Gilbride: I don’t see Eli returning to Giants in 2018

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The Giants hope to have their cake and bench it, putting quarterback Eli Manning on ice but leaving the door ajar to a return to the field in 2018. While the Giants may want to have the power to explore that possibility when 2018 arrives, Eli will have a vote, too. And Eli likely won’t be interested in continuing the relationship.

“It is hard for me looking in from the outside seeing that happen just knowing the guy,” former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said during a Thursday visit to PFT Live. “I know he comes across and people look at him like he’s an ‘aww, shucks’ country boy, Huckleberry Finn-kind of guy, but I can assure you that beneath that facade lies the personality of a warrior. He’s going to compete and fight and do everything he can to play at the very highest level and represent himself at the very best and so that’s an investment of tremendous personal sacrifice and time and all that goes into being ready to play the game at the NFL level.

“So to do that, you’re a prideful guy — and he is — and so his pride has been attacked. I’m sure anything can be repaired but, boy, it would be very very difficult. . . . I don’t see it happening.”

So what likely will happen is Eli continuing his carer with a new team. And the team that makes the most sense is the Jaguars.

“I’m sure Tom [Coughlin] would love to have Eli there,” Gilbride said. “What you saw was genuine in terms of expression of emotion when Tom was let go. There’s genuine respect, genuine affection. At the end of the day, it’ll come down to it’s still a business and they’re going to do what’s best for the organization with Jacksonville, and Eli’s going to do what’s best for him. You look at it [and] you say, ‘It just seems like it’s a perfect scenario for them.'”

It’s one of those situations that seems to be too perfect, for the Jaguars and for Eli. Which probably means it never will happen.

12 responses to “Gilbride: I don’t see Eli returning to Giants in 2018

  1. I sure wish my Packers had a QB who could start for a long time. Maybe we’ll get Eli. Because Aaron might never be back like he was. Ever. Except for the whining. And being smug.

  2. Hope Eli sees this is the opportunity that it is. He can escape the swamp that is the Giants, and many teams would LOVE to have him. I imagine my AZ Cards are salivating at the mere idea.

    A smart, humble, durable leader. Yeah, let’s publicly embarrass the guy, while keeping the coach who is so far in over his head, he’s actually standing on the ocean floor. And he continues to shape the team. Unbelievable.

  3. Imagine if he goes to the Broncos like his brother did…. That would be strange… Possible Cardinals, Maybe Jacksonville with Coughlin…

    probably avoids:

    any teams that have to many issues especially HC, although the Jets in the same stadium would be funny…

  4. Eli is easily one of the most ordinary and average or below average QB’s the game has known. He did have two runs where he played well with a fast rising defense that went on to win the SB. But take away those last 6-8 games and he was a below average QB. Can’t take it away, but watching him was often shocking to see how bad he could be. His career numbers are below average. Led the league in INT’s on several occasions, couldn’t complete 60% of his passes. Win Loss percentage is not of an elite QB. Durability was his best asset and beating up the Dallas defense twice a year. If not for them, where would his performance stats be? He will go into the HOF, but just because he had two runs in ’07 & ”11 don’t make him HOF. Next they’ll tell us that Joe Flacco with similar type numbers belongs in the HOF!

  5. AZ would be perfect but its going to be Denver. Denver all day, Denver all night. I was just talking with Johnny Elway and he slapped me in the face and told me to get Eli on the phone. But I dont have Eli’s number.

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