Report: NFL, player group reach agreement on league support of social-activism causes

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The NFL and a group of player representatives headed by Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin reached an agreement Wednesday night on a deal for league financial support of players’ community-activism pursuits, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

The Players Coalition, headed by Jenkins and Boldin, had been in discussions with the league for weeks as several players continued protests during the national anthem. According to Maske, this agreement does not address the ongoing protests directly, though the league clearly hopes the financial support of the league for these endeavors will help convince the players that are protesting to stand voluntarily.

The deal calls for the league and teams to commit $90 million to $100 million toward caused deemed important by the players with a focus on African-American communities. The agreement will run from its inception to 2o23. It will need final approval from team owners to go into effect.

However, the agreement probably won’t end the protests. Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers and Michael Thomas of the Miami Dolphins announced they were splitting from the Jenkins/Boldin group because they felt it no longer spoke on their behalf. Just because an agreement has been reached with one group doesn’t necessarily mean the entire group of players protesting will feel obligated to end their demonstrations.

36 responses to “Report: NFL, player group reach agreement on league support of social-activism causes

  1. the sad part of it is that money is gonna leave the owners even more cash strapped to fund there stadiums. municipalitys need to step up and fork over the cash to keep the shield safe!

  2. The players won’t put their own money into doing this so the NFL and the owners are going to do it. I wasn’t letting the protest turn me away from the NFL because I love watching it and I wasn’t going to let a handful of players ruin it for me. But if the NFL and owners bow down to these players that just might turn me away. Plus other players are still planning on protesting! What a joke!

  3. So these protests amount to a shakedown and Goodell walked right into it. Start the death clock on this league because nobody is in charge.

    They worked out a deal? Exactly what does the NFL get out of the deal? Their employees follow the rules. Pure shakedown.

  4. I didn’t really care if players took a knee during the anthem and understood their reasoning for it, but for gods sake, just stand up so we can never have to hear about this again.

  5. This confirms for me that this was a shakedown of the league by players from the get go and the owners or “league leadership” believes they can buy the players cooperation. Mark my words – the frequency of these shakedowns will increase and it won’t buy cooperation or peace from the players. It only rewards and therefore encourages this sort of behavior…

  6. Reid may have kneeled his way out of his football career. UFA next year and SF won’t re sign him. Who wants the baggage???

  7. Remember when the NFL pledged $30 million for concussion research, and then covertly tried to control the data and the outcome of the research? These kinds of announcements are Roger Goodell’s way of trying to buy an outcome. The size of the number reflects the size of the problem to the NFL, not the worthiness of the cause. There is a long track record of NFL spins that have not been genuine under Roger Goodell. The NFL compensation committee is looking for a way to say Goodell fixed the problem so they can pay him another $250 million instead of fixing the real problem.

  8. A little advice from a middle class fan: Stay away from cop-bashing, America-bashing and anti-Trump demonstrations. Oh yeah, and have the decency to stand for the national anthem of a nation that has helped make you wealthy.

  9. So is the NFL supposed to make deals with any/all groups protesting?
    No other business that I’m aware of does this.

  10. Like Colin K. will they be supporting foundations like Assata’s Daughters? Fans please do some reading for yourself and decide where to spend your hard earned money and precious time.

  11. Simply the wrong answer.

    To assuage a minority of the players, the NFL is paying a king’s ransom in attempt to stop a practice that they can eliminate simply by enforcing the NFL’s existing game day operation manual.

    Because the commissioner has no balls, he is attempting to buy his way out of the problem.


  12. Of course the fans will pay for the 100 million one way or the other. How much are the play contributing?

    What a bunch of garbage

  13. Wait…Are we mad about the NFL caving in or happy for the communities that will be receiving this funding?

  14. I think the social injustice contribution by the league should be a “matching program”. Meaning whatever these players come up with, since that’s the driving factor behind the demonstrations, the league will match.

    I bet the players wouldn’t come up with 5 million.

  15. “…the league clearly hopes the financial support of the league for these endeavors will help convince the players that are protesting to stand voluntarily.”

    Are you kidding me?! For a 100 million you can’t buy a promise to stand during the national anthem? I think the players found the perfect tool to get whatever they want during the next CBA negotiation.

  16. saxguru says:
    November 29, 2017 at 11:59 pm
    I want to write something profound, but this is just so freaking stupid I can’t come up with anything.


    Hey saxguru,
    I’m with you. Please save me a space all the way in the back row in the dummies section. Please also save a dunce cap that will fit on my head. This whole thing is so freaking moronic I am simply dumbfounded. Please call me by my real name which is Stupid

  17. I lost track, was this a bribe from the owners or extortion by the players.

    In either case, it is billionaires giving money to millionaires

    Very little till trickle down to social issues.

  18. Seems like it wasn’t really about a genuine cause and more like a payout fund to be controlled, used, and benefit those that control it.

  19. The owners can recoup a 100 million over 6 years in a blink of an eye…they collude add a $1.50 Social Awareness Surcharge on every ticket. In 2016 total attendance for the NFL was ~17 million so lets say it drops to 12 million that will be $108,000,000. This is just one way…no matter what this will be financed by the fans!

    I don’t want to pay for this so once the last game of the Sunday Ticket ends on 12/31/17 DirectTV is gone.

  20. No matter who says what, in the end there remains the question – out of WHOSE pockets this money is coming.

    Hint – not out of the players’ pockets, not out of the owners’ pockets


    who’s left?

  21. I’m confused, I thought the league and teams already give a boatload to charitable causes in time and money? I mean, it’s very generous of them but it’s really “shut-up” money….no? And we know the protests against the country will continue no matter what figure they give…no?

  22. This is going to have a negative backlash. It’s going to create more problems, and not solve any. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything Colin Kaepernick or Eric Reid are talking about. Kaepernick isn’t asking for money for social issues. Kaepernick was asking for better police training so that they’d be better prepared for tough situations that end up with unarmed black people getting killed by cops. I would have liked seeing the NFL get involved in raising money for better police training. I think we all win with that. I don’t know how Anquan Boldin was able to hijack that issue and siphon off a lot of money for his cause, but this is in no way, shape, or form, related to anything Kaepernick was talking about. Get ready for the backlash. The NFL can’t be that stupid. They are encouraging a backlash. This is crazy.

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