Dirk Koetter: Risk of injury won’t stop us from playing Jameis Winston

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There’s been a mixed bag of injury news in Tampa this week as the team placed a pair of offensive linemen on injured reserve while getting quarterback Jameis Winston back into the lineup after missing three weeks with a right shoulder injury.

On Wednesday, head coach Dirk Koetter was asked about the prospect of continuing to sit Winston because the loss of center Ali Marpet and right tackle Demar Dotson could hurt the team’s ability to protect the quarterback. Koetter said doctors told him that Winston is at “no more” risk of injury than he was before he hurt his shoulder and that healthy players play because there’s always injury risk involved with playing in an NFL game.

“It’s a league where if you are healthy, you will play. It’s all around the league,” Koetter said, via ESPN.com. “The risk factor — that’s there every week at every position. When your medical staff clears any player for any injury to play, they are not going to clear him [if he isn’t healthy]. The player’s health is always the No. 1 thing for every football team. If a player is at no more risk than what the normal risk is — and in the NFL, that’s substantial — then they are going to play. That is what they’re paid to do.”

The offensive line issue isn’t the same at other positions, but the team’s record is and there’s no talk about sitting Mike Evans, Gerald McCoy or Kwon Alexander so it doesn’t make sense that you’d sit Winston because of what might happen. There’s no younger quarterback waiting in the wings because Winston’s in just his third season and can use all the playing time he can get in order to continue growing as a player.

5 responses to “Dirk Koetter: Risk of injury won’t stop us from playing Jameis Winston

  1. That is those fans who still think of him as elite, or franchise or a keeper…
    No one deserves to get hurt or have long term damage but this guy is quickly coming up on the end of his contract and so far not worth a second one…. The Bucs likely want to see as much as they can to at least get something in return for him if they don’t resign him…

  2. Not worth a second contract? I didn’t know Jameis was failing to rush the passer, and getting burnt in the secondary. The guy plays with heart and will only continue to get better. The Bucs fan base is awful. It doesn’t happen overnight when you are trying to change a culture of losing. Give the guy a chance.

  3. A friend Of mine personally knows Winston and jokingly he told me that Winston wouldn’t be getting that 100 mil contract. Truth be told football is a team sport and we are hurting at spots much more than we are quarterback. Winston might not break the bank with his contract extension but Tampa will keep him around I mean come on the Guy is 23 years old and yes his stats looks good but he needs to work on wins and that’s exactly why koetter is putting Winston back out there for the last 5 games. I’m a die hard Tampa fan and I have faith in Winston

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