Washington successfully stiff arms Color Rush program

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In March, Washington proposed a rule that would allow teams to say “no thanks” to the Color Rush program. The NFL did not adopt that rule. Washington said “no thanks” to the Color Rush program anyway.

For Thursday night’s game at Dallas, a designated Color Rush occasion that saw the Cowboys wearing their approved, Nikefied white-on-white duds, Washington did not wear its official Color Rush gold-on-gold ensemble that is available for purchase, just in time for the holidays. Instead, Washington wore its usual burgundy jerseys, along with its burgundy pants.

It’s unclear why or how Washington avoided the obligation, or whether the league authorized it. (A request for comment has been submitted to the NFL and to the team.) The fact that Washington felt compelled to propose a rule change suggests that compliance isn’t optional. The fact that the league didn’t adopt the proposed rule change reinforces that point.

Regardless, Washington decided not to comply. Based on the quality (or lack thereof) of some of the other Color Rush uniforms, here’s hoping other teams follow suit.

UPDATE 2:08 p.m. ET: The NFL says that teams have gotten “more flexibility” when it comes to the Color Rush program. Basically, they can ditch the predetermined uniforms as long as they choose matching jerseys and pants from their normal color schemes.

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  1. No one seems to talk about it, but a big reason that I don’t watch Thursday night games is that the uniforms make me queasy. Seattle in their fluorescent green get ups or the Dolphins all dressed in bright orange? On three days rest? No thanks, I’ll watch the college game instead.

    If I’m a team owner, I’m going to tell Nike what my uniforms are going to look like, not the other way around.

    For the first time ever I post this: HTTR

  2. This whole thing with the “color rush” uniforms must have been thought up by someone hanging upside-down and having all the blood rush into their head. They are some of the ugliest uniforms ever, and for what purpose? To boost sales??? Remember when they had the Bills and Jets partake in a red vs. green game that made it impossible for colorblind people to watch?

  3. Color rush and regular, many teams have horrible uniforms, and could use some help – Cleveland, Jacksonville, Seattle, New England, Denver, Tennessee.

  4. This color rush thing is a scam. The All burgandy should be the color rush scheme for the Redskins. Green Bay, NYG, Dallas, and the Raiders look like they are just wearing their White jerseys.

  5. An angry Nike executive must be one of the funniest things ever. “I demand you put on these uniforms! You, fat man, the lineman over there — strip and put on this teal and bronze unitard right now! I am serious buster!”

  6. Any lack of ugliness in Washington’s uniforms was more than made up for by their play on the field.

  7. Peter Holmes says:
    December 1, 2017 at 1:39 pm
    Washington should lose a 1st rounder for not looking as god awful as possible.

    I don’t know, I would say the team looked pretty awful out there.

  8. Good. Color Rush is awful. I hate watching the game and drinking beer in my living room with sunglasses on. (Now if they could just fix the terrible announcers, I could ditch the earplugs).

  9. I think the Redskins made the right choice and the government in Washington should stay out of the uniform debate!

  10. Teams should be allowed to trade their Thursday game slots and color rush obligations. It could go something like this:

    Cleveland Browns: sure, we’ll take on the Osweiler contract, but you have to take our Thursday night slots for 2017, 2018, and 2020.

    Texans: We can do that, but you’ll have to take our Color Rush uni spots for those same years.

    Browns: That may not sell here. The fans are already offended enough by or record. We don’t want to alienate them any further with the uni’s.

    Texans: Nonsense! We’ve seen your REGULAR uniforms. If people can stand those, they can stand your color rush combo. But we’ll throw in our 7th round pick in 2018, and the 6th in 2019.

    Browns: Deal.

  11. Don’t mind the color rush jerseys. Cowboys color rush much the same as the 75th anniversary uniform. They should go all navy blue with a white on the shoulder or all gray with a blue star on the shoulder. The all white uniform is boring they wear mostly wear white jerseys all season .

  12. I don’t mind the concept of a dramatic alternate on rare occasion, but the ritual of it now coupled with Thursday night football makes it passé and annoying

    Slso, that “one guy on the Internet“ who did his own renderings of color rush uniforms when Nike took over Reebok did a superior job to Nike, as well.

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