Cowboys expect Sean Lee back next weekend

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The Cowboys won their first game without linebacker Sean Lee in the lineup since 2014 on Thursday night and they don’t expect to have to make it two in a row when they face the Giants in Week 14.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Friday that the team expects to have Lee back for that game. He has missed the last three games with a hamstring injury.

“He’s feeling good,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s doing everything possible to be ready to go. I feel good about him.”

Jones also confirmed that cornerback Orlando Scandrick suffered two transverse process fractures in his back on Thursday, but said there’s been no determination about whether he’ll miss time at this point.

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  1. That’s good for Lee! Now if he can STAY healthy, we need him down the stretch!! Scandrick will miss the game or I will be very surprised 😦 Ask anyone about those transverse process fractures. Hate that for Scandrick……

  2. Although not a Cowboys fan, I think Sean Lee is one of the most talented, grittiest and determined players I’ve seen at his position. The Dallas defense just isn’t the same when he’s not on the field.
    Unfortunately, the man cannot stay healthy for any length of time. He’s missed 26 games through 6 3/4 seasons. He’s hasn’t played 16 games in any single season, and won’t this year.
    In 2015 he suffered two concussions in just over a month. He’s struggled with and/or missed games due to multiple hamstring issues, a neck injury, a torn ACL, and a separate knee injury.
    Perhaps it’s the way he throws his body around with utter reckless abandon. Perhaps it’s something physiological, possibly just bad luck, but more likely a combination of all three.
    Great as he is, and as much as I admire him, at some point he and the Cowboys may have to make a joint decision regarding his future in the league, just as the Colts once had to do with Bob Sanders. The latter was another hard-hitting, 110-percenter with great talent, but a body that couldn’t hold up under the rigors of the game.
    I wish him good luck.

  3. time to make a run with all on board….we slammed the skins and time to win out with zek coming back to make a run at the SB…..

    Pats boys in the SB.


  4. Sean Lee is the heart & soul of the cowboys defense even though the cowboys won against a meager & irrelevant Redskins team it remains to be seen if the cowboys can compete with the contenders without this guy, thank God he’s healthy and I hope he stays healthy the rest of the way.It would be wonderful if the cowboys get hot and go on a major winning streak all the the way to the playoffs and on to the Super Bowl, Lee reminds me so much of Chuck Howley, Howley always showed up & out especially in the Super Bowl against the Colts the cowboys should have won that game if Landry would have let Roger the dodger play instead of old trembling Craig Morton, Cowboys thanks for benching Brown, now bench B.Jones please, the guy is awful.

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