Reuben Foster becomes NFL’s top defensive rookie for November

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He hasn’t played much, but when he has played he has played well.

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, who played in only two games before November, appeared in all three games this month — and he performed well enough to become the NFL’s defensive rookie of the month.

Foster, once regarded as a sure-fire top-five pick, slid down the board due to both a positive drug test and an incident with a health-care worker at the Scouting Combine. The 49ers never wavered in their assessment of him, however, and they nabbed him late in the first round.

Foster suffered a sprained ankle in Week One. He returned six weeks later, and he suffered a rib injury.

As note by Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, Foster becomes the fifth 49ers player to win the award. Others were linebacker Chris Borland, linebacker Aldon Smith, linebacker Patrick Willis, and defensive lineman Andre Carter.

5 responses to “Reuben Foster becomes NFL’s top defensive rookie for November

  1. Of course. He’s a 49er. What else do you expect from a young 49er prospect but greatness.

    This is the franchise of……..

    The Greatest Head Coach in NFL history: Bill Walsh
    The Greatest Owner in NFL history: Eddie D
    The Greatest QB in NFL history: Joe Montana
    The Greatest WR in NFL history: Jerry Rice
    The Greatest NT in NFL history: Michael Carter
    The Greatest FS in NFL history; Ronnie Lott
    The Greatest OL Coach in NFL history: Bob Mcittrick

    Reuben Foster is continuing the long storied legacy of 49er greatness.

  2. Brady is the greatest SYSTEM QB. I say that as a Patriots fan.

    Anyhow, congratulations to Foster. I always believed he could be Ray Lewis 2.0 in an era that is all about offense. Very impressive.

  3. Foster has played with the intensity you normally see in dominant teams not a 1-9 rebuild. Glad the Niners snatched him up when they did, he will be a cornerstone of that defense and if continues to improve will be an elite linebacker for years to come.

    As for the first post, it’s anathema for a Niner Faithful to say anything but, I agree. However give Brady and Belichick their due as it’s impossible to compare quarterbacks in different eras. Brady is the greatest of this one.

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