Eagles look to keep NFL’s “worst-to-first” streak alive


The Eagles will clinch the NFC East with a win or a tie on Sunday night at Seattle. It will mark the 14th time in the past 15 seasons that a team wins its division the season after finishing in last or tied for last place, via the NFL.

During that stretch, 2014 was the only season a team failed to go from worst to first.

Of the 44 teams in league history to go from worst to first, 21 have done so in the past 14 years (2003-16), including an NFL-record three such teams in 2005 and 2006.

Three other teams that finished last in 2016 — Carolina, Jacksonville and the Chargers — are either in first place or within a game of first place.

The Eagles’ move from worst to first in the NFC East is nothing new in that division: In 2012, Washington won the division with a 10-6 mark after going 5-11 the previous season; in 2013, the Eagles won the division with a 10-6 record after going 4-12 the previous season; in 2015, Washington won the division with a 9-7 record after going 4-12 the previous season; and last season Dallas won the division with a 13-3 record after going 4-12 the previous season.

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  1. They’ve had a soft schedule this year, but then so does New England every year by virtue of their division.

    Welcome to Seattle, Philly. We’ve got plenty of all game rain for you tomorrow.

  2. Sometimes I think it’s the mental game. I think that the degree of difficulty, due to parity, yes, is so great that these players don’t have the mental fortitude to properly commit year after year. A lot of players get burned out in New England, because their commitment to winning is not an easy program to follow. Look at Carolina in the last two years… The Super Bowl Slump is real… I bet players often don’t want to put in the effort necessary to get back to the Super Bowl, only to feel the sting of defeat yet again.

  3. Philly fans are a little feisty this week. Be careful, it’s the 12th game of the season. Get out your first aid kits and clear the refuge rehabilitation centers…..gonna be a lot of wounded Eagles to take care of Sunday night.

  4. This illustrates exactly what every non Eagles fan has been saying. Their success is a product of the strength (or lack of) of their schedule. When those teams have to face real competition in the playoffs, it doesn’tt go so well. Notice how many of those teams won the Superbowl.

  5. Despite a few hyper-vocal lunatics, ‘Hawks fans are not expecting an easy win. History says the team plays lights-out in primetime home games, but this team just doesn’t seem to be getting it going this year. However a big win over the Eagles could be just what gets them right for a playoffs push. Would also make for great drama if there’s a rematch in Phila come January.

    Anyway here’s hoping for a great game and no serious injuries

  6. The Eagles are keeping the No Super Bowl Ring streak alive.

    The Giants have 4 Super Bowl Rings and the Eagles have none

    The Eagles are the only team in the NFC East with No Super Bowl Rings and no playoff wins in the last 8 years

  7. It’s proof of the parity that exists in the NFL today. It’s one of the key factors that has made the NFL insanely profitable in the last decade or so.

    There has only been one real dominant team since the early 90’s Cowboys. That team being the Patriots. Who seem to have figured out the rubix cube of today’s NFL. Without the 1994 implementation of the salary cap, Jerry Jones would’ve bought at least one more.

    Bill Belichek’s real genius seems to be personnel. In an ever changing roster he continues to put quality football on the field. The only constant has been #12. Yet, year after year they are in the conversation.

    The Patriots with BB, seem to have figured out what 31 other teams haven’t…. which is how to stay competitive, year in, year out, while constantly churning the roster….

  8. All this logically leads to the Giants winning the NFC East next season.

    I know, it makes me laugh too. But odds are it’ll happen.


    No. The “streak,” (missing 2014), says that it will happen in at least one of the eight 4-team divisions. It says nothing about the NFC East division in particular.

  9. Going to be some bird-on-bird crime tomorrow.

    Carson Wentz will be feasting on that depleated legion of bust


    Wow you really called that one lol!!!!

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