Dak on Dez: “We’re getting there”

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On Thursday night, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott trusted Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant to catch a 50-50 ball. And Dez did. The next challenge will be doing it more often.

So will that happen? Maybe.

“It’s kind of obvious that we weren’t connecting, so we just continue to work on it, day in and day out,” Prescott said after the 38-14 win, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “It’s not perfect. It’s not where we want to be, but we’re getting there.”

Last year, Prescott didn’t seem to even be trying to get the ball down the field. This year, with defenses trying to take away the short throws that Prescott made last year, the opportunities are there. Thursday night’s game is a sign of what could come.

And Dez knows it. While it was suggested during the broadcast that Bryant was angry at everyone and no one after the scoring play, he clearly was saying, “Get me the ball.” Which narrows down the universe of potential recipients of his anger, considerably.

Through 12 games, Bryant has 58 catches for 639 yards and five touchdowns, a far cry from his three straight seasons of 1,382 yards, 1,233 yards, and 1,320 yards, respectively. Though it’s possible that Dez isn’t the guy he used to be, it’s also possible that he’s not being used like he was when a different quarterback was throwing the ball.

On Thursday night, Dak learned the value of putting faith in Dez. And Dak needs to keep doing that, because with Dez involved a 50-50 ball has slightly better odds for the ‘Boys in the blue stars.

And the Cowboys will have slightly better chances of winning if they can generate more than 100 yards passing. Somehow, they won their first game in team history on Thursday night despite not having triple-digit net passing yards.

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  1. Just how they planned it. Each week there’s history to be made. In fact, did you know it was the Cowboys first win in history against the Redskins on a Thursday night in Arlington with the roof open and outdoor temperatures of 63 degrees and winds SSE at 5-10 MPH?

  2. Ya’ll can keep doubting Dak but he is not going to listen to the noise. Very poised and calm demeanor, hardworking, and has all the leadership intangibles you look for in a young qb.

  3. “net passing yards” = one of the dumbest sayings in football

    How many yards did Dak throw for? Answer 102, but somehow he lost more than 3 yards throwing somehow to equal less than triple-digit net passing yards.

  4. Dez isn’t over rated, Prescott is. Alex Smith would have a field day with that team. As would Eli. As would a lot of QB’s.

    Great Oline, slot receiver, 50-50 guy on the outside and Williams is under rated. Not to mention Elliot. Now that Zak threw the ball down the field, the running game opened up without Zeke.

    Zak is good but he has a way to go before he can be called anything other than a young person with upside in a great situation.

  5. The Redskins were out of sync and did not come ready to play. Their effort was terrible in the first half. The Browns could have won that game

  6. joetoronto says:
    December 1, 2017 at 11:53 am
    Bryant is as overrated as it gets
    Uh, no, Dez has not had a q/b that could actually get the ball to him, since what few games Romo played in 2015. Dak & Dez had zero chemistry. Hopefully, last night's performance will continue, w/o Dez getting balls 10 feet above his head, or not even in the vicinity!!!

  7. It’s pretty amazing at this point that people still don’t know the difference between “angry” and “fired up”. Bryant yelling “get me the ball” after the TD was the equivalent of Ezekiel Elliot’s “feed me”, as in “yeah, let’s keep this up!” Yes, I know Bryant is both a Cowboy (which means everyone automatically wants to dislike him, which is fair given how annoying the Cowboy franchise can be) and a “somewhat scary-looking black man” (which means he always looks angry when he’s fired up), but we’ve seem him for long enough to know his deal. Lest we think he is just selfishly demanding the ball, as most shallow/ignorant fans would claim, you saw the obvious counter when he was eagerly celebrating on the sideline after one of the late TDs in the game (he ALWAYS eagerly celebrates when his teammates score, as long as Dallas isn’t getting blown out when such a celebration would be silly). He cares first and foremost about winning, but people confuse that with selfishness. Oh well.

  8. joetoronto says:
    December 1, 2017 at 11:53 am
    Bryant is as overrated as it gets.
    Injuries have taken their toll on Dez and he doesn’t get the separation he once did. But I wouldn’t call him that overrated. I think that tag goes to Crabtree and Amari Cooper in Las Vegas.

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