Could Dez Bryant be done in Dallas?

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He’s been a fixture for the Cowboys since arriving via the first round of the 2010 draft, and it’s hard to imagine him not wearing No. 88 for America’s Team. However, a tough decision is coming both for the Cowboys and for receiver Dez Bryant.

As explained on Thursday’s PFT Live by Charean Williams, who covered the Cowboys for years and currently contributes to PFT, the Cowboys will have a hard time justifying a $12.5 million salary and a $16.5 million salary cap number for Bryant in 2018.

It’s just not clicking between Dez and quarterback Dak Prescott, and there’s no reason to think that they suddenly will connect in a way that justifies so much cash and cap space being devoted to Bryant for the fourth year of the five-year deal signed after the Cowboys tagged Bryant.

The real question is whether Bryant will accept a reduced offer for 2018 and beyond, or whether he’ll refuse to re-do his deal and, in turn, find himself on the open market.

Hoever it plays out, Thursday night’s game could be one of the last for Bryant to be wearing a blue star on his helmet.

22 responses to “Could Dez Bryant be done in Dallas?

  1. I’d love to see Dez go to Houston next year. They’d be unstoppable. Nobody would be able to key on him. Deshaun Watson would use him like he used his big receiver at Clemson, Williams.

  2. Cowboys are not America’s team. Only thing keeping that around is the media still using the term.

  3. Dez is overrated. And now it sounds like he will be moving on …… to whoever offers the most money.

  4. If only Dak didn’t have Dez Bryant, he’d be so much better. Now I’ve heard every excuse in the book made for Dak. The media needs to admit he’s an average quarterback who can’t handle when things aren’t going perfectly his way. The media saying he’s a good or even great quarterback, while in the next breath talk about how the loss of Smith and Elliot has left Dak unable to do anything, is hypocritical. Either he’s good or he isn’t. If losing 2 guys makes them score 7, 9, and 6 points in 3 games, then you have your answer on how good Dak is not.

  5. To the dude saying Dez should go to Houston…..Watson was putting up 400 yarda and 3 tds consistently with Hopkins and Fuller. What part about that would incentivize the Texans to go spend $12+ million on another Wr?

  6. I said this like 3 months ago, and I’m a Cowboys fan. His price and skill set doesn’t justify him being on this team. This team doesn’t need a stand out receiver. And Dez has too many drops, and not enough big time plays to keep him. Love him, thought. HIs passion for the game is something you wish all your players had in them.

  7. The real question is can they find another #1 threat. He isn’t a #1 anymore, but without him they have absolutely no one in the passing game that is above a Cleveland Browns type WR. If Dez is gone then they have to find a true #1 or two guys who could be. Brice Butler could be a guy that becomes a star if given the chance. He doesn’t get enough snaps because there is no role for him right now. But that would be a longshot. They would have to trade for a #1 WR or draft one, period. Lots of other holes to address.

  8. Justin Morris says:
    November 30, 2017 at 7:42 pm
    Cowboys are not America’s team. Only thing keeping that around is the media still using the term.
    Umm yeah, they ARE America’s Team. Why do you think the ratings are always higher in primetime when the Boys are playing?

    THE…”Most Valuable Franchise in Sports”….

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