Russell Wilson truly is a one-man band

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When the Lions gave quarterback Matthew Stafford a new deal worth $27 million per year, many reacted by pointing out that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers merits a major increase over his $22 million per year salary. But there’s another quarterback who is woefully underpaid, in light of recent movements in the market.

He’s Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who continues to be pretty much the entirety of the team’s offense.

As noted by Gil Brandt of, Wilson has accounted for 96.3 percent of the team’s offensive touchdowns in 2017. That’s the highest percentage in the Super Bowl era for any one player.

Only one offensive touchdown has been scored without Wilson’s involvement. That happened way back in Week Four, when running back J.D. McKissic scampered 30 yards to the end zone. The other touchdowns — 23 passing and three rushing — were thrown by Wilson or carried in by him.

Wilson signed a four-year extension in 2015, which pays him $87.6 million in new money. He’s due to make $15.5 million next year, with a cap number of $23.7 million.

Given what he means to the offense, it’s time for the Seahawks to think about giving him more.

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  1. PFFT: Vikings QB Case Keenum is out preforming both of them and only makes 2 Million this year!

  2. They are absolutely going to the playoffs and it’s downhill after Philly.
    Wouldn’t be suprised to see Seattle getting hot again in the playoffs and blowing them out

  3. Russell is just now entering his prime. He’s one step ahead of the defenses mentally, and still two steps faster physically. There are probably only a couple QBs I’d take over Wilson right now. He’s the present day Steve Young.

  4. Imagine what Wilson could do if he had a real NFL quality OC….and an O-Line coach that knew what he was doing.

    So many games lost by less than 7 points over the past 5 years…and Wilson is 3-19 in games where the opponent scores more than 25 points. Bevell is in way over his head…what a waste.

  5. Trouble is, if you have to pay him to reflect his carrying the team there’d be even less on the table for the rest and he’d have to carry the team even more – that is, until through doing it all himself he almost inevitably gets totally wrecked with injury(ies) and then the team is in even more trouble…

  6. mzew233 says:
    December 1, 2017 at 7:01 pm
    They are absolutely going to the playoffs and it’s downhill after Philly.
    Wouldn’t be suprised to see Seattle getting hot again in the playoffs and blowing them out
    Wow that really looks like homer wishful thinking. You are down 2 key defensive players and have nothing going at running back. And your kicker is shaky. One and done in the playoffs, even if they get there.

  7. Russ is no pocket passer. A solid offensive line wouldn’t make him individually look better than he does scrambling around, creating plays.

  8. No, they should not pay him more. Teams that start giving their QBs more and more money end up with nothing left to fill out the rest of the roster. He will get the $87.6 million from his deal. Unless they raise the cap significantly, he should be happy with that, so the team is still able to spend on other positions (which seems to be mostly defense for Seattle).

  9. There’s no game this weekend that interests me more than this one. The Eagles look like an elite team on paper and at times, on the field. But they’ve beaten up on marshmallows and when they’ve played against anyone resembling a quality opponent, they’ve scraped by.

    The Seahawks are not the team they once were, but they’re still a dangerous one. Very curious to see how the Eagles handle this test.

  10. That TD stat says more about their inept OL and running game than it does about Wilson. No “one man band” wins the super bowl. Their defense picked up the slack for a long time, but that era is over. They will be lucky to win a playoff game this season.

  11. Russell Wilson is a solid quarterback, don’t get me wrong. But his supporting cast on offense is already pretty bad. The runningbacks are decent when healthy, but they always get hurt. The team’s offensive line is in the bottom third of the league. And aside from Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham, he doesn’t have great options in the passing game.

    Now assuming the Seahawks decide to pay him more, like Florio suggests, they would have even less cap room to spend on the rest of the roster. Their offensive line is already terrible, but imagine if they had $5-$10 million less to work with. Russell Wilson would be lucky to get 2 seconds to throw the ball.

  12. We can’t afford to pay him more than his current deal. Maybe when it ends we’ll have some more cap space from other players finishing their contracts but right now it just isn’t feasible. Does he deserve more? Absolutely. He’s a Top-3 QB in the league right now.

  13. Kids not knowing about another team before they dominate a SUPERBOWL against the greatest offense in history is not surprising. We won’t hold it against you.

    You were unprepared for it then and you sound pretty unprepared now. New material please.

    You know of “we want the ball and we’re going to score.” What year was that? You heard the Boz got ran over by Bo right? What year was that?

    Kingdome crowd penalties?…

    You’ve got no creativity… spend some time coming up with something new and get back to us. Hating the Seahawks should be easier…you make it look hard.

  14. As much as I dislike Pete Carroll, I like Wilson. He is one of the smartest quarterbacks around and makes good choices on the field. He also has a strong arm and good accuracy. He overcomes the height problem and is a top tier quarterback. I’d rate him behind Brady and Rodgers but not too many others.

