49ers beat the Bears in Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start

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Jimmy Garoppolo‘s first start as the 49ers’ quarterback wasn’t spectacular, but it was solid, and it was a win.

Garoppolo completed 26 of 37 passes for 293 yards, and although he never got the 49ers into the end zone, he got into field goal five times, and Robbie Gould went 5-for-5. That was enough scoring for the 49ers to pull out a 15-14 win.

It was a generally impressive performance from Garoppolo, and actually better than the statistics look: Although Garoppolo did throw his first career interception, he threw a perfect pass that was intercepted only after first hitting his receiver in the hands.

The Bears’ young quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, wasn’t asked to do a lot. He completed 12 of 15 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown, with no interceptions. Bears rookie running back Tarik Cohen was both the leading receiver for the Bears and a spectacular punt returner, scoring a sensational weaving touchdown.

But in the end, Garoppolo got the offense deep into Bears territory for Gould’s final field goal in the closing seconds. The 49ers are 2-10 this year, but they’re 1-0 with Garoppolo starting.

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  1. He looked poised and in charge. Left no room for doubt that this is HIS team.

    Winning on the road in December, a great habit for a team to develop.

    Our future is bright.

  2. Garoppolo looked better than his stats. The INT was a fluke play — taken out of the receivers hands after the catch. He was 14/14 for 191 yards when throwing to Goodwin and Trent Taylor. Made his best throws on 3rd downs.
    The guy is a keeper.

  3. A few thoughts.

    I would sooner give credit to Gould for returning to form after being cut than blame pace for cutting him in the first place. He was missing a lot in his last days in Chicago. I will hovever, blame Pace for his lack of effort in finding a worthwhile kicker.

    John Fox’s handling of the clock, timeouts and challenges is so bad. I mean he out-Lovie Smith’ed Lovie Smith. That take work to achieve.

    At this point, I’m not even upset they’re losing anymore. I’ll take a top-5 pick again, sure.

  4. If they had Garoppolo at the beginning of the season instead of the journeyman Hoyer, they may well be fighting for a playoff spot. LOL Just kidding.

  5. whenwilliteverend says:

    Just imagine how could they could have been with Kaep at QB.

    For what it’s worth, I was pretending to be Florio.

  6. I like what a saw from Jimmy G, but it is still not enough for me to be ready to see my team throw 25-30m at him for next season. I am very happy we have the games left to give the team a better look.
    Between the 20’s dude was a beast.(first time this season i did not expect to see the punter when I saw 3rd an 5+.)
    Inside the 20’s the team struggled, but with more than 3 days of working with the 1’s, that could improve. All in all I liked what I saw. He provided hope for 2018, but we may not be picking 2-4 this year, with the Texans, and Titans coming up. Following them is the Jag’s and Rams. Just about the time Jimmy should be hitting a grove…

  7. First play of the game run up the middle, 2nd play run right for no gain and on 3rd & 8 Bowell Loggins calls a pass for his Rookie QB. No Roll outs, no bootlegs & no passes on first down is a disaster for a rookie.

  8. Betty Crocker is to cooking what Fox is to football. Pure convention 100% of the time. Against an 2 and 8 team his 3 and 7 Bears took not one risk. From his performance Trubisky should have been around till round 5 of the draft. It was tanking taken to an art form. Pretty clear after watching that game that the NFL needs some anti-tanking rules. Let’s say the bottom 6 NFL teams in won/loss get put into a special pool and the best total season performance among the bottom 6 gets 1st draft choice and the worst team performance gets 6th choice.

    Let the re-rebuilding begin.

  9. More than 10,000 empty seats at Soldiers Field….I would not walk accross my street to watch the rebuilding Bears.

  10. There goes the 49ers’ chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft next season, and their drafting position can only get worse in the next few weeks. Bummer.

  11. It’s being reported that even Chicago area charities are rejecting tickets offered for free to what promises to be the ultimate stinkfest vs the Browns on Christmas Eve at Soldier Field. How John Fox still has a job this morning is beyond me yet I have the sinking feeling they are going to let him run out the string and ruin his staff’s careers in the process as well. Not to mention retarding by miles the development of young players that presumably are Ryan Pace’s “core guys” going forward.

  12. Even for a free ticket I wouldn’t go. this whole episode make me realize how much TV revenue means to owners and how little gate money means. Besides their poor record the Bears are just plain no fun to watch. If you can’t give us wins how about end arounds, flea flickers, half-back passes, and runs for yardage by the punter instead of endless 4th down punts please. At least the tanking would be entertaining and fun to watch.

  13. firejerry says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    More than 10,000 empty seats at Soldiers Field….I would not walk accross my street to watch the rebuilding Bears.


    Fake news, place was packed. More negative comments from the most negative Bears fan on here next to Bassplucker.

  14. I attended the game yesterday and tailgated. The place was just as packed and fun as any other time I’ve gone to the game in my 30 plus years attending Bears game. Stop reading false twitter feeds of reports of an empty stadium. The Bears blew another one, but at this point let them sink for the draft and hopefully they get a new head coach before New Years Day.

  15. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:

    December 3, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    Meh. He looked much better playing for the Patriots


    Jimmy G led 5 scoring drives for the 5th worst scoring offense in football with not much at all to throw too. Not a system QB.

  16. Reality: Bears aren’t getting Gruden, Harbaugh, Cowher, Dungy, or any member of the 85 team. Simply not happening. That’s not what they do. Will likely be some coordinator from a playoff team. It will be uninspired. It will not be anything to fire up the fan base. So, please, stop asking for/predicting the “big name” hire.

  17. Will be another nameless highly paid NFL vagabond and will be the start of the re-re-rebuild. (tresman, fox, and now ____)

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