Traffic problems contribute to sparse early crowd in Dallas

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The Santa Clara traffic problems have spread to Arlington. Literally.

Via Jori Epstein of the Dallas Morning News, an accident on I-30 coupled with rush-hour traffic caused AT&T Stadium to fill up more slowly than usual.

“A Thursday crowd, just by the nature of our traffic situation, we knew and will always be late seating,” owner Jerry Jones said regarding the late-arriving throng. “That crowd filled in really good out there. Those seats filled up.”

The team announced official attendance to be 91,712. But there’s a difference between the number of tickets sold and the number of butts in seats. With the Cowboys struggling of late, it’s possible that plenty of tickets bought and paid for months ago went unused.

Keep that dynamic in mind when assessing reports regarding only small reductions in “attendance” this year across the NFL. It’s one thing for ticket sales to be down by only a percentage point or two; the bigger problem is whether people are using those tickets.

Apart from the creation of a photo album that can be co-opted by politicians to create the impression that the NFL is failing (even if it isn’t), not having people who paid for tickets actually show up for the game results in fewer transactions involving overpriced food, beverages, and merchandise.

9 responses to “Traffic problems contribute to sparse early crowd in Dallas

  1. impression that the NFL is failing (even if it isn’t)

    so giving back $500 million to your TV broadcasters is the sign of successful operation??? the NFL has lost the casual fan and it’s showing.

  2. Yep, traffic problems. Add it to the list. It really did stink not having College Football on last night. Caught up on the DVR and put up the Christmas tree. Celebrating Christmas again, that’s winning! Still waiting for our apology from the National Protest League.

  3. I bet the kneeling is also why there is nobody at basketball games either. (NBA or College)

    Today’s generation is a cliff notes generation. They will spend 5 minutes looking at the free highlights on their phone instead of committing to a full game. When you look in the stands it’s usually the 45 and older crowd (regardless of sport. Regardless of college or pro.) I watch a lot of college basketball and the gray hair section easily and at least doubles the size of the student section.

  4. Because of the numerous reasons that attendance/ratings are down this year that are supposedly beyond the league’s control the ratings next year should be through the roof. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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