Anquan Boldin: “No hard feelings” toward players who left Players Coalition

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The Players Coalition organized by Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin fractured this week shortly before word surfaced of a deal that would see the league contribute $89 million to a variety of causes promoted by players who have taken part in protests over the last two seasons.

49ers safety Eric Reid and Dolphins safety Michael Thomas said they split with the group because they “don’t believe the coalition’s beliefs are in our best interests.” Boldin said on Thursday that there’s no ill will as a result of that decision.

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion,” Boldin said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “People that think that all players would be on the same page when it comes to this would be naive. I think we all have the same goal in mind. I just think that there’s a different thought of how we get there. There’s definitely no hard feelings between us and other players, who don’t agree with us.”

The deal comes with no quid pro quo from the players to put an end to protests, which Mike Florio of PFT wrote doesn’t solve the problem that the league was trying to solve by working with the players. Boldin believes there is “incentive enough to get guys to stop protesting,” but the split within the group he put together suggests that might not be the case.

13 responses to “Anquan Boldin: “No hard feelings” toward players who left Players Coalition

  1. Still trying to understand what players want owners to do for themselves that they (or the NFLPA) cannot already do for themselves.

  2. This underlines the problem with the Anthem protests. The meaning depends on the individual. For Kaepernick it was to protest the “pigs.” For some fans it’s a protest against the flag and the military. It has been misplaced from the beginning. Take your protests to an appropriate format.

  3. Goodell and the NFL is paying off the protesters? This is ransom. Nothing less. What is going on with the NFL? Outrageous! They’ll do what government does like Cali….just raise prices (taxes) to pay for it. These player will be back for more. It’s NEVER enough with these people.

  4. Boldin is a quitter… a quitter that tried to catch on to another NFL club after lying to another only to be blackballed… Quitter.

  5. They want the owners to come out and basically say F da Police, F da Trump, F da whites, in that ordrer.

    cobrala2 says:
    November 30, 2017 at 2:37 pm
    Still trying to understand what players want owners to do for themselves that they (or the NFLPA) cannot already do for themselves.

  6. On the list of NFL problems I care about this entire thing is so very low on the list. Bad reffing, too many commercials, crappy streaming options, too many commercials, bad Sunday night matchups, too many commercials, horrible management decisions, too many commercials, Thursday night games, too many commercials, under usage of better camera angles, too many commercials.

    All those things and more come well before what players do during an anthem which I rarely see and even when I do compromises roughly a minute of a far too long 3+ hour broadcast, which is largely due to TOO MANY COMMERCIALS.

  7. I know at least for Anquan Boldin it’s not necessarily about the money. The man walked away from a potential hall of fame career to attempt to address social issues that have affected himself and his family significantly.

    Say what you want about players protesting. Mr. Boldin is doing things the right way.

    I have nothing but admiration and respect for the man.

  8. It’s obvious that Anquan Boldin has no idea what Kaepernick was protesting. I guess it’s fitting that he’s heading up this whatever committee. Boldin wants money for social issues. Kaepernick wants better police training. Geez, no wonder they’re going in two separate directions. It’s like paying your water bill and hoping they don’t cut off your lights.

  9. Thoughts and prayers out to the state trooper who ran into a burning car to save the driver this weekend. NFL employees have disdain for the people in this occupation. Sad.

  10. You do know that Anquan Boldin’s cousin was shot and killed needlessly by a police officer in Florida, right?

    I’m pretty sure he has an idea about what Kaepernick is protesting.

    Boldin is just being more constructive and less divisive about it.

  11. The NFL wants to crash and burn! There is no other explanation.. 1/3 of fans are done… We’ll see how ticket sales are next year!

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