  15. Funny, but Wilson had to restructure his contract so that Seattle can trade for players like Duane Brown to help the team. Seattle is so low on salary cap space they have had to make moves recently such as cutting Dwight Freeney, who had 3 sacks in 4 games. Freeney was only making the 10 year veteran minimum of a million bucks per year. Seattle also had to replace Steven Hauschka with Blair Walsh to ease the salary cap situation. We know what Blair Walsh has done. If Seattle pays Wilson even more money, their salary cap woes will simply get worse. That means Wilson would have to do even more to carry his team. Nevertheless, they can afford to pay him more if they do not re-sign Jimmy Graham, cut Richard Sherman, and/or If Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avrill retire due to neck injuries. Instead of using the cap space wisely on players who can help the team, they can reward Wilson for his heroics.

    Since I love to see the Sea Gulls lose, I sure hope they give Russell Wilson a hefty pay raise starting next season. LOL

  16. I believe Dwight Freeney was released with the emergence of Dion Jordan. That and if you look at the other defensive linemen in their contracts it just made sense to release him instead of the others.

    He wasn’t making much so it’s not like they saved much when he was cut. It wasn’t about salary cap it was about only having 53 positions available.

  17. Wilson is lucky to have been drafted by Seattle. Can you imagine if he played in Tennessee or for Houston or Dallas? Texans and Cowboys fans are just now figuring out that Deshaun and Dak are, gasp, black. Thus the current outpouring of negativity towards Dak. The same would have happened to Deshaun if he had not been injured, an event widely celebrated by some who would prefer a nice white boy like Savage.

  18. Um, the after Avril and Kam retire and they cut Lane, the Seahawks will have $34 million in cap space next year and $100 million in 2019. As I point out every year, their so-called cap problems are your fantasy, not the Seahawks reality.

  19. Pete needs to get rid of Bevel. He has no imagination, and his play-calling is downright boring. Also, the hurry up offense does good, when Wilson is calling plays, But the regular offense, when Bevel is call plays sucks. Plain vanilla. I know who approves game plans, but something gotta be done. Why ain’t Seattle scoring like Philadelphia or Atlanta? They have the weapons.

  20. I agree that Wilson’s play is hampered by the lack of an OL and Seattle having the absolute worst OC in the NFL. Bevel shouldn’t be coaching a high school team. Why Pete Carroll refuses to fire Bevel and give the teams offense a fresh look, and a fresh start, is deplorable. This is on PETE!

  21. Wilson is the biggest bargain in pro sports. He’s making journeyman pay. He represents the future and the future is now. Who in their right mind would take Andrew Luck over Wilson?

  22. Every time I see someone trolling a Seahawks article I think of how Wilson and the Hawks broke their heart at one point or another. It’s just football guys. Don’t let it ruin your lives.

  23. Also, to the Bevell haters…Wilson is 3rd in passing yards and touchdowns in Bevell’s offense. Pete Carroll loves the guy. Just because he doesn’t call the plays you want while sitting on your couch stuffing chips down your neck doesn’t make him a bad offensive coordinator.

  24. If Russell Wilson is so good and the Seattle defense is so good, then how come Minnesota and Philadelphia, not to mention New England and Pittsburgh, have better win loss records than Seattle? Why did Seattle lose to Atlanta? Is it because Matt Ryan is a better QB than Russell Wilson? If my team is behind and there is less than 2 minutes left, I would pick Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, not Russell Wilson, to win the game for me.

  25. The way to rate a QB is to see the talent around him. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers are 3 of the best when rated this way. Brady has brought his team deep into the playoffs year after year even when he did not have a good team around him. Rodgers even won a Super Bowl when his team was only good enough to be a wildcard team. If we look at how their teams are doing with these quarterbacks, we see Denver missing the playoffs after Manning left, and the Colts went from being a SB contender to the worst record in the league, allowing them to pick Andrew Luck, who brought the colts back to respectability right away. The Packers are losing and may miss the playoffs, and New England went nowhere the year Brady was on injured reserve.

    The you look at the Ravens, they won their first SB with a strong defense and a game manager. You look at Russell Wilson, he should have 3 or 4 SB rings if he is truly a great QB because his team’s defense had allowed the fewest points for several years in a row. Instead he won only 1 SB and he wasn’t even the MVP in that game. Malcolm Smith was. If you give that same defense and the Beast Mode to QBs like Brady, Rodgers, Luck, Drew Brees, Big Ben, or Peyton Manning, these guys would be wearing 3-4 SB rings on their left hands. The Seahawks will not win another SB with Wilson at QB because he makes too much money for someone who cannot carry his team to the playoffs without great talent around him. There simply isn’t enough salary cap space for Seattle to surround him with enough talent for him to win another SB.

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