Yes, Rob Gronkowski has gone through a table

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski grew up in Western New York, so when he sees videos of tailgating Bills fans crashing through tables, he nods a knowing nod.

Because he’s been there.

Asked if he had ever destroyed such a table in his life, Gronkowski said the exact thing you’d expect Gronkowski to say.

“Not at a tailgate,” he said, via Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston. “But I’ve been through tables before. For sure. Family get-togethers. I’ve definitely been growing up [going] through tables.”

There should be, by law, more video of Gronkowski family get-togethers. It would be good for the country.

But Gronkowski creates his own highlights there, averaging six catches for 97 yards and a touchdown in games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, even though the fans make themselves heard and his job difficult.

“I love the atmosphere,” Gronkowski said. “It’s a football atmosphere no doubt. It’s loud. Third down you can barely be able to hear Tom [Brady] if he’s not in a silent cadence, but it’s just a good atmosphere. It’s a good football atmosphere.

“They are wild for sure. I grew up there. That could explain myself a little bit in my early 20s, if that makes sense. I think it does. They’re wild man, I love it though. I love that wildness. That’s where I grew up in . . . They’re super loud, super proud of their team.”

Gronk, who grew up in Amherst, New York, recalled making the finals of a Punt, Pass and Kick competition when Bills fans actually cheered him. And he also has strong feelings about wings, though he tries to avoid the most obvious places there.

“To tell you the truth, everyone always asks, ‘Where do you go for wings? What do you do for wings. What’s the spot?’ That’s like the touristy spots, Duff’s and Anchor Bar,” Gronkowski said. “I’ve been to Anchor Bar before. I swore I’ve never been to Duff’s before but I hear about it every day. I drive by it every day. I just never been there. I don’t know why, but I definitely gotta try it out one time or many times in the future.”

“But you can go anywhere for wings there. I usually go to Amherst Ale House. That’s right down the street where I grew up. You can go anywhere, but what’s key is having that blue cheese. Buffalo blue cheese. Rudy’s Blue Cheese. You gotta have that or else you don’t have wings.”

And then you invest in more tables.

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  1. .
    In one 21 minute period in the second round of the 2010 draft the fortunes of the entire NFL changed :

    #41 Buffalo – Torell Troup
    #42 NE (from Oak) – Rob Gronkowski
    #43 Baltimore – Sergio Kindle
    #44 Oakland (from NE) – Lamarr Houston

    After Buffalo passed on hometown boy Gronkowski, Belichick overpayed Al Davis by parting with a 6th rounder to move up 2 measly slots in front of TE needy Baltimore. The rest is history.

    The Bears received a lot of criticism for overpaying the 49ers to draft Trubiski this year. However, I believe that if you really like a guy (especially at QB), you pay the required price to get him.

  2. SPOT ON with the Blue Cheese reference.

    Anywhere outside of WNY and they’ll serve you some kind of fake blue cheese – flavored dip.

    And if it’s at a place that really doesn’t know their wings, they may even try to serve you wings… with ranch… SO WRONG

  3. What people from western New York already know is that most of the best wings are at local pizza shops. Anchor Bar and Duff’s are solid but find a local corner pizza shop in Buffalo or Rochester and you’ll have the best pizza and wings of your life. I recommend Carbone’s pizzeria.

  4. I hate this man on the grid iron for no other reason than I’m jealous that he plays for the best team in football. Besides that, he’s totally cool. Like, I want to be at that Ale House with him.

  5. Gronk is just one more player that borges and other boston media experts ripped belichick for taking. and every time he’s injured they pronounce him dead.

  6. I checked his crazy 97yd,1TD/game @BUF stat & it’s correct! And for comparison, career totals per game:

    Da Gronkinator 69 yds & 0.76 TDs (8th season)
    Jimmy Graham 58 yds & 0.58 TDs (8th season)
    Tony Gonzalez 56 yds & 0.41 TDs (17 seasons)
    Jason Witten 53 yds & 0.28 TDs (15th season)
    Antonio Gates 52 yds & 0.52 TDs (15th season)

    Despite salty haters claiming Gronk is made of glass, his production is far ahead of current and all-time leading TEs – despite also far more of a blocker than any of those guys.

    Even if he plays with the same level of injury woes, Gronk in his early 30s should overtake the all-time TDs for TEs (Gates, 112 on-going). And IF he plays thru age 37 like Gates, he’d be on for about 160 TDs, which would even pass WRs TO (153) & Moss (156), leaving only Rice (197). Even if he only plays thru age 34 he should catch 4th-placed Cris Carter’s 130. Insane.

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