Todd Gurley cool with role, lack of elaborate TD celebrations

Getty Images

Rams running back Todd Gurley ran the ball at least 19 times in five of the team’s first seven games, culminating with 22 carries for 106 yards in a 33-0 win over the Cardinals before the Rams’ bye week.

Gurley hasn’t topped 17 carries in the four games since the bye, but the Rams have won three of them and that means the approach is suiting Gurley just fine.

“As long as we’re winning, I’m cool,” Gurley said, via the Los Angeles Times. “Everybody’s roles are going to have to decrease. I can’t get the ball every time … It’s not all, ‘If Todd doesn’t get the ball 20 times, we’re going to lose.’ That’s a good thing. Even from teams seeing that, ‘Oh, they didn’t use Todd, but they’re still having a great game.’ So, for us just to have players on the team that can step up like that and play their role is amazing.”

Gurley has scored three touchdowns in those games and the league’s relaxed rules on celebrations haven’t led to any of the group celebrations we’ve seen cropping up around the league. Gurley said he’s too big to be dancing in the end zone while also adding a little humblebrag about the team’s success this season.

“Bad chemistry on the celebrating, but it’s whatever,” Gurley said. “We get in there so much we don’t have to do it every time, so it’s cool.”

Gurley is 20 rushing yards shy of his total output from last season while the Rams have already won as many games as they have in any season since 2006, so there’s plenty of cool to go around in L.A. these days.