Dak Prescott says injured right hand is “good”


While Dak Prescott was getting X-rays on his injured right hand, Ryan Switzer was returning a punt 83 yards for a touchdown. It prevented the Cowboys quarterback from missing a snap.

Asked if he thanked Switzer, Prescott said, “Well, he kind of gypped Coop [backup quarterback Cooper Rush]. Coop didn’t get his reps.”

Rush, a rookie, was warmed up and ready to enter a meaningful game for the first time in his career. But X-rays on Prescott were negative, and the timing of Switzer’s return allowed Prescott to get back on the field the next time the Cowboys had the ball.

“Cooper Rush would have gone into the ball game at that point, but we got the return,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “Dak was able to come back out. He felt good enough where he could grip the ball, and he was able to play the last series of the first half.

“He’s a tough guy, and he plays the game the right way.”

Prescott’s throwing hand got hit on an option play before he pitched the ball to running back Rod Smith for a 1-yard gain in the second quarter. Prescott stayed in the game for three more plays that series before an examination on the sideline gave the team’s medical staff pause.

Although Prescott left the locker room with his right hand in a wrap, he played all 65 plays, and the Cowboys expect him to be fully healed in time for the team’s December 10 game against the Giants.

“It’s good,” Prescott said. “Just initially got hit on it. It bruised up and I felt it swell a little bit at the time. . . . We’ve got great trainers and doctors. They wrapped it up, fixed it up and we were ready to go.”

The Cowboys had 93 net passing yards, the first time in team history they won a game with fewer than 100 passing yards.

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  1. Mark of a franchise QB – a guy who can win a game without his best stuff. And again no turnovers.

  2. Did anyone bother watching these 2 teams that won’t make the playoffs play this game ?? Meaningless Saturday football coming your way next, along with Monday and more Thursday night football.

    It’s tim for full-flex scheduling to get great matchup only on prime time by mid-season. If 2 teams are below .500, nobody cares but the locals who can watch the game buried at 1 PM in a group.

    You Can’t highlight a dead end steeet.

  3. 2 Below .500 team matchups shouldn’t be featured anywhere but 1 PM Sunday, buried in the group. Flex this crap into oblivion after week 8, nobody wants to watch a loser.

  4. “Mark of a franchise QB – a guy who can win a game without his best stuff. And again no turnovers.:

    Mark of someone wearing very thick fan goggles.

  5. Thursday night games are near impossible to flex, so unfortunately they stay as they are. How can you expect a team who has played on a Sunday or Monday to suddenly be told “you’re now playing this Thursday”? Even with weeks of notice, many teams have scheduled days off or have made travel arrangements – this includes hotel bookings etc.
    I always feel that with the exception of Thanksgiving games, Thursday games should try to include every single team in the League through the season. Just because a team is rebuilding or has a losing record, fans should be able to watch their favourite team in a nationally televised game at least once every year.

  6. TheNaturalMevs says:
    December 1, 2017 at 2:06 am
    Mark of a franchise QB – a guy who can win a game without his best stuff. And again no turnovers.


    Didn’t Prescott toss 5 ints in the previous two games?

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