John Mara: No guarantee Ben McAdoo will remain coach for the rest of the season

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Giants coach Ben McAdoo is widely expected to be fired after this season. But Giants owner John Mara hinted today that McAdoo could actually be fired during this season.

When reporters asked Mara today if McAdoo would coach the team through Week 17, Mara said he wouldn’t guarantee that or anything else.

“There are no guarantees in life,” Mara said, adding that when a team is 2-9, that means nobody is doing a good job.

Mara’s comments raise the question of why McAdoo hasn’t been fired already. His decision to bench Eli Manning and previous decisions to suspend cornerbacks Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, add up to a perception that he and his players are not on the same page. McAdoo isn’t doing a good job, and it may be time to relieve him of his job.

39 responses to “John Mara: No guarantee Ben McAdoo will remain coach for the rest of the season

  1. Fire him now, start Eli until Webb is actually ready if you want to see what he can do and don’t reach for a QB in the first round…take Barkley or trade down…and don’t start Geno under any circumstances…

  2. John Mara is nothing more than a snake in the grass. Either fire the guy or tell him he is safe to the end of the year.

  3. QB is not the Giants top need in the draft. They should trade down, get all the extra picks they can acquire, and follow the Dallas plan – build a top-tier O-line, and everything else will fall into place behind it. If Eli is struggling with the 5 in front, Webb has *no* chance anyway, nor would any of these top kids in college who would come out.

  4. Geno?
    This has to be a bad joke.
    Hold a presser tomorrow and announce that Reese and Macadon’t are gone.
    Hell anyone else would do a better job, go get that kid who parades around like a mini me Macadoo.

  5. You go, Mara!

    Collude to contrive a salary cap in an uncapped year and now you suggest you have the integrity to make calls for you team?

    You two faced, jerk.

    Your family deserves misery.

  6. There is nothing to evaluate with Smith and Webb. The only thing they will evaluate is their ability to look out of their ear hole come game day.

    Like him or not, Eli is the real deal. Nobody would have been able to go a full season with the turnstile offensive line the Giants have.

    Half the class of the organization went to Jacksonville two years ago. Next year, the remaining half will depart too.

  7. McAdoo and Reece should do the honorable thing and resign. John Mara should do the honorable thing and pay a visit to the sainted Wellington’s grave and apologize. Giants season ticket holders should do the honorable thing and stay home. I know will.

  8. When an owner ” hints” at his coach being fired…it’s like hinting to your wife you ” might” want a divorce. Soon as those words were spoken. The Coach should be fired if not only out of respect for his staff.

  9. I’m betting the only reason the coach & GM are still on the payroll is to take the heat for any of the changes set in motion. If Eli’s demotion is the last unpopular move to be made before the end of week 17, then they will have served their usefulness & be discarded.

  10. John Mara was surprised that Manning would not want to engage in a sham “playing streak”. That says everything about Mara and his ethical system … and everything about Manning and his! Mara should be ashamed. He is behind this idiotic move that shames the NFL and will stain the NY Giants for decades! McAdoo and Reese will pay, but this is at Mara’s door. Mara’s father Wellington made mistakes but never expected his players to be unethical; John Mara just proved his ideas of honor. DISGUSTING.

  11. The Giants have mismanaged this season to the point that Cleveland must be jealous.

    McAdoo shouldnt have even been let in the building this morning.

  12. You see peeps… even with a better-than-average QB (like Eli Manning), some guys who become NFL head coaches (like McAdoo) are just not cut out to be successful.

  13. Who was responsible for benching Eli Manning? Did McAdoo actually have the power to make that call? He should be fired just for benching Manning and starting Geno. If anything,
    he should have started the rookie QB they drafted over Geno.

  14. meadowlandssports says:

    November 29, 2017 at 7:11 pm
    – build a top-tier O-line, and everything else will fall into place behind it.

    They should hire you as GM. Heck, most NFL GM’s don’t see this. I’m glad to see another fan who gets it.
    We sit here year after year and watch Brady destroy the NFL with WR’s and RB’s rarely spoken about as the best of their era. It’s because he is helped (even the greatest QB’s need help) most by his coach and Oline. But year after year, we see teams (and fans) worry more about finding the next HOF WR’s then they do about finding the men who will protect their QB and create the openings a RB needs.

