Philip Rivers rips “pathetic” benching of Eli Manning


Eli Manning‘s benching means that Philip Rivers will now have the league’s longest consecutive start streak, which is a nice addition to the history of two players who were traded for each other after being drafted.

The Chargers quarterback isn’t happy about moving up a spot on that list, however. Rivers ripped the Giants for the way they handled Manning’s situation.

“I honestly thought it was pathetic,” Rivers said, via “He’s been out there 210 straight games — with no telling how many bumps and bruises and injuries — for his team. He won two Super Bowl MVPs. And with the respect he’s had in the locker room over the years, and really the respect he’s gained throughout the league, you feel like the guy has earned the opportunity — if they are in fact deciding to go another direction — he’s earned the opportunity to finish it off these last five weeks.”

The Giants say they have not made any decisions about their future plans at quarterback and co-owner John Mara explained Manning’s benching as a way to see whether Geno Smith or Davis Webb factor into them.

Rivers said that he and Manning aren’t close friends, but that it was tough to watch an emotional Manning talk about being dropped from the lineup. Rivers said he “can only imagine how he felt” and he’d probably like to continue playing as well as he did last weekend in order to avoid the same fate as his fellow 2004 arrival in the NFL.

20 responses to “Philip Rivers rips “pathetic” benching of Eli Manning

  1. The Giants can be nice and have Eli start each game, even if it means having him out there for only a quarter. That will still give them ample time have their potential future QB’s go in an be evaluated.

  2. Manning isn’t the problem for the Giants…doesn’t matter who they put back there they will fail without protection. Benching him is just the coaches desperate attempt to keep his job but it only accomplishes humiliating an Elite quarterback and future Hall of Famer.

  3. …because the Giants need to get some film of Davis Webb throwing to Tavarres King and Roger Lewis. Or Geno. Because we don’t already have enough information about Geno’s potential.

    Agree completely with Rivers, very low-class decision by the Giants, and a stupid move from a football point of view — unless they’re tanking.

  4. To the guy saying “The Giants could start him in the 1st quarter to let him keep the streak”

    Who in their right mind would want the streak in that manner? “Yeah I got the record but only b/c they put me in for a quarter!”

    Aside from that, they already STUPIDLY offered that to Eli….and he wisely told them to go kick rocks.

    Eli’s done with this organization. Even if the coach goes, the front office has some serious forgiveness to ask for. Totally classless.

  5. The only class the giants have will be on the bench Sunday and will probably give their me first jerk of a wide receiver a six year contract. Stay classy Mara you idiot.

  6. I really doubt that the decision to play the other qbs came from the Head Coach. But when was the last time a coach threw the GM under the bus. And if the GM made this call, he also was just doing his job.

    I can all but guarantee that if Mike Shanahan was the Head Coach we would have heard within the hour that this was not the coach’s decision…and we would have heard it through “unnamed sources”.

    I have always thought Macadoo to be a poor head coach, a weak oc. But that it hasn’t leaked out that Manning sitting was the decision of upper management is quite classy and respectable reflection on the NYG Head Coach. Respects on that.

  7. Any doubt the Giants are tanking for draft position, should be gone by now.

    You want to fix the Giants, clean out the front office, and hire a competent coach.

    What a class act those Giants. What a class act!

  8. It’s incredible how out of touch the upper echelon of the Giants are. “Upper echelon” starts with head coach. I’ve been a Giants fan since I was 5 – 66 years ago. My wife is a Giants FANATIC. Trust me there is a difference. In her mind no one in a Giants uniform can do any wrong or make a mistake. Complain about an errant pass, blown coverage or dropped ball and she’ll bite you. As for the upper echelon? She’s saying things like, “I hate them.” She has never said that about anyone!!!!

  9. Mike Silva says:
    November 29, 2017 at 6:28 pm
    Benching him is just the coaches desperate attempt to keep his job …


    From what I’ve seen, sounds like the idea to bench Manning goes up, or was at least endorsed, a pay grade or two beyond McAdoo or any of the other coaches.

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