Jay Gruden: We weren’t flat

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Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins says effort wasn’t a problem last night. Washington coach Jay Gruden agrees.

“I don’t say it was flat,” Gruden told reporters regarding the team’s performance during a fairly brief media appearance following the 38-14 loss. “I say we just dropped the ball. We had two fumbles and a dropped pass that resulted in an interception. So I don’t think we came out flat. We just didn’t protect the football. . . . I think the effort’s fine. We just got beat today. . . . Credit them for making the plays. We just didn’t make any.”

But what’s really the difference between “flat” and “unfocused”? Receiver Jamison Crowder failed to sufficiently focus on catching a pass, which caromed into the hands of Cowboys safety Jeff Heath and ended a scoring drive. Then, Crowder failed to sufficiently focus on securing the ball after a punt.

At least Crowder doesn’t have to worry about losing his punt-return gig.

“We don’t have anybody to put back there right now,” Crowder said. “We just don’t. . . . I don’t have anybody else to return a punt.”

Given the rash of injuries, Gruden doesn’t have a lot of things that he needs. Given the proclivities of the guy who owns the team, there’s a chance that a month from now Gruden won’t have a job.

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  1. Gruden is about as competitive as they come. I’m still not sure why he took the Redskins job, after turning down other jobs, but at least I know he’s not afraid of a challenge. Winning in Washington is the ultimate challenge. Maybe Harbaugh can win there, but it’s a tough place to win. If losing his job is Gruden’s biggest worry, then he doesn’t really have anything to worry about. He’d have another job in less than 24 hours.

  2. I was enraged by this loss–but you can’t reasonably pin it on Gruden. He’s been a very good coach for the Redskins. They’re just completely depleted by injuries, especially on the lines. Crowder dug a huge hole for them in the first quarter, and they couldn’t block on offense, or stop the run on defense.

  3. To say that 53 players and an entire coaching staff were flat because of a tipped interception and a muffed punt on behalf of two players is a bit of a stretch. When you give up that kind of field position that quickly, it’s hard to come back from.

  4. If the Skins manage to lose to the Broncos, Cardinals and Giants, Jay Gruden is defiantly going to be on the HOT SEAT and Danny Boy will have to clean house? it’s anybody’s guess to what the Skins will do with Kirk Cousins!!

  5. Teams that don’t have anyone to “put back there” are falling a bit short in roster management. Teams that “don’t have anyone to put back there” usually practice the FAIR CATCH.

  6. That’s just Thursday Night Football. The away team doesn’t get a chance to practice. A couple of walk throughs and then you travel. Thursday Night Football stinks regardless of who is playing who.

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