    The Giants sat there, watched Dallas do it. Saw it work wonders, and year after year, the same (wrong) players were trotted out to protect their QB.

  15. If McAdoo has a clue, he will reverse course on that decision to bench Eli. Losing games badly won’t look any better on his resume, and Mara has made it pretty clear he isn’t going to give him a quid pro quo.

  16. This last week proved that Eli is the classiest person in your organization. Fire Reese and McAdoo, hire an interim coach that will start Eli this Sunday; and maybe you can restore respectability to the Giants. Otherwise — Go Yankees………….

  17. mara wanted to distance his brand from the scandal of manning defrauding their fan and had macadoo take the fall. mara will fire macadoo for doing as he was told – problem solved.

    and enough of the pity party for E-lie; he’s terrible and getting worse. respect the brutal darwinian nature of the nfl. with a guaranteed contract, he is owed absolutely nothing. great qbs know they have to fight for their job every year – that’s right, you know who we’re talking about. THE great qb.

  18. I don’t know how Mcadoo even got that job. He was the OC when Tomlin got fired. The offense sucked that year. Never made any sense to me to promote a guy doing a crappy job!

  19. You can take this to Vegas and win a lot of money. Next season Eli Manning will be playing QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Again, you can bet on it.

  20. But with the season lost why risk Eli behind that line? – Geno is at least much more mobile. And with no absolute certainty that Eli will play next year, until Webb is deemed ready this gives you a chance to see whether Geno has matured/improved as a QB.

    There’s no point in firing McAdoo unless/until you got someone really good lined up. But I’m not sure many HCs would want to work in the cauldron that is NY when the owner is such a snake and the GM’s so awful.

  21. When someone hires a guy, then turns around a few months later and fires the guy, I questions the competence of the one doing the hiring and firing. Obviously, that person has no idea what he’s doing. He’s just guessing.

  22. vikings1234 says:
    November 29, 2017 at 7:06 pm
    John Mara is nothing more than a snake in the grass. Either fire the guy or tell him he is safe to the end of the year.

    If you’ve ever run a large, complex organization, you realize that it isn’t either/or. The more bad decisions Ben makes, the more rope he is handing over to hang himself. The more he loses that locker room, the bigger the case for making each next week his last. As someone who runs large, complex organizations, I think he is doing just fine with McAdoo. I’d probably just fire him and start the rebuild right now, but you can hardly blame 100% of the play on that field on the coach. He isn’t scapegoating, and wants to find the root cause of the failure. If it is the players on the field, that may have to start with Reese. Hardly a snake in the grass if he is looking to figure out what really went wrong with a team expected to compete in the playoffs. That’s a deep problem.

  23. You go, Mara!
    Collude to contrive a salary cap in an uncapped year and now you suggest you have the integrity to make calls for you team?
    You two faced, jerk.
    Your family deserves misery.
    Like most uninformed ‘skins and ‘boys fans, you forget that the other owners voted 29-0 to punish your teams for trying to cheat. Stop whining.

  24. McAdon’t should be fired immediately and Manning should be reinstated as starter for the next game. You don’t do a future HOFer like that. Let him finish the season then cut ties. What big name free agent will ever want to go there after this. Manning’s got TWO freaking Super Bowls, McAdouche has nothing and will be gone after this season. Save some face for Pete’s sake. Why hitch yourself to this bag’s nonsense. He’s damaging the Giants brand.

  25. Is this the opposite of the dreaded Vote of Confidence?

    Might McDippity Doo’s job actually be SAFE!?!?!?

  26. I’d love to know what is going on in McAdoo’s head. Possibly he’s either an all-time jerk and wants to stick it to Manning no matter what or he’s decided he’ll never be a head coach again so might as well do whatever he wants until he’s fired–but most guys in his situation would try to win some games down the stretch to show a future employer he’s got some ability. But McAdoo is acting like his only goal is to make people hate him.

  27. I cannot stand the coach but the longer he coaches the better the odds of attracting the best candidates. NY team, high draft position, talented team core, serviceable veteran QB with 2 SB wins on his resume and one of the league’s best receivers… Find a tackle and a running game and the team is competitive with little effort.

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