Texas cornerback DeShon Elliott to skip bowl game, enter 2018 NFL draft

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For the second time this week, a Texas player has announced that he is entering the draft and skipping the Longhorns’ bowl game.

This time it’s cornerback DeShon Elliott, a junior who is a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to the best defensive back in college football. Elliott confirmed today that he’s done playing college football and will turn his attention to the 2018 NFL draft.

Texas left tackle Connor Williams previously said he will also enter the draft and skip Texas’s bowl game. Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson also may skip the team’s bowl game, although he said this week he hasn’t decided yet.

Last year some NFL draft prospects, including Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey, skipped their bowl games because they didn’t want to risk an injury two months before the NFL Scouting Combine. This year it looks likely that more players will follow that trend, with Texas players leading the way.

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  1. Its going to get to the point where stud players who are a year short of being eligible for the draft start skipping an entire season.

  2. dhandevidt says:
    November 30, 2017 at 4:16 pm
    I’m sure the scholarship money is chump change compared to what he could lose getting a major injury and dropping rounds in the draft.
    That is kinda my point. Why should he not pay it back? Players who get athletic scholarships and then leave early without graduating while skipping the most important game of the year for the school should have some skin in the game when they make these “business decisions”.

  3. There are way too many meaningless bowl games in college football, just as there are too many divisions in the NFL. A meaningless bowl game between two mediocre teams is the equivalent of a mediocre 8-8 NFL team making the playoffs simply because they beat out three other bad teams. Time to revamp the college bowl system with a less is more approach. Same with the NFL. Realign into 4 divisions with 8 teams in each division. This will ensure that the best 12 teams make it to the playoffs. No 8-8 or 7-9 team has any business being in the playoffs.

  4. As a former college baseball player for a top team that went to the CWS, trust me, guys stop going to class when they know they are getting drafted. Some care, most don’t. school is an annoyance for quite a few. Not all. But enough to cause stereotypes.

    This was in the 70’s. So please stop with the free ride thing. You get treated like you’re a moron by professors (stereotype) until proven otherwise. As in guilty until proven innocent. You have other students stare at you. It’s odd. You do get some girls but those kind are not worth the effort.

    I had a professor staring at me in the library and he said aren’t you (so and so). My response was “Aren’t you the guy who got a Ba/Ms and PHD from the same school which is rare?” He smiled.

    I ended up with a 3.5 GPA and had it not been for one idiot professor, it would have been at least a 3.65. While I did not get drafted, I did get signed. Baseball was for the love of the game. College was for the love of being alive and all that goes with that.

    These football players are bringing in so much money that other teams like baseball, girls volleyball and Tennis get much higher budgets had their been no football. The School and many non pro athletes make out, big time. These high draft choices did their part to make the program better. Now it’s time to insure their future.

  5. I think it’s good for NFL prospects to skip bowl games. It gives the younger guys a lot of exposure, and let’s the coaches see what they can do. Texas isnt playing for a national championship.

  6. There is nothing to repay as the marginal cost of providing an education to the football player is likely close to zero as the school just has to add a desk to the classroom. Look at duke, the basketball tean has been on the road for ten days. Give me a break, these guys are not students–more like circus animals.

    The students not geating paid is their own fault as there are plenty tools available that could be used to organized a union. Not sure how skipping a bowl game is the most important game for the school –this amateur athletics right?

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