off you know what you have with Geno Smith…if You don’t know than you need to change your entire football personnell department. Just tell the truth already, you want to evaluate the rookie to see if you want to move foward With him or draft a qb high…Either way Eli is done. Terrible attempt to CYA and Macadont is trash

  35. Eli deserved to be treated better than this by the entire Giants organization. That includes Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch. Further let me say that when you said that as an organization you wouldn’t make changes during the year you LIED Mr. Mara. And lastly if Jerry Reese or Coach MacAdoo are brought back next year I will be finding a new team to root for, and since I have always liked Bill Parcells that would likely make me cheer on either Bill and the Pats or Tom and the Jags.

  36. mototax says:
    November 29, 2017 at 5:28 pm
    “And no, I had nothing to do with Zeke’s suspension.”
    Not to mention having his puppet Goodell penalize Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder for their teams being over the “salary cap”–in a year in which there was no cap.

    Heaven only knows what hogwash “violations” the Giants will have Goodell invent to penalize the Eagles after the great year Philly has had so far.

  37. uglydingo says:

    Mara has been trained by President Trump on how to lie directly into the camera,

    He could have done it better if he had been trained by the Clinton’s.

  38. uglydingo says:
    November 29, 2017 at 4:26 pm
    Mara has been trained by President Trump on how to lie directly into the camera, but he needs more practice to become convincing and sell it to the base.
    Please. “Trained”?
    Let me remind you of this gem…” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” 116 different times- on camera.

  39. Mara is probably behind moving on from Manning. Why not make it look like coach made the decision? Hes going out the door at seasons end. Take the blame with him.

  40. At the end of the season the owner will throw McAdoo and GM under the tank (not bus) and take no blame.

  41. It’s shocking that Mara even has to address this allegation! The Patriots, Redskins, and Cowboys should be punished for this insult! (For some reason. Just make something up like usual Roger.)

  42. Giants fans used to be able to trust that in the end, ownership would always do the right thing. This, sadly is no longer the case.

  43. tanking
    1. drawing and absorbing large amounts of punishment on a battlefield

    2. the act of deliberately performing poorly

    3. starting Geno Smith at QB

  44. Mara is a serial liar and has no problem piling on if the issue is with the Cowboys or the Patriots or Redskins Etc. Where are the suspensions and lost draft picks for conduct detrimental to the league!

  45. The fact that this guy thought someone with as much pride as Eli would go along with the “start the game but don’t finish BS” shows you how out of touch the owner is.

  46. Mara,

    Asking the league to penalize two teams in your own division for spending more in an uncapped year was also absolutely B.S. It appears your version of B.S. is very subjective

    Karma is a B#@%& , isn’t it Mara?!

  47. Bull****. I don’t care what Mara says. They are tanking the season and Smackadoo will be fired sooner rather than later.

  48. Geno..? … you’re starting Geno.. over Eli… And you’re not tanking? It’s not like we don’t know who Geno is… This is a case of watching what you’re doing more than listening to what you’re saying. Yes you are tanking, it’s obvious.. Geno is terrible, at his best he’ll break your heart by showing ability then throw a back breaking int/pick 6 ……..ask Rex

  49. mara has to take the long view of distancing franchise from someone who defrauded the people buying the tickets. and where’s all the pity for the Skiba brothers co-conspirators.

  50. long time giants fan here and mr mara you are a liar and a piece of trash,,how dare you do that to Eli. this team is no longer a class organization. your telling me you have a better chance with geno? disgraceful.

  51. raidervv says:
    November 29, 2017 at 9:03 pm
    Why is it so hard for people to acknowledge that Eli Manning sucks?
    tell that to his 2 rings, his 2 super bowl mvps, the 210 consecutive game streak, and the numerous top 10 stats he holds all time.

  52. The only logical explanation for starting Gino is you don’t want to win. Any coach in his right mind would never do that especially if you have a 2time SB QB. Then again, Macadooky is an idiot.

  53. Mara is an idiot. He has no clue how to run an NFL franchise. The Giants have turned into the Jets with their stupid decision making.

  54. Complete BS to say one thing and then start Geno. There is plenty of tape on him, you already know what he is. He didn’t take any magic pill and suddenly become Carson Wentz.

  55. As for me, I have to look at the bright side. From now on, when Mara’s Giants play on TV, I’ll have to do something else (hopefully more constructive) with my time.

  56. If Darnold and Rosen are coming out and you want one of them, you tank or start rookies. It doesn’t make a difference what you call it, but you don’t go all out to win. But please, just shut up Mara. Nobody blames you for tanking. You are getting blamed for the way you disrespected Manning by not being upfront with him.

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