NFL: Money for social justice program supplements, doesn’t replace, other programs

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The NFL sent a memo from COO Tod Leiweke to all 32 teams on Friday outlining the much-discussed deal to allocate money to fund community and social justice programs after discussions with players and the NFLPA over the last two years.

The league has reportedly pledged $89 million over seven years to the initiative and players and teams will apply for grants to put toward their efforts in these areas. The memo also outlines that an initial $3 million will come from the NFL Foundation and that future monies will come from “cause related events & consumer products sales, auctions and other promotional sources.” It also notes that the spending for this program won’t come at the expense of other NFL social programs.

“This new program will supplement, and not replace, our other key social responsibility efforts, including Salute to Service, cancer awareness, domestic violence/sexual assault and youth programs.”

49ers safety Eric Reid, who broke with the Players Coalition organized by Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin over the deal, said this week that the money would be taken from the league’s Salute to Service and breast cancer initiatives.

In another memo from vice president of social responsibility Anna Isaacson, the league says they plan to organize a working committee of owners and players in the next 45 days to “work directly with league staff to help identify future initiatives that have both broad support and a potential for high impact” with a larger presentation of plans due at league meetings in March.

17 responses to “NFL: Money for social justice program supplements, doesn’t replace, other programs

  1. Good, i was worried D.C. might run out of corrupt self-dealing “nonprofits” that have fancy skyscrapers. If anyone can find social justice there it’s a football league.

  2. So is some funding going to be directed to birth control, so teenagers don’t become pregnant? One of the leading causes of poverty is unwed mothers , of any race. Until that changes nothing changes.

  3. Of course they are not diverting the money from cancer – they flat out already cancelled that quite awhile ago. Think back – there was no pink everywhere this year.

  4. Remember…These “programs” are PR efforts to raise awareness to the “cause” of the day. The NFL isn’t just cutting checks, they spend a ton of cash on ads, get you the consumer to purchase the product then kick about 8% to the “cause”.

    This one might be different, but I highly doubt it…either way…the NFL will never see 1 cent of my discretionary funds.

  5. I’m confused on why the NFL has to do anything at all. These ungrateful players have hijacked the NFL’s platform for their own personal social injustice protest that has nothing to do with the NFL whatsoever. In doing so, they’ve hurt ratings causing loss of money for the league. And now the league bends over for them even more in attempt to get them to stop protesting on NFL time and gives them 89mil and some of them still find room to complain? This is nuts. The NFL is a business. If I’m running a business and I have employees causing bad PR and causing my business to lose huge amounts of money for personal reasons not even related to the business… I’m sorry, but I’m with Trump on this one. Those employees are hurting the business and need to get fired. The league horribly mismanaged this whole straw man protest from the get go. And for the record, I don’t think Trump has any business as President commenting on the NFL. I mean, I don’t think he’s wrong on this one, but it’s not his place to say anything on the matter.

  6. Like Cuban says in 5 years the NFL is going to have imploded. The NFL is so self important that they THINK they are the United States Government and Goodell the President.. they are small fry 1694 players and another group of administrators and coaches they think they can run the everything.. as a veteran and I know others who z are boycotting the sorry NFL… criminals and traitors playing lousy football

  7. Goodell is insane for agreeing to such a deal. See all those empty seats this year? Most are paid for but those fans have quit showing up. How many of those do you think were going to renew their season tickets? And now you pile this debacle onto the dumpster fire that is the NFL today? Even more of us will now not renew, including myself. From now on, the NFL gets ZERO of my hard-earned cash. Zero, none, zip, zilch, nada. Nice job, Roger. You’ve given in to the shakedown scheme, but you’re going to have less money coming in now as a result. Lose/lose/lose situation.

  8. Um, these protesters do know that their next labor deal probably will have about $90 million less in the deal, along with the reduction due to the damage they are currently doing to the league’s current and future revenue….right? Of course with NFL protester careers so short, why would they care about the future protesters.

  9. So the nfl is fronting them $89 million. Cool. Here is an idea. Why don’t the players who kneeled all front $1 million a piece. That should double the money, and also make it clear that the players actually are serious about it. Cuz from what I see, the players are extorting $90 million. If this is sooooo important to them (and I’m not implying it isn’t), they should be matching the leagues contribution. Otherwise it looks like a case of “let’s just get Rich white people to pay for it”. Which is the ultimate white privilege

  10. “This new program will supplement, and not replace, our other key social responsibility efforts, including Salute to Service, cancer awareness, domestic violence/sexual assault and youth programs.”

    Nowhere in that statement could anyone draw even an inference that funding to the other programs is not being reduced. Not that 345 Park Ave spins all that well but they usually spin substantially better than this. I doubt we have heard the last of this, it has the potential to become a true PR nightmare if it gains traction.

  11. Wow.. The Goodell leftward NFL spiral continues. He just can’t get out of his way fast enough in throwing money at the ingrates and appeasing the SJW’s rather than steward a great apolitical game. SMH.

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