Andy Reid: Darrelle Revis didn’t play in second half because he played a lot in first half

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The Chiefs went down 38-31 to the Jets on Sunday afternoon for their sixth loss in the last seven games and they gave up the final 17 of those points without any help from cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Kansas City signed Revis just before Thanksgiving and he made his debut against his former team this week. Revis was on the field a lot in the first half and didn’t look particularly good, which seemed to be the reason why he didn’t play any snaps in the second half of the game.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid said after the game that the reason Revis was on the bench was not because of how he played, but because of how much he played. Reid said Revis played 39 snaps in the first half and that he wanted to ease him back into the flow after not playing in the first 12 weeks of the season.

Easing Revis in sounds reasonable, but it also sounds like the sort of thing you’d do in the first half so that Revis would be able to contribute over the course of the entire game. It also seems like an oddly cautious approach to take in a game that the Chiefs needed to win to remain in sole possession of first place in the AFC West unless, of course, you don’t think Revis helps in that cause.

The Chiefs had a rough day defensively with and without Revis as the Jets put up 331 yards through the air and 488 yards overall while setting a season high for points in a single game.

16 responses to “Andy Reid: Darrelle Revis didn’t play in second half because he played a lot in first half

  1. Andy Reid has lost this team.
    The inmates ARE running the prison in Kansas City.

    Marcus Peters should be suspended by the Chiefs for AT LEAST 2 weeks. Several deensive players need to be cut. Bob Sutton needs to be fired.

    Its time for Clark Hunt to start over. The game has passed Andy Reid by, and its clear the players do not respect him or Bob Sutton.

    Get a coach in there that will kick the players rear end, and a coach that will go hand in hand with Patrick Mahomes. There is talent on this team, but for whatever reason, they are not playing physical, not playing smart, not paying with passion, and are just doing whatever they feel like doing.
    THAT, is a result of a team run amok, and with no respect for the coaching staff.

  2. Andy Reid figured out how to imitate his Philadelphia timeline, but with less wins and in less time before the same end result: crash-and-burn.

  3. hysterical

    what was the point of signing him
    again? to tutor
    who was seen throwing the refs flag into the stands
    and laughing losing to the jets?

  4. Translation:

    After 2 missed tackles, lack of effort, and then giving Robbie Anderson a 5-7 yard cushion where he converted a 1st down, Reid realized that Revis is washed up and yanked him.

    Revis is done, nothing left in the tank.
    I expect he’ll be cut this week, unless the Chiefs have some CB injuries.

  5. chiefs were overrated after they 5-0 and looked unstoppable. then they got a huge dose of a reality check and are now 6-6. on verge of missing the post season

  6. As an NFL fan in Canada, my friends and I all picked teams when we were young based on the players we liked. Mine happened to be Priest Holmes, so the Chiefs have been my squad ever since. I’ve been through some bad seasons, but this may be the most frustrating. So much promise at the beginning of the year, then complete crash and burn. Although we can still make playoffs, there’s just no hope. Andy’s lost the team, when offense works defense doesnt, when defense works offense doesnt, everyones pointing fingers.. SMFH.

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