Vance Joseph on Aqib Talib’s suspension: It was a “fair” and “clean” process

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Raiders coach Jack Del Rio has expressed his displeasure with wide receiver Michael Crabtree‘s one-game suspension. But Broncos coach Vance Joseph, while hopeful the league would only fine cornerback Aqib Talib, wouldn’t go there.

Joseph called it a “fair” process.

“I’ll say this: I was hoping for just a fine,” Joseph said, via quotes distributed by the team. “But I’ll say the process was fair. It was clean. I was proud of Talib and how he handled it. He was very humble and apologetic about his actions. But it was a clean process, and I was hoping for no suspension, but that’s what they came down with. They went from two to one so they did reduce it.”

The league suspended Crabtree and Talib for two games, but both had it reduced by one game on appeal.

5 responses to “Vance Joseph on Aqib Talib’s suspension: It was a “fair” and “clean” process

  1. Can’t tell if this moron coach is just enough of a moron to think Talib was “proud”-worthy or if he just thinks the rest of us are morons. Asides from lack of QB, no wonder the broncos turned into garbage so quickly.

  2. If the NFL would have done their job last year when The Turtle ripped the chain off Crabtree and laughed about it after the fact, It never would have carried over to this year. Neither The Tortoise or Crabtree should have been punished this year, it is the NFL that needed to be schooled.

  3. Proud of the way Talib handled it ?! Dude’s trippin. The creep not only failed to own up, he tried to put it all on Crabtree. I’m surprised he didn’t claim Crabtree’s chain attacked him.

  4. They need to do a surprise drug test on coach Joseph. Talib was humble and accepted responsibility? WTF? He blamed the whole thing on Crabtree. He didn’t take an ounce of responsibility saying he only came to play. I’m actually not really surprised the Broncos players want to keep talking about the fight. . Doubt the Broncos players actually want to talk much about how they are playing. What did that run their streak to? 7 losses in a row????

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