“No regrets” for Ben McAdoo over Eli Manning situation

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Now that Giants coach Ben McAdoo has had a few days to reflect on the clumsily bungled Eli Manning benching, McAdoo regrets how it was handled, right? Well, this would assume that any NFL coach is wired to ever express regret about anything, at any time.

McAdoo told reporters on Friday that he has “no regrets” about how he handled the situation. (Then again, McAdoo likely also has “no regrets” about his decision to corner the market on Brylcreem.)

The second-year head coach also said that he and co-owner John Mara were “on the same page” regarding the way the situation was handled. Which seems to conflict with the explanation from Mara, who seemed to pin on McAdoo the clumsily bungled situation.

Ultimately, the blame for the entire fiasco goes to Mara, who should have known that Eli wouldn’t go for starting each game and then being replaced — and who should have spoken directly to Eli before the news was dropped on the media and the fan base with the nonchalance of the placement of a long snapper on injured reserve. But the ugliness sticks to everyone involved, and it will make it even harder for McAdoo to get a second chance to become a head coach, because he’ll forever be associated with one of the biggest unforced errors in recent NFL history.

26 responses to ““No regrets” for Ben McAdoo over Eli Manning situation

  1. Good luck hanging out with Mangini in the stands, incognito.

    What a complete tool. COMPLETE.

    Bring back Ray Handley (there’s a sentence I would have bet my life on, I would never say).

    In fact, hire Mangini. There’s another one of those sentences…

  2. Mcadoo play calling and awful coaching is why giants are here they would have 7 wins right now with a real coach

  3. McAdoo you are not getting another job in this league. Congratulations, you have just committed career suicide.

  4. So, John M., how’s the plan of surveying all from your owners box and withholding judgment or action until the end of the season? Perhaps god forbid in future cases you will realize that if you have morons working for you the sooner they are removed, the sooner they will be prevented from embarrassing your team. Also, you need to learn a lesson your father was smart enough to learn–dont get overly chummy with your GM’s or buy into nonsense about stability is good. The 70s featured the outcome of such idiocy and you have got us right back there. If a gm can’t put players on the field who win they need to go. It’s a business, act accordingly.

  5. This is how I know he’s a terrible coach.

    EVEN IF he still believes Eli needs to sit….and even if the ownership agrees…..this has created an absolute lightening storm in the media and across social media…..the look is very very bad…..and he seems aloof and oblivious to it….which makes him come across as arrogant and conceited.

    At the LEAST he shoulda said he regretted the way it came across, they could have handled it better, etc. while sticking to his decision.

  6. he will NEVER coach in the nfl again. NEVER…what owner in their right mind would hire a guy that coached a team that basically quit.

    he gets the bobby petrino treatment. get this filth out the league.

  7. What keeps puzzling me is what he thinks he’s getting out of this. It’d be one thing if Mara had told him his job was safe just as long as he did the dirty work but it’s clear he’s getting canned. Anybody else in that situation would play the best guy hoping to win a few games to increase his chances of getting another job again someday. But McAdoo seems intent on career suicide. He’s either the biggest jerk in history intent on sticking it to Manning or he’s completely delusional and thinks he’s on the right track and his future employers will agree with his moves.

  8. McAdoo is a boob. But seriously folks, Eli has had a terrible season. His numbers the last few years have been awful.

    With a 2-9 record this year, what’s the big deal of telling Eli that he would be replaced in the second half? He probably should have been benched in most of the games he’s played this year.

  9. Ugh. This will be the first time in I don’t know how many years I will deliberately not watch a Giants game. Did not miss a game (including attending all home games) even in the ticket burning days. This week I will deliberately not watch. Never thought I’d see the day. Shame on them.

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